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 We are in July, it’s hotter than blazes, and consumers don’t want to get out of the air conditioning.  When it comes to fashion jewelry, what in the world are retailers going to sell?  This two-part blog covers just that.  The first part covered needed jewelry for bridal and formal plus gemstone that remains popular season after season.  But we saved the best for last.  Now we are going to cover the two categories that we have to reorder more than any other in the summer months.  The first is niche market jewelry. 



Niche market jewelry—what does that mean?  Well an example might explain it.  In New Orleans, fleur-de-lis jewelry has been huge since Hurricane Katrina.  It is the symbol of the City and a rallying point for citizens that faced a serious disaster.  Still, six year later, women from New Orleans never tire of fleur-de-lis jewelry.  For Accessory Wholesale, it is an item that requires constant reorder, even in the summer.  This is fashion jewelry with more powerful sales than even items in the latest trends. 

The point is niche markets are a huge answer to getting customers to buy in the sultry heat.  Think about your area and the niche markets for your customers.  Football is coming and some states live and die by their college teams.  High school teams also have a passionate following.  In Louisiana, LSU reigns and licensed LSU jewelry will always have a market. 


Other niche markets include the growing number of caring people involved with breast cancer awareness.  Still other markets are the fun loving red hatters

Human nature plays into the niche markets that are selling.  Right after the 9/11 tragedy, there was a return to values and inspirational jewelry reflected the thoughts and feelings of consumers who gave more thought to a Higher Being.  In fragile economic times that have a high unemployment, the same feelings return, perhaps making us feel guilty as fair weather friends.  Nevertheless, inspirational jewelry and gifts are on the upswing.  Combining inspirational jewelry and gifts in display tells a story in your shop that will capture the attention of shoppers.  This is a niche market that can be uplifting for your clientele. 

Study your own customer base and local area for niche markets that work.  This is where you have a great advantage over the big box stores that do not have your local input.      


“Best Brand” manufactures a superb line of pendants and earrings plus the chokers needed to wear the pendants.  Themes are endless in this line that has superior metalwork unchallenged in the fashion jewelry field.   

Why does this line keep selling over and over again?  Three main reasons—themes, quality, and uniqueness.  First, themes are special because they touch the hearts of the buyer.  Even a shopper that is not in the market for fashion jewelry cannot pass up a Yorkie pendant if their Yorkshire is dear to them.  The same is true for nearly every theme from gardening to motorcycles.

But it is not just the theme; it is the exceptional metalwork that delivers the jewelry that is immediately recognizable with intricate detail.  The process of “Best Brand” is unique in the fashion jewelry industry.  Most pendants and matching earrings start with a thin sheet of steel that a stamping process presses into a dimensionally raised shape, loaded with detail.  Then they cut a back and solder it in place so the pendant or earrings are hollow and lightweight, borrowing a page from puffy sterling silver jewelry.  Finally, the jewelry is plated, sometimes epoxied with color, and polished.  The manufacturer is proud enough of theses creations to stamp their name on the back of each piece.  Retailers are buying the jewelry of future vintage collectors.

Not everything is theme.  “Best Brand” also creates fashion designs that follow the trends in jewelry.  Geometrics, animal prints, inlays, Southwest inspirations, Murano style glass, and classic patterns—it’s all here in this fabulous line. 


Now retailers need chokers and chains so customers can wear the pendants.  “Best Brand” answers that challenge with one of the most extensive lines of fashion chokers.  Stock several with your display and price each component in this line separately.  That way the customer gets to create their own designs and they may want more than one choker to give different looks to the same pendant.  Also the customer can build their own sale that will fit their budget.  Whereas, combining pendant, choker, and earrings can elevate the price and put it beyond an impulsive buy.    

Make a statement in your shop with this line and you have something unique with practically no competition.  Look around online and in brick and mortar shops and you will probably not find this sensational line or anything like it with such high quality.  One final reason why customers are constantly reordering this fashion jewelry—the look with pendants on chokers is tailored, a classy accessory for career wear, and it is timeless, never going out of style.  This is the line we reorder more than any other.  You have hardly any competition in it.  So try out this fashion jewelry and see if it helps your summer sales like it is helping other retailers carrying it.

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SACRED HISTORY:  No symbol in history has been more revered than the cross.  It is found in ancient cave drawings from the Stone Age. It was a symbol of life and fertility in Ancient Egypt (the Ankh). It was considered sacred in practically every religion long before Christianity came on the scene.  Many crosses often thought to be Christian, such as the Celtic Cross, were originally pagan.


There are literally hundreds of different cross designs, and they have been used in countless ways throughout the centuries.  St. George’s Cross is used on England’s national flag.  The Maltese Cross (which looks much like a Celtic Cross, with its splayed arms) is, among other things, a holy symbol of the Masons. The Rose Cross is equally revered as a symbol with the Rosicrucians.  Many people even collect crosses.


Of course, the cross we are all most familiar with today is the Christian cross, a  geometric figure made up of two lines perpendicular to each other.  Based on minor changes in dimensions and design, the one cross becomes many, each with a different  name and history.  But for our purposes here, we can easily and accurately enough group them together as one sacred sign of Christianity. Like the circle, the cross is immediately identifiable by peoples all over the world.


EARLY CHRISTIANS:  The cross represents the death of Jesus on what is often called the True Cross.  The interesting thing is that because of its very meaning, Early Christians didn’t use the cross in their religion.  It was considered a sign of the executioner.  The fish, which we frequently see displayed (i.e., on automobiles), was the symbol of Early Christians and it wasn’t until the 4th Century, when the Roman Emperor Constantine became Christian himself that the cross was adopted as the sign of what was then a new faith. 


The cross is today carried by more people than any other religious symbol in the world. When shown with the figure of Christ on it, the cross is considered a crucifix.  The most popular way to wear the cross is around the neck, hanging as a spiritual pendant from a chain.  Rhinestone crosses are particularly beautiful, and show up charmingly when done in silver or silver plate. Crosses of this sort are often worn 24 hours a day.  Larger crosses, worn for special occasions, include more elaborate cross styles, many with colored or clear stones or enamels.


LOVING GIFTS:  Crosses make ideal gifts for Christians.  Small, dainty crosses are a delightful gift for a young girl making her First Communion.  Slightly larger or more ornate crosses work well as Confirmation gifts.  Of course, crosses are wonderful gifts for more than children:  They are thoughtful and loving gifts for mothers, and other relatives, as well as friends, especially a friend who may be just now receiving Baptism. A cross given to someone who is ill or in the hospital is a caring gift.


In recent years, crosses have been worn in many diverse ways.  Crosses dangling from little button earrings are very popular.  They are often paired with necklaces for a set.  Christian key chains with heraldic crosses are very handsome.


SECULAR USES:  Some uses of the cross are now secular, particularly when rock stars, not trying to proclaim religion, include them in their necklaces, or earrings.  Some compare this to the use of the name Madonna by a contemporary star with a penchant for sexy, semi-nude costumes.


So…is this use of crosses profane, or just a more relaxed attitude toward an ancient symbol?  Whatever, the irony is that non-religious cross enthusiasts have helped make the cross not just spiritual but very hip. As a result, more and more young people are wearing crosses, and for many of them, the cross remains serious, spiritual, and sacred.


                                                         #  #  #  #  #


NOT TO BE MISSED: Christian Lacroix is showing off a charming big white newsboy cap with a white silk flower attached on the side. It looks just great!  With it, he shows a floral dress, a dark blue little jacket, red leather shoes and a small, light blue leather bag with silver shoulder chain.  More evidence that designers are pushing for the eclectic look; i.e., meaning things don’t have to match. 


WHAT THEY’RE WEARING:  Some sighting of celebrities and the monied set in recent weeks included: Marla Bello in long single strand rhinestone/diamond earrings. (Real or faux?  We couldn’t tell!) Lauren Santo Domingo wearing Barack Obama pins on a brilliant, shiny green print dress. Ginnifer Goodwin in a charming black strapless dress with multiple strands of medium length pearls and beads .around her neck. (Pay attention to that one single circular pendant!)  And Julia Restoin Roitfeld in a little black dress with wide black leather belt…all very tight, tight, tight!

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