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A Lasting Sign of Warm Feelings

Many skeptics look at Valentine’s Day as a moneymaker invented by Hallmark or the candy and flower industry. Fortunately, couples and those courting don’t take this attitude. A large percentage of every age of married couples and those dating see Valentine’s Day as a special time to show warm feelings. The day is so special that they spend 18.6 billion dollars to RED CRYSTAL HEART PIN show how much they care.

The nice thing about Valentine’s jewelry is that when the dinner is over, the flowers have wilted, and the candy is gone, the jewelry item remains as a permanent sign of love. Brooches are a favorite jewelry piece that is meaningful and affordable. In fashion jewelry, hearts are the leading item. Red heart brooches and necklaces lead sales. The heart brooch shown is popular year after year.

Necklace sets also do well for Valentine’s Day. You will probably remember the crystal heart necklace shown. Other heart necklace sets with a contemporary look will be arriving soon. Especially younger customers like the two-tone metal design with hammered texture and engraved messages. Watch fro their arrival on the site.

You can view the entire January 2015 Newsletter Here

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Christmas scarves
Words only nibble at the edge of the meaning of Christmas spirit, but Christmas accessories ignite the feeling and spread it to others. Christmas scarves are a classic gift that oozes with Christmas spirit. This year, the supply seems to be low, but you have a source and can keep the tradition going of scarves as a classic Christmas gift.

Christmas Ties
The traditional gift for Dad is ties. For Christmas, ties with a message are even more meaningful. What could have more of a message than Christmas themes that radiate the holiday spirit?

Christmas Jewelry
Christmas pins stir feelings of nostalgia with designs in gingerbread men, Christmas carolers, old fashion sleighs, and vintage Santa designs. They have a magnetic quality of drawing customers.

Crystal Necklace Sets
Sparkle that galvanizes attention, crystal necklace sets have raised the bar on beauty in jewelry. Make your customers irresistible for holiday parties and Mardi Gras balls that follow soon after.

Gemstone Jewelry
Has costume jewelry lost its direction? Apparently so! But we can count on gemstone jewelry that is never out of style for this holiday season. Customers recognize an intrinsic value in gemstone jewelry that delivers the beauty of nature.

Basic Chokers
Whether its gemstone pendants or any other classic pendant, the basic wire choker is a piece of jewelry needed to show off these works of art. Humble chokers add a hidden treasure in your shop as something customers need, but have great difficulty finding.

Hat Scarf Sets
Hat scarf sets are the practical Christmas gift that lets your customers look good as they keep warm. Pompoms are stylish again this year.

Animal Hats for Kids
Kids love stuffed animals.  These animal hats have the same cute look and soft furry texture.  There will be no trouble getting them to bundle up with these cute animal hats.

Cubic Zirconia Jewelry
If diamonds are beyond the budget this Christmas, the look and the feeling are still there with cubic zirconia jewelry that looks so real, only a jeweler knows.

Purse Hooks
Avery practical gift that is rarely found-purse hooks solve the problem of finding a sanitary place to put their purse. The hooks balance on a tabletop with handbags using the hook to remain suspended above the floor.

Nativity Scenes
No matter what the dire news reports, most shoppers still know the meaning of the season.Nativity scenes let them share the meaning.

Sculptured Pewter Writing Pens
For customers digging for rare treasures, these sculptured pewter writing pens provide something they won’t find in any other shop. They come in dozens of themes and designs. Each one comes in a black velvet box with white satin lining.

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What is the magic of small business gift and accessory stores? In a word, it is surprise. Surprise after surprise makes these small businesses irresistible. Cracker Barrel Restaurants recognized it and must have done an extensive study to capture the intrigue of a quaint cottage shop. One item mesmerizes you with sparkle, the next with nostalgia, then comes practical use, followed by the surprise of reviving something long since forgotten. The surprises never end. It is not the slick look of department stores, but something very homey and comfortable.

Black Friday is upon us followed by Small Business Saturday, but these labels are the invention of Madison Avenue advertising. The reality is the everyday consumers find surprises in small businesses-the most creative people on earth. Let’s review some items that may add to the magic of your shop.

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The Drive of Christmas Giving that the Economy Can’t Stop

Every time we are in a slow economy when the end of the year approaches, economist release their dire predictions for Christmas shopping. But when Christmas on 34th Street starts playing on TV and Silent Night on the radio, hearts melt and everything changes. Se we can never count Christmas out.

Start with some classy Christmas jewelry especially the pendants that double as a pin and have the look of sterling silver. Do you remember the sterling puffy hearts that were once a rage? A stamping process created the puffy hearts from a thin sheet of silver. They were hollow inside, creating lightweight pieces that were nice size.

The rising price of sterling hindered development of new designs. But an innovative manufacturer picked up the idea using the same process with thin sheets of steel to produce jewelry that looked identical to sterling. The line is mainly pendants and earrings. Most of the pendants have a pin back letting them double as pins. Some of the very classy Christmas jewelry is part of this line.

The Christmas pendants and earrings provide the expensive look of sterling silver in more affordable fashion jewelry. Add some chokers from the choker selection so your customers have an attractive way to wear the pendants. The Christmas pendants have a classy and expensive look for your customers to wear, but they also make a meaningful Christmas gift with the valuable look of sterling silver.

Next Newsletter: What is Hot for the Holidays

The next newsletter will explore all the new items for the Holiday stretch. Your success concerns us. Looking back over the year, the economists’ predictions for consumer buying have missed the target most of the year. The coming upturn has not happened. We are working hard to find the items that will make it happen for you. That is what our next newsletter is about.

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Fashion Items Consumers Can’t Live Without

The fashion items people can’t live without go by many names including impulse items. With fleur-de-lis being a hot item in Louisiana, these rhinestud ball caps caught on immediately. The hats have pizzazz and go straight to the heart of those captivated by the fleur-de-lis.

These are the kind of products we need to fit the just-got-to-have category. For women going to formal events, the got-to-have item can be breath-taking crystal jewelry. For church ladies it can be a stunning dress hat. The products in this category have to have an irresistible attraction shoppers just can’t live without out.

What items does your customer base find irresistible. These are the items you need at least a modest selection of in your shop. Irresistible beauty trumps cheap price for shoppers.

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From Bulk Masks to Extravagant

Masks have so many facets, they could be a newsletter by themselves. To simplify, we are going to list categories with a picture and short description.

Venetian Style Masks:
A range of looks and prices inspired by the masks of Venice. New arrivals include leather masks and macramé masks.

Masquerade Masks:
Inexpensive masks for your customers doing parties that need bulk masks. Cats, butterflies, and masks on a stick are some of the styles.

Feather Masks:
Good looking masks at low wholesale prices. Your customers can wear them or use them for decorations or in centerpieces.

Day of the Dead Masks:
Popular in the Hispanic culture, The Day of the Dead occurs from Oct. 31 to Nov 2, corresponding to Halloween, All Saints Day, and All Souls Day. It has a long history and banks in Mexico close for this event.

Rhinestone Masks:
Rhinestone masks are the height of extravagance in masks. Both rhinestone and crystal designs are available.

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A Major Retail Event

Start early making a splash with Halloween items. You don’t want to look like Wal-Mart and you don’t have to. You can do Halloween with class. Begin with boutique quality in Halloween jewelry. Under the category on the site, there are Halloween lampwork bead bracelets, puffy metal pendants, pins, and earrings. There are also enameled bracelets, resin earrings, and plenty of neckties and scarves in Halloween themes. The puffy pumpkin pendant for Halloween we are showing has pin back so can also serves as a brooch.

This provides accessories for grown-ups that are going to work on Friday, the day of Halloween. But for kids and grown ups going to Halloween parties, there are novelty hats. This is the day of the year when everyone can be whoever they want to be. The witch hat shown is popular every Halloween. Novelty hats provide the option to be a king, a pirate, a nun, a princess, or any of dozens of other characters just by putting on the hat.

Then there are novelty sunglasses-a costume your customer can put in their pocket. Have some fun. Browse the novelty sunglasses that include Diva glasses, google eyes, giant cateye glasses, and beer mugs among others.

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The mention of wholesale Halloween jewelry brings an image to mind of cheap plastic pins and earrings on a big stand-up card sitting by the cash register.   That’s OK for impulse sales, but it hardly has the class of nice boutique Halloween jewelry and accessories.


This year Halloween falls on a Friday so grown-ups will be going to work during the day and maybe celebrating at night.  Halloween accessories and jewelry will let them bring the spirit to work.  They want something better than trinkets and that is what this blog is going to explore.



Do you remember the sterling silver puffy hearts that were a rage fifteen years ago?  TheWholesale Halloween jewelry sterling puffy jewelry is still around and very pricey.  But a manufacturer named Best has carried this look to a new height in fashion jewelry and made it affordable.


One theme is Halloween jewelry.  The pumpkin pendant shown is an example of this superb fashion jewelry that boutiques and department stores would be proud to have in their showcases.


Who can tell whether these pendants are sterling or fashion jewelry?  The manufacturing procedure is the same.  Best uses the same stamping process used in sterling only they start with a thin sheet of steel rather than sterling silver.   The method creates unbelievable detail in raised relief that is plated and polished.   The finished product looks identical to sterling silver.

Witch Halloween pendant

The price of this wholesale Halloween jewelry is a fraction of the wholesale cost of sterling.  Not only that, most designs are not even available in sterling. Unique pieces for Halloween include the witch shown flying over puffy letters spelling “Boo”.  Most pendants including this one have pin backs so also double as a brooch.



Many of the pendants have matching earrings made with the same process.  These scarecrowHalloween scarecrow earrings earrings have a matching pendant.  The Halloween earrings have the same puffy look with intricate detail and high polished finish.



Wholesale Halloween jewelry makes a classy set with the pendants and earrings reviewed above—a set you will be proud to show your customers.  But something is missing.  How are your customers going to wear the pendants?  The answer is wire chokers—a very practical basic.

Pick form dozens of designs.  The same pendant can take on different looks by just changingquestion mark choker the neck wire.  One popular choker is the question mark.  This wire choker gets its name from a loop in the front resembling a question mark.  The neck wire comes in silver or gold plating and in three styles: CK1 uses smooth flat wire, CK96 has flat wire with a hammered texture, and CK79 is round wire.


Another popular neck wire is CK132, a flat wire choker with a dip inNeck wire with dip the center that cradles the bail of the pendant.  This choker also has a choice of gold or silver plating.

Neck wires are a year round basic, not limited to Halloween.  They give your customers a way to wear any pendant, even ones at home in their jewelry box.


Now is the time to order wholesale Halloween jewelry so you can get it in your shop and interest customers early.  The best advertising is shoppers talking about your nice selection.  Finally, what about Halloween for guys?   The next blog covers wholesale Halloween accessories including neckties that guys can wear to work.

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Jewelry and Accessories Especially for Mom

Mother’s day is really special. Thing about it, is there any word in the English language as emotionally packed as “Mom”. I like Westerns and whenever I think about this it reminds me of Russell Crowe in 310 to Yuma. A guard insults his Mom and he pushes him down a cliff with the words, “Even bad men love their mamas”.

This is so true and the reason we need to have our showcases ready for shoppers looking for Mother’s Day gifts. Who doesn’t love their Mom? Jewelry that is specific like the pendant shown is really appreciated by Mom. Pendants saying Mom also double as pins. Put Mom in the search on the site and it will bring up jewelry even out of the sports section like cheerleader Mom or baseball Mom.

Classic jewelry like faux pearls or crystal sets are also excellent Mother’s Day gifts. Other idea include brooches, scarves, and dress hats.

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Is there any word in the English language more emotionally packed than “Mom”?  No wonder Hallmark’s site ranks Mother’s Day as the #3 occasion for card sending behind only Christmas and Valentine’s Day.   Feelings are genuine for this occasion and a lot of thought goes into shopping for Mom. 



Moms that love dress hats are likely to get one as a gift on Mother’s Day.  The occasion ranks second only to Easter for dress hat sales.  Especially Moms that wear hats to church can look forward to this gift from the kids. 


Organza hats top the list for popularity in 2012.  The material is lightweight with a sheen and colors as well as designs are exquisite.  Originally organza was a silk product, but today synthetics make organza hats very affordable. Variety includes wide brims, narrower rolled down brims, solid color, and two-tone hats.   


For traditional dress hat styles, polypropylene with its tight sewn-and-braid construction provides a Milan straw look, recognized by every lady that knows her church hats.  Colors and shapes provide plenty of originality so everyone can be unique on Sunday morning, but with the summer still ahead of us, white is the safe choice that will get lots of wear. 



If Mom is following fashion, fascinators may be the perfect gift.  These hair ornaments exploded in popularity after the royal wedding and supply is still trying to keep up with demand.  Here’s a meaningful gift Mom may not be able to find.  Horsehair designs with feathers, crystals, and sequin appliqués mount on combs, headbands, or bases with clips to attach to the hair. 


Other styles use ribbon ruffles and special designs in fascinators combine sinamay, feathers, and crystals.  More difficult to find, the sinamay fascinators have a wonderful array of colors and designs that range from classy to cute.  Perhaps the sinamay top hats are the cutest of all.  



When it comes to Mother’s Day jewelry, only exquisite will do.  Nothing cheesy here!  Lockets and pendants designed for Mother’s Day by “Best Brand” do not cut corners.  They craft most jewelry with their signature process that starts with stamping from a thin sheet of steel and results in exceptional detail and three-dimensional relief.  Plating, polishing, and sometimes two-toning follows.  The finished jewelry is a collectible piece Mom can treasure. 


Dressy jewelry is another option for Mother’s day gifts.  Crystal, rhinestone, or faux pearl never fail to please.  Mother’s Day is high on the list for taking Mom to dine out and this can be her opportunity to wear the gift of dressy jewelry. 


For elegance, nothing beats faux pearl except the real thing of course. This is a gift that can accessorize for dining out as well as for church or special events.  Have variety in your shop for the many personalities that may want simple elegance or more dramatic designs.  


Along with pearl jewelry include crystal jewelry in your selection.  These include bracelets, earrings and necklace sets.  But it’s the sets that are the most popular for Mother’s Day gifts.  How many different looks artists can create from crystals! 

 crystal jewelry

Some necklace sets use smaller crystals to create garden themes for summer that include butterflies, blossoms, and vining leaves.  Others are bolder with fire polished crystals in different shapes that accessorize an outfit with shimmering color. 


For Moms that like bracelets, there is plenty of sparkle in this category from large flower or butterfly designs to bold bangles or the sophistication of Art Deco looks. 


Stock now for the Mother’s Day rush that often comes at the last minute.  This is the kind of merchandise that always has a need so keep a selection of dressy jewelry grouped together to tell a story.  This makes an impact that your customers will remember and you will be the one they think of when a special occasion comes up. 

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