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Hard to Find Jewelry that is Hot Now
Finding a selection of nice Mardi Gras jewelry is not easy. That is good for you because you have a source and that puts you ahead of the Mardi Gras Pin 94 competition. Mardi Gras jewelry is a popular way for your customers to share in the spirit. It also a necessity for royalty in Krewes that need favors. If you are in an area with parades and balls, you don’t want to miss this once a year opportunity.

Promote your selection with a Mardi Gras display that captures the spirit. If you want to add some music, shop for Mardi Gras in New Orleans Volume 1 and 2. Some reliable sources are Floyds Records, Louisiana Cajun Stuff, and Cajun Village near Sorrento.

If you are not in the Mardi Gras area, you are not left out. Nearly everyone in the country is familiar with Mardi Gras. You can bring the party to the store with Mardi Gras jewelry, accessories, gifts, and beads. Put up some Mardi Gras decorations, play the music, and maybe even serve some samples of king cake. This will add some excitement to January and February and have folks in town talking about your shop.

You can view the entire January 2015 Newsletter Here

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 We are in July, it’s hotter than blazes, and consumers don’t want to get out of the air conditioning.  When it comes to fashion jewelry, what in the world are retailers going to sell?  This two-part blog covers just that.  The first part covered needed jewelry for bridal and formal plus gemstone that remains popular season after season.  But we saved the best for last.  Now we are going to cover the two categories that we have to reorder more than any other in the summer months.  The first is niche market jewelry. 



Niche market jewelry—what does that mean?  Well an example might explain it.  In New Orleans, fleur-de-lis jewelry has been huge since Hurricane Katrina.  It is the symbol of the City and a rallying point for citizens that faced a serious disaster.  Still, six year later, women from New Orleans never tire of fleur-de-lis jewelry.  For Accessory Wholesale, it is an item that requires constant reorder, even in the summer.  This is fashion jewelry with more powerful sales than even items in the latest trends. 

The point is niche markets are a huge answer to getting customers to buy in the sultry heat.  Think about your area and the niche markets for your customers.  Football is coming and some states live and die by their college teams.  High school teams also have a passionate following.  In Louisiana, LSU reigns and licensed LSU jewelry will always have a market. 


Other niche markets include the growing number of caring people involved with breast cancer awareness.  Still other markets are the fun loving red hatters

Human nature plays into the niche markets that are selling.  Right after the 9/11 tragedy, there was a return to values and inspirational jewelry reflected the thoughts and feelings of consumers who gave more thought to a Higher Being.  In fragile economic times that have a high unemployment, the same feelings return, perhaps making us feel guilty as fair weather friends.  Nevertheless, inspirational jewelry and gifts are on the upswing.  Combining inspirational jewelry and gifts in display tells a story in your shop that will capture the attention of shoppers.  This is a niche market that can be uplifting for your clientele. 

Study your own customer base and local area for niche markets that work.  This is where you have a great advantage over the big box stores that do not have your local input.      


“Best Brand” manufactures a superb line of pendants and earrings plus the chokers needed to wear the pendants.  Themes are endless in this line that has superior metalwork unchallenged in the fashion jewelry field.   

Why does this line keep selling over and over again?  Three main reasons—themes, quality, and uniqueness.  First, themes are special because they touch the hearts of the buyer.  Even a shopper that is not in the market for fashion jewelry cannot pass up a Yorkie pendant if their Yorkshire is dear to them.  The same is true for nearly every theme from gardening to motorcycles.

But it is not just the theme; it is the exceptional metalwork that delivers the jewelry that is immediately recognizable with intricate detail.  The process of “Best Brand” is unique in the fashion jewelry industry.  Most pendants and matching earrings start with a thin sheet of steel that a stamping process presses into a dimensionally raised shape, loaded with detail.  Then they cut a back and solder it in place so the pendant or earrings are hollow and lightweight, borrowing a page from puffy sterling silver jewelry.  Finally, the jewelry is plated, sometimes epoxied with color, and polished.  The manufacturer is proud enough of theses creations to stamp their name on the back of each piece.  Retailers are buying the jewelry of future vintage collectors.

Not everything is theme.  “Best Brand” also creates fashion designs that follow the trends in jewelry.  Geometrics, animal prints, inlays, Southwest inspirations, Murano style glass, and classic patterns—it’s all here in this fabulous line. 


Now retailers need chokers and chains so customers can wear the pendants.  “Best Brand” answers that challenge with one of the most extensive lines of fashion chokers.  Stock several with your display and price each component in this line separately.  That way the customer gets to create their own designs and they may want more than one choker to give different looks to the same pendant.  Also the customer can build their own sale that will fit their budget.  Whereas, combining pendant, choker, and earrings can elevate the price and put it beyond an impulsive buy.    

Make a statement in your shop with this line and you have something unique with practically no competition.  Look around online and in brick and mortar shops and you will probably not find this sensational line or anything like it with such high quality.  One final reason why customers are constantly reordering this fashion jewelry—the look with pendants on chokers is tailored, a classy accessory for career wear, and it is timeless, never going out of style.  This is the line we reorder more than any other.  You have hardly any competition in it.  So try out this fashion jewelry and see if it helps your summer sales like it is helping other retailers carrying it.

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The traditions and history that Mardi Gras has accumulated in America over the last 175 years fills books.  Mardi Gras jewelry can’t match that, but five unique charm bracelets with special design tell individual stories about elements of the Carnival celebration.  

First, the stretch bracelets use faceted lucite beads in purple, green, and gold.  These are the Mardi Gras colors with purple representing justice, green faith, and gold power.  What sets these bracelets apart are charms uniquely created to give the wearer a piece of the Mardi Gras tradition. 


The Mardi Gras parade is the theme of the bracelet, CB384.  Four three-dimensional charms depict different parade floats with another charm showing a horseback captain. The floats are silver plated and highlighted with enamel in the Mardi Gras colors.   A walking parade participant accompanies the floats with other familiar Mardi Gras themes added to the dangling charms. 


Another Mardi Gras bracelet (CB387) celebrates some uniquely New Orleans traditions including Second Lining, Zulu, and the Mardi Gras Indians.  One charm shows a typical Zulu rider with feather headdress.  Zulu is the first parade on Mardi Gras morning, positioned ahead of Rex. Five other charms show members of a second line including one dancing with an umbrella and four different musicians with Jazz instruments.  Second lining became a tradition that started with parade spectators falling in behind the parade after it passed and dancing in celebration.  Some may remember Tom Benson, owner of the Saints, dancing on the field after a game with his second line umbrella.  Two other charms depict Mardi Gras Indians, a tradition beginning in African American neighborhoods with walking participants wearing elaborately outfitted Indian costumes that they spent an entire year making with feathers, beading, and other exotic components.  This bracelet finds roots in traditions that are uniquely New Orleans. 


The parades of Mardi Gras Day in New Orleans are the subject of a third charm bracelet (CB389).  On Mardi Gras Day, the first parade to roll is Zulu.  Zulu began in 1909 as a black parade that was a spoof of Rex.  The first king wore a lard can for a crown and carried a banana stalk as scepter.  The bracelet has a charm of a typical Zulu rider with wild feather headdress and a white circle around the eye and mouth, distinctively Zulu. 

The next parade is Rex and the bracelet (CB388) has a king’s float, crown, court jester, band members, and Boeuf, the white bull that symbolizes the last meat before Lent begins.  Before 1909, a live bull rode in the Rex parade, but today a large white bull in fiberglass takes its place.  These Mardi Gras bracelets give anyone that attends parades in downtown New Orleans on Mardi Gras Day something to take home as a lifetime memento.     

Masks and Mardi Gras have a close connection that goes back to the very beginning of Carnival.  The abuse of masking for promiscuous and rowdy behavior brought about the dates of the Carnival season.  The Church limited public masking to a period between The Feast of the Epiphany (Jan 6th) and Mardi Gras Day (the day before Ash Wednesday).  Even before parades in New Orleans, Carnival Balls called bals masques were held in the City. Today A New Orleans law requires that all riders mask and the crowds of revelers don costumes and masks.  So the next specially designed charm bracelet (celebrates the masks of Carnival.   Epoxied charms broadcast the theme in a colorful way with three full-face masks and three feather masks.  A jester, two walking parade participants, and Boeuf, the while bull from the Rex parade accompany the mask charms.  This Mardi Gras bracelet lets your customers take home a wealth of Mardi Gras tradition that will be memories for a lifetime. 


Finally, we have a Mardi Gras bracelet (CB619) with many of the popular themes of the Carnival season.  This is Mardi Gras jewelry that is at home wherever Mardi Gras is celebrated.  Silver plated charms have highlights of jewel tone epoxy in purple, gold, and green and faceted beading matches with the same three colors.  Charms include jesters, masks, and a crown over block letters spelling Mardi Gras.  These are three most popular themes in Mardi Gras jewelry.  Add a reveler second lining and you have bracelets that are obviously for the Carnival season.  Wherever the celebration takes place, this jewelry fits in so shops and event planners can include these wholesale Mardi Gras bracelets and customers can enjoy the spirit. 

The rich tradition and history of Mardi Gras come alive in the charms of these Mardi Gras bracelets that have special design that tells the story in jewelry.   Best of all, these Mardi Gras bracelets have price points that let everyone enjoy the story of Carnival.

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  The last blog detailed the rise of fleur-de-lis jewelry and accessories to prominence.  Hurricane Katrina was the catalyst.  Citizens of New Orleans rallied around their City’s symbol as they struggled to rebuild.  The symbol caught on nationwide with other designers incorporating the emblem into fashion accessories.  Hurricane Katrina happened five years ago, so what is keeping fleur-de-lis jewelry and accessories in the limelight today? 


Henrik Vejlgaard in his excellent book, Anatomy of a Trend, states that innovation is the life-blood of a trend.   Well, fleur-de-lis jewelry and accessories have certainly seen plenty of innovation and it continues to this day.  All the latest innovations in fashion are matched by fresh designs in fleur-de-lis themes. 


Large fleur-de-lis rings with stretch bands are a prime example.  Accessories Magazine’s last census report declared that large cocktail rings with stretch bands were the sleeper item of the year.  It didn’t take long for fleur-de-lis jewelry to get onboard with designs of their own—not just one design, but many looks to satisfy a variety of tastes. 


Fleur-de-lis jewelry has also followed fashion’s lead into the statement necklace—high on today’s trend list.  Bold necklace sets displaying fleur-de-lis emblems have the up-to-date design that looks like it just stepped out of a fashion magazine.  Innovation is introducing a steady parade of designs with silver plating most popular, but also gold plating is doing well.


Today’s fashion landscape just can’t seem to get enough bracelets.  If you follow Accessories Magazine’s census reports, you see bracelets either number one or number two in recent years for the big box stores.  Fashion magazines are showing them up and down both arms and cuffs and bangles are at the forefront. 


Fleur-de-lis jewelry hasn’t missed a beat when it comes to bracelets—toggles, cuffs, bangles, and charm bracelets—they’re all there.  Lately exciting styles have been coming out in bold cuffs.  Fleur-de-lis jewelry is right in step with fashion with wide cuffs in silver plating, gold plating, and two-tone plating. 


Accessories are also onboard with fleur-de-lis men’s ties, ladies scarves, sunglasses, handbags, and hats.  The men’s ties are a sleeper.  These hard-to-find items let guys go to work in a suit announcing support for New Orleans in a subtle way.  Five designs are available and most have more than one color.  Gold on black is the most popular combination.  


Fleur-de-lis jewelry and accessories is not limited to New Orleans.  Other cities, like Saint Louis, also have the fleur-de-lis as a city symbol.  The French Canadians use it and Acadiana, the area of South Louisiana famous for their Cajun culture, has the fleur-de-lis on the Acadian flag.  Also, many high schools use the fleur-de-lis as their logo. 

France dropped the fleur-de-lis from their flag during the French Revolution, but the French that came to North America before the Revolution have clung to the emblem and have never given it up.  More meaningful than ever, add some fleur-de-lis jewelry and accessories to your shop, especially if you have clientele that call New Orleans home.

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The new HBO TV series Treme – named after the oldest black community in New Orleans – stands to “alter America’s perception of music long marginalized in our popular culture. Until now,” says the Chicago Tribune’s critic Howard Reich.  Oh, this is music. Real, honest, jazz at its best. 

But “Treme isn’t exclusively about music.  As the Tribune’s critic points out, “Simon   (Producer Davis Simon) and friends aren’t trying to produce a treatise on jazz but, rather, a dramatic series about the near-death of a city. 

   –And not just any city, but one that has exported more musical culture to the rest of the country – and the world – than anyplace else on this continent.”


Here is the music of a great city.  The fabulous Treme Brass Band playing “A Closer Walk With Thee,” echoing the heartsick sounds of a post-Katrina community.  The Mardi Gras Indians chanting “Shallow Waters.”  Kermit Ruffins, who appears weekly in the Bywater neighborhood’s Vaughan’s Lounge, here expressively playing his incomparable trumpet. Tom McDermott extolling the famed jazzman Jelly Roll Morton in words and on the piano. 

                                          Color Electrifies


Color is part of New Orleans excitement.  Watch any street parade, visit any special café or restaurant – in fact, do almost anything in the city – and you will be aware of how color is such a dominant part of the vibrancy we call New Orleans. 

Primary colors abound, in clothing and accessories, in costumes and so much more.  Red.  Blue.  Yellow.  Oh, wow!  The Yellow! It is really intense!




ladies fedora


Feathers are another important fashion item in the Big Easy.  Feathers bring in the culture and excitement of the city’s Indian population, often extolled not by Indians themselves but by blacks, dressed up in feathered Indian gear, dancing joyfully in street parades.  The black population here identifies with the Indians, since they were both badly used by the white man. 

Yellow feathers are wild, happy, even electrifying, especially when expressed in voluminous handmade costumes replete with exquisite Indian beading. 

   –Oh yes, and then there is the characteristic black and white outfits set out so formally for funerals, so special, taking on a dimension beyond the colors themselves.


                                             Broader Story


Treme is not a documentary about the tragedy of New Orleans, but rather a broader story that tells so much about this town’s unique culture.  It raises your spirits and helps you understand there is “still life to be lived in New Orleans,” as the Tribune critic puts it.  

New Orleans is a city of music. And fashion. And a remarkably resilient people. Reich refers to the music as “undiluted, uncompromised, unbowed.”  He might have been talking about New Orleans itself, the excitement of the city, the rich panorama of black and Creole neighborhoods. The food.  Oh, the food!  Mardi Gras. And the theatrical vibrancy of the French Quarter, with its bawdy Bourbon Street.  Nowhere else in the United States is there anything like this!  



  • Feather boas in rich colors – yellow, blue, pink, purple, more…!


                                        Music Bubbles Up


“Music sets the tempo of life in New Orleans,” Reich says.  It is everywhere.  Music still “bubbles up from the streets,” as New Orleans pianist Ellis Marsalis famously put it. Bands parade up and down the streets of the city.  Intense, emotionally moving jazz band funerals characterize the town and the people. 

Little by little, New Orleans is reemerging.  Yet, it is amazing to realize how many Americans don’t know the depth and breadth of the city and its music. It is left to programs like this very special HBO series to try to enlighten viewers about the richness and majesty of New Orleans jazz. 

As Reich optimistically puts it, “Treme can enlighten a coast-to-coast audience about a music it hardly knows.”  How wonderful for the country!

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