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Jewelry and Accessories Especially for Mom

Mother’s day is really special. Thing about it, is there any word in the English language as emotionally packed as “Mom”. I like Westerns and whenever I think about this it reminds me of Russell Crowe in 310 to Yuma. A guard insults his Mom and he pushes him down a cliff with the words, “Even bad men love their mamas”.

This is so true and the reason we need to have our showcases ready for shoppers looking for Mother’s Day gifts. Who doesn’t love their Mom? Jewelry that is specific like the pendant shown is really appreciated by Mom. Pendants saying Mom also double as pins. Put Mom in the search on the site and it will bring up jewelry even out of the sports section like cheerleader Mom or baseball Mom.

Classic jewelry like faux pearls or crystal sets are also excellent Mother’s Day gifts. Other idea include brooches, scarves, and dress hats.

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Is there any word in the English language more emotionally packed than “Mom”?  No wonder Hallmark’s site ranks Mother’s Day as the #3 occasion for card sending behind only Christmas and Valentine’s Day.   Feelings are genuine for this occasion and a lot of thought goes into shopping for Mom. 



Moms that love dress hats are likely to get one as a gift on Mother’s Day.  The occasion ranks second only to Easter for dress hat sales.  Especially Moms that wear hats to church can look forward to this gift from the kids. 


Organza hats top the list for popularity in 2012.  The material is lightweight with a sheen and colors as well as designs are exquisite.  Originally organza was a silk product, but today synthetics make organza hats very affordable. Variety includes wide brims, narrower rolled down brims, solid color, and two-tone hats.   


For traditional dress hat styles, polypropylene with its tight sewn-and-braid construction provides a Milan straw look, recognized by every lady that knows her church hats.  Colors and shapes provide plenty of originality so everyone can be unique on Sunday morning, but with the summer still ahead of us, white is the safe choice that will get lots of wear. 



If Mom is following fashion, fascinators may be the perfect gift.  These hair ornaments exploded in popularity after the royal wedding and supply is still trying to keep up with demand.  Here’s a meaningful gift Mom may not be able to find.  Horsehair designs with feathers, crystals, and sequin appliqués mount on combs, headbands, or bases with clips to attach to the hair. 


Other styles use ribbon ruffles and special designs in fascinators combine sinamay, feathers, and crystals.  More difficult to find, the sinamay fascinators have a wonderful array of colors and designs that range from classy to cute.  Perhaps the sinamay top hats are the cutest of all.  



When it comes to Mother’s Day jewelry, only exquisite will do.  Nothing cheesy here!  Lockets and pendants designed for Mother’s Day by “Best Brand” do not cut corners.  They craft most jewelry with their signature process that starts with stamping from a thin sheet of steel and results in exceptional detail and three-dimensional relief.  Plating, polishing, and sometimes two-toning follows.  The finished jewelry is a collectible piece Mom can treasure. 


Dressy jewelry is another option for Mother’s day gifts.  Crystal, rhinestone, or faux pearl never fail to please.  Mother’s Day is high on the list for taking Mom to dine out and this can be her opportunity to wear the gift of dressy jewelry. 


For elegance, nothing beats faux pearl except the real thing of course. This is a gift that can accessorize for dining out as well as for church or special events.  Have variety in your shop for the many personalities that may want simple elegance or more dramatic designs.  


Along with pearl jewelry include crystal jewelry in your selection.  These include bracelets, earrings and necklace sets.  But it’s the sets that are the most popular for Mother’s Day gifts.  How many different looks artists can create from crystals! 

 crystal jewelry

Some necklace sets use smaller crystals to create garden themes for summer that include butterflies, blossoms, and vining leaves.  Others are bolder with fire polished crystals in different shapes that accessorize an outfit with shimmering color. 


For Moms that like bracelets, there is plenty of sparkle in this category from large flower or butterfly designs to bold bangles or the sophistication of Art Deco looks. 


Stock now for the Mother’s Day rush that often comes at the last minute.  This is the kind of merchandise that always has a need so keep a selection of dressy jewelry grouped together to tell a story.  This makes an impact that your customers will remember and you will be the one they think of when a special occasion comes up. 

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