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Most retailers are open to way to improve profits.  Well here’s a needed item that has a wide open marketwholesale reading glasses just waiting for you–reading glasses.

 The population is aging not only in the US, but globally.  More people need reading glasses and more people want them stylish.  Apparently retailers are realizing how big this market is because Wordtracker reports 1,418 searches in its database for wholesale reading glasses.  Compare that to 429 for wholesale jewelry or 380 for wholesale handbags. 

 Once consumers reach the point of needing readers, they don’t want the nerdy version of years past.  Style in reading glasses is sweeping demand and most readers in discount stores simply don’t have style and still retail for $12.00 and up. 

 reading glasses with aspheric lenses

That’s why there is a wide open market for you.  Reading glasses are making rapid advances and you can present quality with style for a reasonable price that is still very profitable.  A new development is aspheric lenses.  These lenses came on the scene in 1990 and offer a thinner, flatter lens that looks better while reducing distortion.  Wholesale reading glasses are available today as low as $3.00 with these lenses.  There’s mark-up room for you here!

 reading glasses with optical quality frames

Optical quality frames provide reading glasses with a small screw that opens to change lenses.  Prescription or sunglass lenses can be added to these readers that wholesale under $10.00.  Malls retail optical quality frames for $50.00 and up.  More room to improve profits!

 aviator reading glasses

The favorite shape in eyewear for men is aviators.  This style seems timeless whether reading glasses or sunglasses.  Aviators are a must if you have men shopping in your location.  A quality weight with spring loaded arms has an unbelievable low wholesale price of $2.50.  Customers that shop quality will jump on these readers even at a 4 or 5 time mark-up. 

 half frame reading glasses

The understated look of half frames that appeal to men and women alike has a classic look with the sophistication that builds sales.  This is style is also comfortable to wear and easy to carry.  Again spring loaded arms spell quality.  These readers are too important to leave out of your selection.


Today’s shoppers are definitely more discerning.  They demand certain style and a level of quality in every product.   Wholesale reading glasses are in the infancy of development as far as meeting the style and quality demands.  Here is an opportunity that you may not have thought of in the fashion business.

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