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From Bulk Masks to Extravagant

Masks have so many facets, they could be a newsletter by themselves. To simplify, we are going to list categories with a picture and short description.

Venetian Style Masks:
A range of looks and prices inspired by the masks of Venice. New arrivals include leather masks and macramé masks.

Masquerade Masks:
Inexpensive masks for your customers doing parties that need bulk masks. Cats, butterflies, and masks on a stick are some of the styles.

Feather Masks:
Good looking masks at low wholesale prices. Your customers can wear them or use them for decorations or in centerpieces.

Day of the Dead Masks:
Popular in the Hispanic culture, The Day of the Dead occurs from Oct. 31 to Nov 2, corresponding to Halloween, All Saints Day, and All Souls Day. It has a long history and banks in Mexico close for this event.

Rhinestone Masks:
Rhinestone masks are the height of extravagance in masks. Both rhinestone and crystal designs are available.

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A Major Retail Event

Start early making a splash with Halloween items. You don’t want to look like Wal-Mart and you don’t have to. You can do Halloween with class. Begin with boutique quality in Halloween jewelry. Under the category on the site, there are Halloween lampwork bead bracelets, puffy metal pendants, pins, and earrings. There are also enameled bracelets, resin earrings, and plenty of neckties and scarves in Halloween themes. The puffy pumpkin pendant for Halloween we are showing has pin back so can also serves as a brooch.

This provides accessories for grown-ups that are going to work on Friday, the day of Halloween. But for kids and grown ups going to Halloween parties, there are novelty hats. This is the day of the year when everyone can be whoever they want to be. The witch hat shown is popular every Halloween. Novelty hats provide the option to be a king, a pirate, a nun, a princess, or any of dozens of other characters just by putting on the hat.

Then there are novelty sunglasses-a costume your customer can put in their pocket. Have some fun. Browse the novelty sunglasses that include Diva glasses, google eyes, giant cateye glasses, and beer mugs among others.

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The mention of wholesale Halloween jewelry brings an image to mind of cheap plastic pins and earrings on a big stand-up card sitting by the cash register.   That’s OK for impulse sales, but it hardly has the class of nice boutique Halloween jewelry and accessories.


This year Halloween falls on a Friday so grown-ups will be going to work during the day and maybe celebrating at night.  Halloween accessories and jewelry will let them bring the spirit to work.  They want something better than trinkets and that is what this blog is going to explore.



Do you remember the sterling silver puffy hearts that were a rage fifteen years ago?  TheWholesale Halloween jewelry sterling puffy jewelry is still around and very pricey.  But a manufacturer named Best has carried this look to a new height in fashion jewelry and made it affordable.


One theme is Halloween jewelry.  The pumpkin pendant shown is an example of this superb fashion jewelry that boutiques and department stores would be proud to have in their showcases.


Who can tell whether these pendants are sterling or fashion jewelry?  The manufacturing procedure is the same.  Best uses the same stamping process used in sterling only they start with a thin sheet of steel rather than sterling silver.   The method creates unbelievable detail in raised relief that is plated and polished.   The finished product looks identical to sterling silver.

Witch Halloween pendant

The price of this wholesale Halloween jewelry is a fraction of the wholesale cost of sterling.  Not only that, most designs are not even available in sterling. Unique pieces for Halloween include the witch shown flying over puffy letters spelling “Boo”.  Most pendants including this one have pin backs so also double as a brooch.



Many of the pendants have matching earrings made with the same process.  These scarecrowHalloween scarecrow earrings earrings have a matching pendant.  The Halloween earrings have the same puffy look with intricate detail and high polished finish.



Wholesale Halloween jewelry makes a classy set with the pendants and earrings reviewed above—a set you will be proud to show your customers.  But something is missing.  How are your customers going to wear the pendants?  The answer is wire chokers—a very practical basic.

Pick form dozens of designs.  The same pendant can take on different looks by just changingquestion mark choker the neck wire.  One popular choker is the question mark.  This wire choker gets its name from a loop in the front resembling a question mark.  The neck wire comes in silver or gold plating and in three styles: CK1 uses smooth flat wire, CK96 has flat wire with a hammered texture, and CK79 is round wire.


Another popular neck wire is CK132, a flat wire choker with a dip inNeck wire with dip the center that cradles the bail of the pendant.  This choker also has a choice of gold or silver plating.

Neck wires are a year round basic, not limited to Halloween.  They give your customers a way to wear any pendant, even ones at home in their jewelry box.


Now is the time to order wholesale Halloween jewelry so you can get it in your shop and interest customers early.  The best advertising is shoppers talking about your nice selection.  Finally, what about Halloween for guys?   The next blog covers wholesale Halloween accessories including neckties that guys can wear to work.

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IT’S ALMOST HALLOWEEN, AND WITH THE DARK holiday come all sorts of ominous creatures just waiting to scare us all to death. But, do you know who or what half of these dangerous creatures are?  We thought we’d bone you up a bit on some of them, just in case they stop by to see you the end of the month.

THE HEADLESS HORSEMAN:  This frightening character was created by Washington Irving and first appeared in his short story, The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.  The Headless Horseman was famous in American folklore for trying to suppress the Revolutionary War.  He was killed in the battle for Chatterton Hill, his head severed by a cannonball.  Thereafter, he appears as a legendary ghost who threatens night travelers with decapitation.

ZOMBIE:  This was a mythical “living dead” creature, also known as a reanimated corpse.  It can also be somebody under the magical control of another.  Stories about zombies originated in the African spiritual belief of voodoo.

UNKNOWN PHANTOM. Very scary, with glowing red eyes. This fictional character reportedly comes from the Power Rangers Universe, but his real name, race, species and identity are a mystery.  He has the power to become invisible.  His weapon (or accessory) is a black bat-shaped laser that fires energy beams.



  • Pumpkin pendant.  It isn’t scary, but it’s just great with any costume! 

VAMPIRE:  This is a make-believe character who lives by sucking blood out of living people and thus turning them into vampires, too.

WEREWOLF:  A dominant horror figure, a werewolf is a mythological human with the ability to shift into a wolf-like creature.  The history of werewolves goes back to ancient Greece through the writing of Petronius.  Werewolves have frequently appeared in modern fiction and films.

GRIM REAPER:  Folkloric human, one of many characters based on the legendary werewolf-like creature with supernatural powers.  The transformation is often associated with the appearance of a full moon.

MUMMY: There are actually two kinds.  The Artificial which is what the
Egyptians created and the Natural.  In the Artificial Mummy, the organs were removed from a corpse, which was then wrapped in linen cloth, treated with preservatives, and dried out.  A  Natural Mummy occurs when something in nature freezes or dries the body, keeping it from decaying, and thus forming a mummy. 

DRACULA:  Prince Vlad III Dracula was born in Transylvania and is generally conceded to have been the real Dracula. As king of Walachia, he would often entertain himself at dinner by putting people to death.  His favorite form of execution was impalement.

   –Dracula achieved widespread fame as a result of an 1897 novel by Irish writer Abraham (Bran) Stoker, who reportedly based his main character on Vlad.  Stoker wrote the story after doing research into Eastern European folklore.

SWAMP MONSTER:  These make-believe creatures have been surfacing in comic books for generations. They are similar to fish, and live underwater, rarely surfacing.  They tend to stay in swamp mire and are apparently related to the Loch Ness Monster and others like it.  Swamp Monsters often have special powers, and can sometimes speak. They also have a very bad attitude!



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