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Put the money back into your business

You’ve worked hard. You deserve the tax refund coming to you. For many people, the tax refund will be a welcoming little bump from regular income. So what’s one of the best ways to make sure the money is used wisely?

Invest in yourself

Owning a fashion store or running a fashion boutique is a demanding business. You must constantly be keeping up with the latest trends and making sure they are represented on your shelves. Because of this, there is a constant flux of inventory –always moving, changing, and shifting.

So this year, put your tax refund money into getting ahead. Stock up on your top selling items, trendy pieces, or a new line. Invest in yourself and you’ll find the forthcoming rewards to be equally as profitable.

For fashion vendors and apparel boutiques, we at Accessory Wholesale are more than ready to help you get ahead this year. We have an incredible catalogue filled with elegant jewelry and accessories that your customers want.

Visit our website or call (504)-736-0357 and let’s work together to make your tax refund work for you!

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It is already happening—members of Krewes are in the hunt for Mardi Gras favors.  Shops stock wholesale Mardi Gras jewelry and souvenirs to accessorize the locals as well as tourists and to provide something for visitors to take home.  The demand for Mardi Gras jewelry and favors explodes when you add the need for favors by courts and Krewe members attending balls.



Krewes and Mardi Gras Balls are familiar to many along the Gulf Coast, but others may appreciate a look inside the  mysterious world of Krewes, kings, queens, royal courts, and formal balls.  Let’s begin with the parades.  If you haven’t seen one, this is Rex in 2008.



When someone unfamiliar with Krewes attends a Mardi Gras parade, they have no idea who organized and paid for these extravaganzas.  Parades are planned and paid for by Krewes, which are private and usually secretive clubs supported by the dues of members.

Krewes plan the parades following local ordinances and pay for everything from floats and marching bands to police and cleanup.  They also pay for all the throws tossed at every parade.


Many Krewes have formal balls.  In New Orleans, this tradition goes back to 1718 and with a few interruptions, continues until today.  See novareinna.com for more details.


Favors are an important part of these formal balls.  Kings, queens, and the members of the court give favors.  Krewe members give favors for call-out dances and to others sitting at their table.  This makes finding nice Mardi Gras favors an important task before the event.



Mardi Gras jewelry with jester pendant

Mardi Gras jewelry is traditionally a popular favor.  Favors given to ladies attending the ball can be almost any kind of jewelry including pins, pendants, earrings, and bracelets.




Mardi Gras pin with color for favors

The most popular jewelry for favors is Mardi Gras pins.  Some have purple, gold, and green color—the official colors for Mardi Gras.  These re immediately recognized as Mardi Gras jewelry.



two-tone plated Marde Gras mask pin

Often the person giving favors wants to provide jewelry that is wearable year round—not limited only to the Carnival season.  So they pick Mardi Gras themes without color.  These pins are usually silver or gold plated—some with embedded crystals or rhinestone embellishment.



Rhinestone title Mardi Gras pins Rhinestone pins spelling out the title of royalty are a traditional favor sought after every year.  Pins cover nearly every member of the court and more.  King, queen, maid, page, duke, duchess, prince, princess, captain—the list goes on.  Silver plated settings and clear rhinestones are the most common, but some members prefer gold plated settings that are also available.



Fleur-de-lis key chain for men's favors

Mardi Gras favors for men are often not as easy to find.  Popular for men are cuff links, tie bars, tie tacks, and key chains.  These items in Mardi Gras themes are very popular.  In Louisiana and especially New Orleans, the items are also popular with a fleur-de-lis design.




Perhaps the most popular traditional favor are maMardi Gras jester magnets in Carnival colorsgnets with jester heads, faces, or masks.  More than twenty designs of these are available on line including the popular jester head in Mardi Gras colors shown.


Small jester dolls are another frequently given favor.  The best is the small jester doll with lame’ outfit in purple, gold, and green.



Jester dolls for specail Mardi Gras favors

Often royalty wants special favors for a few special people.  Larger jester dolls make wonderful special favors.  These jester dolls come in the traditional carnival colors as well as other color combinations.  The white velvet jester doll shown is 16 inches high and winds up for music and motion—very exquisite.


Very affordable are jester head wands with the jester head mounted on a decorated stick or jester head ornaments with the glazed ceramic head in purple, gold, and green lame’.


The important thing is Krewe members want something appropriate and shop early because nearly every year the supply of nice favors is hard to find as Fat Tuesday approaches.  Also many balls are well before the parades.  So prepare early for this business.

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  1. Thrift stores – Thrift stores are the perfect place to find wardrobe and set pieces for your play at a cheap price. The only set back is the lack of consistency. You may find one outfit from the 60s, but you many not find enough for the whole cast.
  2. Wholesale stores – Wholesale fashion stores are the best place to shop to build up options for a theatre company. You can buy multiple styles in bulk to help with future performances.
  3. Prop shops – This is the place to find hard to find outfits and props, but you won’t be finding anything at a steal. You’ll pay the appropriate amount, but you’ll get what you need.

Looking to buy fashion accessories in bulk? http://awnol.com/ has a large selection of bulk accessories at wonderful prices.

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Necklaces, Bracelets, and Earrings with the Spirit of Lousiana

We’d all like to be in New Orleans for Mardi Gras all year round, but time is linear, so for now that’s impossible. This Lousiana-themed jewelry is sure to make you feel like you’re walking down Bourbon Street no matter where you are.


Crawfish Accessories

Don’t you wish you were at a backyard crawfish boil right now? You can wear one in your ears or around your neck anytime you want.


Alligator Bracelets

You don’t have a wristband from a bar on Bourbon Street, but with a cool alligator bracelet around your wrist, you’ll feel like you have a Sazerac in your hand no matter where you go.


A Chili Pepper Necklace

These necklaces look so good, you’ll want to put them in some gumbo. (Don’t. They don’t taste good.) But they look great, and will make you feel festive no matter where you are!
For all types of jewelry and accessories, Accessory Wholesale, Inc offers great wholesale prices and great New Orleans flair.

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1. Computer: Graduations are the beginning of a new chapter in a graduate’s life. Gift your graduate a fresh new computer to help them start their next journey with a clean slate.
2. Interview Clothing Gift Certificate: Your graduate will be searching for a job post-graduation, hopefully attending ample interviews. Give them clothing store gift certificates to help them buy interview attire.
3. Jewelry: A piece of jewelry can last a lifetime. Show your graduate how proud you are of their achievements with a beautiful piece of jewelry.

Are you looking for beautiful jewelry to gift your graduate? Accessory Wholesale Inc. offers a wide selection of jewelry options, sure to help you find the perfect gift

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Is there a season for wholesale masquerade masks?  Maybe not a season, but mask purchases show a historical rollercoaster of ups and downs that tells us we are definitely in an upswing right now.


New Years Eve is fast approaching and Mardi Gras is next.  Prom season is around the corner with interest growing year after year in masquerade as a prom theme.  Masquerade balls and fundraisers happen in the spring with masks playing a major role.




Today the common name for masks used for balls and parties is masquerade masks. Is there a difference wholesale Venetian masksbetween masquerade and Venetian masks?  If we go back to Renaissance Venice, we see two things going on—the elite attending masquerade balls and common people watching the Italian Comedy in the marketplace.  The moneyed class wore exquisite costumes.  The common people enjoyed the slapstick humor of an unchanging cast of characters.  All the male characters wore masks that identified each character.


Masking in Venice went deeper than this.  In the sixteenth century, citizens of Venice masked six months of the year.  Carnival was the height of masking.  The artisans creating masks drew from all these sources.  Inspirations from the Commedia dell’Arte, The Italian comedy, were the easiest to distinguish.  The characters were the subjects for the designs.  The difference between Venetian and masquerade masks is so involved that we will cover it in another blog.




Inexpensive masks, mainly eye masks, comprise the masquerade mask selection.  When events call forladies wholesale masquerade masks buying bulk masks on a budget, this is the place to look.   Wholesale Masquerade masks can accommodate large groups on a low budget.  In addition, the participants will be happy because these masks are appealing.




Perhaps the most familiar mask to most is the domino mask.  Many refer to it as The Lone Ranger mask. Domino masquerade mask Here are masks you can buy in bulk for under fifty cents.  It is one of the original masquerade masks dating back to the Renaissance in Venice.  Originally, a cape and hood accompanied it, much like a garment worn by priests.  From that, it got its name derived from the Italian word for priest.


Domino masks come in color and have a texture of woven fabric.  This is a popular choice for inexpensive masks for men.


The top selling masquerade mask for proms is the mask on a stick shown.  Wonderful colors are availablewholesale masquerade mask on a stick and the price is under $2.00—great for wholesale bulk masks that fit into a prom budget.


The selection has plenty to offer in masks for men, women, and children.  Halloween, New Years Eve, and Mardi Gras are major events for wholesale masks.  But throughout the year, other masking events are happening under the radar.  Masks contribute to the fun atmosphere of quinceaneras, sweet sixteens, birthday parties, and numerous other get togethers.  Most of these events need to stay within a budget.  Wholesale masquerade masks build the festivities of these fun events with an attractive party item that is very affordable.

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Christmas parties, New Years Eve, Mardi Gras balls—we are at the time of year when dazzling jewelry reigns.wholesale crystal necklace set  And this year has seen the introduction of spectacular wholesale rhinestone jewelry as well as crystal jewelry.  This jewelry will sparkle up showcases across the country.



With a year that is flying by at lightning speed, can you remember prom?   Prom girls this year focused on iridescent rhinestone. Necklace sets slowed some while dramatic earrings and bracelets gained ground.  The demand for wholesale rhinestone jewelry in iridescent stones blindsided many wholesalers.  They scrambled to find the items retailers needed.

wholesale rhinestone jewelry

Was this a fad or a trend?  Fads burn out quick while trends can extend for a decade.  Our own feeling is that prom girls in 2014 will again be looking for iridescent rhinestone bracelets and earrings in dramatic size.



Soon after prom season, new wholesale crystal jewelry hit the market.  Dramatic necklace sets shocked consumers with breath-taking beauty.  Never before has crystal jewelry been so dramatic at such affordable prices.  It was a new development for 2013 that brought excitement to fashion jewelry.


Early sets had garden themes and multicolor stones.  Many had dimensionally shaped butterflies with pave’ wholesale crystal necklace set garden themecrystals layered on the necklace.  Other crystal necklace sets displayed multicolored stones in peacock designs.


Breathtaking soon dwindles to commonplace without innovation.  But innovation wascrystal choker set there.  Wholesale crystal jewelry continued to astonish consumers.  Accessories Magazine pinpointed the trend.  They named it Estate Update.  New gorgeous crystal necklace and choker sets were in the market for Christmas parties and New Years Eve.



Expect this fabulous crystal jewelry to continue into 2014 with many retailers already getting sales for Mardi Gras balls.  Both choker sets and necklace sets will continue to excite your clientele as innovations keep the tend alive.



Getting back on track, we find wholesale rhinestone jewelry also delivering dramatic looks in necklace sets for New Years Eve.

wholesale rhinestone jewelry lavish set

What distinguishes rhinestone jewelry from crystal jewelry?  The stones are the same.  But crystals are hand set  while rhinestone comes out of machines with the stones already set.  The chain is spooled and designers cut and solder it to create rhinestone jewelry.  Oddly enough, we consider rhinestone jewelry very traditional today and crystal jewelry innovative.  The truth of the matter is everything before World War II called rhinestone was had set stones.  The invention of the machine to make rhinestone chain occurred during the War.


rhinestone prom jewelryWholesale rhinestone jewelry has the dramatic looks also, but with a look we consider more traditional as shown above.  Rhinestone jewelry is even more important for prom and bridal because of the delicate necklace sets.  One of its strengths is versatility.


A lot of water has passed under the bridge since last New Years Eve.  This season you have dramatic options in wholesale crystal and rhinestone jewelry to offer your customers that weren’t there a year ago.

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wholesale fleur-de-lis jewelry

Are you amazed how long wholesale fleur-de-lis jewelry has stayed in the limelight?  So are we.  Looking back this stuff was there before any other segment of fashion jewelry we deal with today.  These other categories developed mainly from the 18th to the 20th centuries.


Foil backed stones, the forerunners of crystals, developed in the 1800s, lead crystals by Swarovski around the turn of the century, Bakelite in 1907, Lucite in 1928, and the machine that makes rhinestone chain during World War II.   However, fleur-de-lis jewelry has been around in various mediums since Clovis I, since the 400s.


Hurricane Katrina gave fleur-de-lis jewelry and accessories a big shot in the arm.  Why?  Because the fleur-de-lis is the symbol of New Orleans and on the flag of Acadiana.  The demand for wholesale fleur-de-lis jewelry marches on thanks to never ending innovations.




Jewelry, accessories, and gifts are all part of the obsession with this royal emblem, but what retailers look for the most is wholesale fleur-de-lis jewelry.  And this is the category that sees the most innovation.

dramatic fleur-de-lis necklace set

A fresh look in fleur-de-lis necklace sets will satisfy many personalities.  Those that love the current trend of dramatic jewelry will appreciate this set with a dramatic fleur-de-lis medallion in pewter finish.  You also get a bonus of turquoise beading that is popular in today’s market.


petite wholesale fleur-de-lis jewelry

On the opposite end is a petite fleur-de-lis set with small pendant in the center, tiny fleur-de-lis symbols in line with the delicate chain and tiny matching fleur-de-lis earrings.



fleur-de-lis brooch with jewel tone color

New brooches are also driving interest.  Most exciting is this large pin with silver plating and jewel tone purple and green color. A subdued look that also makes wonderful Mardi Gras favors.



fleur-de-lis crystal earrings

Among new earrings are crystal studded black and gold earrings that match a pin, FL272.




fleur-de-lis headbands

Wholesale fleur-de-lis accessories expand into another area with headbands that match the earrings above.  These are the kind of eye-catching innovations that are keeping customers interested in fleur-de-lis items.


fleur-de-lis belts

Belts add more innovation to fleur-de-lis accessories.  A gathered leatherette belt has a shiny patent leather-like sheen with a fleur-de-lis buckle with bronze finish.  Innovative?  Yes, the first belt listed under fleur-de-lis accessories.


Any trend survives on innovation.  But fleur-de-lis jewelry and accessories is something special.  It is ingrained in the culture of New Orleans and Louisiana.  Add the ingredient of innovation and fleur-de-lis jewelry and accessories take on a timeless quality.


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Are we overlooking some fashion jewelry items that have high consumer interest?  One of those categories is brooches.  Whenever we think of brooches, Grandma’s jewelry box comes to mind.  Yes, that is part of it, but when we are done with this blog hopefully we will see that Grandma’s good taste in jewelry is only the tip of the iceberg.



crystal brooch

Since we mentioned that jewelry box, let’s start there.  Collectors consider the era of fabulous fashion jewelry to be between the 1930s and 1960s.  Outstanding fashion jewelry houses competed during this era with designs that were unquestionably the most exquisite in the history of fashion jewelry.  Deservingly so, this period is called The Golden Age of Costume Jewelry.

wholesale brooches vintage design

Brooches are big part of the jewelry produced in this era.  Consumers’ infatuation with these designs prompts today’s manufacturers to create brooches inspired by The Golden Era.  Crystal brooches are big a part of these inspirations.   The brooch shown seems to be an inspiration of designers working mainly with crystals like Eisenberg. He was originally from Austria and created an infinite number of glamorous designs relying on Austrian crystals.


Actually, a number of designers from this era were from Austria—Nettie Rosenstein, Hattie Carnegie, and more.  You can read their stories in Costume Jewelers by Joanne Dubbs Ball.  She covers the era in an interesting and professional way.

swan brooch

This fantastic era of costume jewelry uses themes from nature profusely.  Flowers, birds, sea life, animal life, insects—they are all included. Today’s designers find inspiration in these designs that have timeless appeal to consumers.



elegant crystal brooch

Brooches for bridal are nothing new.  Designs incorporating pearls are preferred.  They are a popular bridesmaid gift.


What is new is bridal bouquets made from brooches.  Use images to search for them on line.  These are a real work of art from the 21st Century.



candy cane Christmas pin

Nearly every manufacturer of brooches has some seasonal brooches in their line.  Even women that think brooches are not their style have to admit they like a classy Christmas pin.  Christmas pins are the leader in seasonal brooches.  And they have been in the market for many years. Collecting Rhinestone and Colored Jewelry shows vintage Christmas tree pins valued between $75 and $110.

Gingerbread house Christmas pin

Recent Christmas jewelry has produced fabulous pins in resin.  Many cute designs have amazing detail like the gingerbread house pin shown.




For the last twenty-five years, “Best” has produced a magnificent line of pendants that double as pins.   These are the collectibles of the future.  His process is intense, considering we are talking about fashion jewelry.

Christmas pendant and pin

The technique works mainly with metals.  Each piece begins with a thin sheet of metal stamped with raised relief to create amazing detail.   Plaiting, polishing, and sometimes epoxy for color follow.  Yes, they do seasonal jewelry including Christmas jewelry.  The pendant shown is an example.  It doubles as a pin.

motorcycle pendant

Themes are almost endless in this line.  And most pendants double as pins.  This classy jewelry can deliver a theme— everything from magnolias to motorcycles.  .



Mardi Gras mask pin

As the end of the year draws near, New Orleans and many other areas begin to think of Mardi Gras.  The most popular jewelry for this occasion is Mardi Gras pins. As consumers get into the Mardi Gras spirit, they are shopping for pins with local retailers.  This jewelry is also a popular favor for Mardi Gras royalty and members of Krewes attending balls.


Wholesale brooches can be fun, glamorous, elegant, and whimsical.  These brooches accent an outfit from head to toe—from hats to shoes.  Theme brooches announce what the wearer cares about.  And those brooches in Grandma’s jewelry box show the height of good taste.  Think about wholesale brooches when stocking for Christmas shoppers.

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In some ways, wholesale scarves are a sleeper.  They don’t get a lot of fanfare and yet they are important inwholesale scarves in Christmas design accessorizing—even more important at Christmas.  Why at Christmas?  Because scarves are a tasteful way to accessorize for the Holidays.  They also make easy gifts to give.


Still scarves seem to lack stability.  New styles constantly pop up and disappear within a few years.  Sometimes they are gone in one season.  However, there are stable wholesale scarves that are timeless.



poinsettia scarf

Wholesale scarves have been in our line for more than 25 years.  The first scarves we carried are still the top selling ones today.  THIS IS STABILITY!  We are talking about polyester oblongs.  They have gorgeous prints, solid colors, themes—just about everything you want in a scarf.


The polyester scarves have a silky feel.  Most measure 13 inches wide and 60 inches long.  Your customers can wear them long, wrap them closer to the neck, or tie them in bows or rosettes.  Wendy’s Lookbook will show you 25 ways to wear them in 4 ½ minutes.


These oblongs also have something for any time of the year, for every holiday and season.  Of course, the season that is important right now is Christmas.  Christmas scarves have prints ranging from elegant to fun.  The poinsettia scarf shown is hard to beat for elegance.

snowman scarf

On the fun side, Christmas scares have cute themes like the snowman scarf on the left.



Beyond Christmas, wholesale scarves in polyester cover nearly every holiday.  The first event after Christmas is Valentine’s Day followed by Mardi Gras.  Yes, there are oblongs for both these occasions, and for Easter, St. Patrick’s Day, and Halloween.



wholesale scarves religious theme

These timeless scarves also fill many needs in themes.  Often church groups and choirs need matching scarves in a religious theme.  This theme has an entire sub-category dedicated to it.


Patriotic events and holidays call for Americana prints with stars and stripes.  Choral groups, theatres, and choirs want music themes.  New Orleans and Louisiana residents love fleur-de-lis scarves.

wholesale polyester scarves

In addition, there are many other themes like occupations for teachers, dentists, and doctors.  There are garden themes like butterflies and blossoms, also safari themes like zebras, elephants, and animal prints.  These wholesale scarves are truly versatile.  That is the main reason they make great Christmas gifts.



Polyester oblongs come in solid colors, but another popular scarf that delivers color is pashminas.  Originally, the soft undercoat of pashmina goats found high in the Himalayas provided the wool for these scarves.  One goat shed 3 to 5 ounces of this sort undercoat every spring.  No doubt, this was an expensive process.


Later herds were started in Mongolia’ reducing the price.  Today these scarves wholesale for under $6 so you know we are not talking the same material and procedure.  Still pashmina scarves today have a very soft feel and are excellent for providing solid color.  These scarves first became popular about five years ago and now are a household word.  That makes them an excellent choice to go with polyesters in your scarf display.



Most retailers find it hard to keep up with trendy scarves.  Many are a one-season flash in the pan. If you have talent at accessorizing with scarves and can show your customer, trendy scarves are for you.  If not, watch Wendy’s Lookbook video with a link above and you will know all you need to know to sell polyesters.


If you want trendy scarves, visit that category on our site and you will find a variety in Ikat prints, rayons, and boho for the sixties look.  There are also crinkle scarves, animal prints, and paisley prints.  Wholesale scarves serve a lot of markets and satisfy a number of customers.  They are important as Christmas gifts.  When stocking for the Holidays, don’t overlook this key item that never makes a big splash, but always sells.

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