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Wholesale Louisiana festival jewelry comes into its season from spring until fall in Louisiana where the festivals never quit during the warm months.  It’s the season for Laissez les bon temps roulerlet the good times roll.  And festival vendors as well as shopkeepers need the attention-getting jewelry that festival-goers can’t resist.  In addition to festivals, there are outdoor street fairs, swap meets, and flea markets.  So what will wet the appetite of all those attending these outdoor fun events?  



Louisiana festival jewelryWholesale festival jewelry in the right themes is irresistible to the outdoor crowd that enjoys these events.  All the themes that are associated with Louisiana are players—seafood, crawfish, alligators, crabs, peppers, music, fiddles, trumpets, and about every musical instrument imaginable.  Also New Orleans themes are very good.


CRAWFISH JEWELRY A MUSTcrawfish earrings with crystals

Crawfish events seem to abound in Louisiana so a variety of crawfish jewelry is a must. The crawfish earrings shown are the Cadillac of crawfish jewelry with tiny embedded crystals and tail that moves.

wholesale festival jewelry crawfish earrings

For simple crawfish jewelry, these drop earrings with silver plating and highlights of red jewel tone epoxy have universal appeal.  This festival jewelry has a wholesale price that translates to impulse pricing  for your customers.


Crawfish charm bracelets match the earrings.  The stretch bracelets with silver plated beads havecrawfish charm bracelets dangling crawfish charms.  Crawfish jewelry is not just for festival-goers and tourists.  Locals going to a crawfish boil enjoy them also.



alligator earringsWhen I called on Louisiana tourist destinations, the most popular earrings were the alligator earrings shown.  Today they are still a top seller in Louisiana themed jewelry.  The silver plated earrings with jewel tone green epoxy highlights are cute, simple, and inexpensive—an easy gift to take home as souvenirs.


The alligator earrings also have a matching charm bracelet.  They have dangling alligator charms that match the earrings.



Louisiana themes can also take on a rich look for street fairs and locations where customers want a morecrab pendant with sterling silver look upscale look. The crab pendant shown has the identical look of sterling silver puffy jewelry at a fraction of the price. Remember the puffy hearts that became a rage, initiating sterling silver puffy pendant?  This Louisiana themed jewelry is crafted exactly the same as sterling.  The only difference is the stamping process starts with a thin sheet of steel instead of expensive sterling silver.  The jewelry is silver plated and polished.  The end result has the same look and onlooker mistake it for sterling.

wire chokers for pendants

Provide some chokers your customers can buy if they don’t have a chain or choker to wear the pendants.  The chokers have a wide selection of styles.  This provides different looks and pleases different tastes.



Music is a natural part of festivals so music theme jewelry fits right into the themes customers will love. Entertainment includes Cajun music, Zydeco, Jazz, Funk, and Rock Music to name a few.  With so many venues, music theme jewelry can include nearly any instrument.

fiddle and bow errings

The fiddle and accordion are key instruments for Cajun and Zydeco.  The fiddle and bow earrings shown are a favorite with consumers.


sax montage music pin

Trumpets and saxophones are big for Jazz, Zydeco, and many other music styles.  The sax pin shown provides a way to show love for the music long after the festival is over.



The New Orleans area itself has festivals nearly every weekend including some major ones like the Jazz Fest, The French Quarter Festival, Chalmette Crawfish Festival, The oyster Festival, The Gretna Fest, and many more.

New Orleans music pin

For these, New Orleans themes also work.  The pin shown with lines of music in a large circle has dangling charms that include Bourbon Street, The Desire Street Car, a trumpet, and sax.


The Bourbon Street pin with a sax player by a Bourbon Street lamppost is so obviously New Orleans, noBourbon Street pin explanation is necessary.


Wholesale Louisiana festival jewelry will interest festival-goers.   And for the vendor, how else can you have so much fun working?

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St. Joseph Day altar

This may seem a little off target for a fashion jewelry and accessory blog, but part of our theme is New Orleans and this story is as New Orleans as red beans and rice.  Today, June 19, is the feast of St. Joseph and something very unique happens in New Orleans for this day—St. Joseph Day altars.


If you are not familiar with New Orleans and its culture, you probably have no idea what I am talking about.  The story goes back to the Renaissance and came to America with the Sicilian immigrants.  A famine struck Sicily during the Renaissance and the people faced starvation.  They prayed to their country’s Patron Saint, St. Joseph, for relief from the drought   Rains came, the fava bean crop was saved, starvation was averted, and a banquet of thanksgiving was offered.  This began a tradition of going to St. Joseph for intercession and showing appreciation with a St. Joseph Day altar.


Cake for St Joseph Day altarWhen Sicilians came to America, many settled in New Orleans and brought the tradition of St. Joseph Day altars with them.  The book, Gumbo Ya-Ya, dedicates a chapter to this tradition.  When some need prompted a person to seek the intercession of St. Joseph, they prepared a St. Joseph Day altar in their home filled with pastry’s fruits, pasta, fish, candles, holy pictures, and religious statues. Cakes and breads were included in creative shapes and designs.  Meat is not included because St. Joseph’s Day usually falls in Lent.


The altar normally has three tiers, symbolizing the Trinity.  A large statue of St. Joseph occupies the top. Gumbo Ya-YaSt Joseph Day altar reprints invitations that were listed in The Times Picayune Newspaper.  Anyone could stop in and share some food.  Afterwards food was mostly donated to the poor.


Cake for St Joseph Day altarToday St. Joseph Day altars are set up in Churches, homes, Italian restaurants, and halls.  The St. Joseph altar shown is at St. Rita’s Church in Harahan, a municipality bordering New Orleans.  While Sicilians settled in many areas of the United States, I don’t know anywhere outside of South Louisiana where this reverence for St. Joseph is preserved.  Actually, most St. Joseph Day altars are in the New Orleans metropolitan area.  This is something special to the citizens of the City that few outside the City know about.  It’s a mix of feelings from reverence to warmth.  It’s caring.

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