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Mardi Gras Balls, Prom, and Pageant
Demand for crowns and tiaras begin now and continue until summer. The Mardi Gras and Homecoming Crowns hardest item to find is mens crowns. Mardi Gras, prom, and festival kings all call for men’s crowns. The cost of quality crowns can go up to several hundred dollars. Fortunately, you have a source with several choices in quality men’s crowns below $85.

Local stores have an advantage over online stores in this market. The king wants to see how the crown looks on and how it fits. Only the local store can offer these options to customers before they buy the crown. A favorite is the one shown that comes in gold or silver plating.

Adjust crowns that are too large by adding padding inside. The easiest way to do this is weather stripping that sticks to the inside of the crown on one side and has foam on the other side. This also makes the crown more comfortable to wear.

Tiaras are even more important because they have a bigger customer base. Brides, pageant winners, maids and other members of Mardi Gras courts, as well as members of homecoming courts are all potential customers for tiaras. Other needs for tiaras are quinceaneras, sweet sixteens, and bachelorette parties. fleur-de-lis scepter

Scepters are another hard to find item. See fabulous designs on the site with the most popular ranging from $12.75 to $29.50. For many retailers, stocking these items makes them the only game in town.

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Pageant, homecoming, prom, and Mardi Gras are all occasions that call for kings crowns.  But finding kings crowns with the masculine look that men are comfortable with is not easy.  The preferred style is full round crowns, which adds another problem—size.  Then there is the need for gold or silver plating.  Finally, kings crowns are often more expensive than queens crowns.  This is a lot to deal with, so let’s begin with crowns that men are comfortable wearing.



Men are used to seeing crowns like King Arthur wore or those on the heads of kings in Shakespearean plays.  For the most part, these are from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance, often embellished with fleur-de-lis emblems.     The full round crown dominates this period from simple crowns cut from metal (like King Arthur and Henry VI) to more elaborate men’s crowns with arches creating height and lined in velvet.    fleur-de-lis men's crown


The cut metal crown shown is a full round design in mostly plated metal with a few stones.  Full round crown means a circular crown with continuous design and no openings for adjustment.


high kings crown with velvet lining

The velvet-lined crown in the image has the rising arches creating an 8.5 inch height.  Gold plated fleur-de-lis emblems rise in a continuous pattern around the base.  The look is similar to the Imperial State Crown of Great Britain.



Mardi Gras king's crown


Very popular as a Mardi Gras king’s crown, these full round fleur-de-lis crowns are available in silver or gold plating and have the King Henry VI look with the addition of sparkling stones.



homecoming king's crown

The inexpensive crown pictured here frequently pops up as a king’s crown in homecoming pictures.  It has the velvet dome and white fur base inspired by The Imperial State Crown of Great Britain.



inexpensive boy's pageant crown

Boys’ crowns for pageant use a modified version of the one just reviewed.  They have a very affordable wholesale price that helps pageant directors keep within a budget.




Since men’s crowns are mostly full round crowns, there is no adjustment.  Sizes can compare to hat sizes. See the size chart on our site. A slight difference in the diameter makes a lot of difference in the circumference.  The fleur-de-lis crown shown has a 7.5 inch diameter.  The diameter multiplied by pi (3.14) gives the circumference.  So the circumference of this crown is 23.55 inches.  A measurement around the head tells what size the king’s crown should be.  In hat sizes, 25.5 inches is a large to extra large hat size.


The sizes of full round crowns don’t adjust.  The king can always make a large size fit a smaller head, but can’t make a small size fit a larger head.  How do you reduce the size?  We will take a lesson from some of the less expensive crowns that use foam weather stripping inside the crown to add comfort.  This also reduces the size.  If there are openings, use weather stripping in a color close to the hair color of the king.  This actually makes the crown not only fit, but also fit comfortably.


The selection we reviewed includes wholesale men’s crowns from $8.00 to $78.00—very affordable for nice kings’ crowns.

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