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 Tired of the sultry heat of summer?  Well fall is coming and Halloween is just ten weeks away.  So one way to build some excitement in your store during the muggy days of August is to introduce some extraordinary art in masks that will grab customers’ attention—and do it before all the discounters roll out their Halloween and try to steal your thunder. 

Before we begin reviewing the fabulous new designs in masks, let’s see how important Halloween is to retail sales.  The National Retail Federation keeps track of this kind of stuff and the 2010 results are online.  What category do you think led Halloween sales in 2010?  If you answered kids’ costumes, that is 4th.  Candy was first, decorations were second, and adult costumes finished third.  That means there is a lot more Halloween parties for adults than we would have imagined and that is good for us because they will need masks. 

The NFR reports that adult parties are growing every year and 2009 accounted for 6 billion in sales with 2010 being bigger.   In a fragile economy, this is a huge help.  Combine new arrivals in masks with some of the timeless designs already in our line and you can capture part of these sales.    

Ladies masks this season will take your customers’ breath with a maple leaf design that tastefully combines crystals, glitter, cupped maple leaves, and a special technique in painting that gives an antiqued crackled effect to these Venetian style masks that come individually boxed with clear plastic tops.  

A second Venetian style mask using maple leaves also comes individually boxed.  The same special technique of painting delivers the crackle design with maple leaves extending from one end and a feather arrangement on the other.  Both designs are eye masks that can be worn while eating or drinking at a party and both have color choices. 

Want a ladies mask with all the mystique of masquerade?  A new lace mask in black certainly fills the bill.  The eye mask shapes to the face with lace blended with a hazy film that is semi-transparent.  Beaded drops are spaced along the bottom of the mask.  Price is very reasonable and these masks need to be part of your Halloween display because they certainly look the part. 

In Venetian style masks, a new full-face jester offers all the artistic craftsmanship anyone could want in a mask at a price that will make your customers look twice.  While not as convenient for enjoying food or drink at a party, these jester masks are so outstanding that customers will have a hard time passing them by at these prices.  They also have a loop that lets them double as wall hangings. 


Sometimes the host provides masks for their guests so they need something that is attractive, yet very affordable.  New arrivals have a variety of masquerade masks that will work for Halloween parties.  For men, nothing is more popular or more recognized than the domino mask.  You know this mask.  It is the lone ranger mask that is also worn by several other super heroes and used in cartoons to denote burglars and bad guys.  During the Renaissance, the mask was accompanied with a hood that looked much like the garb a priest wore for warmth.  The root word for the domino mask is the French word for priest.  These domino masks sandwich flexible mylar between thin layers of fabric for quality that is still inexpensive. 

Perhaps the most exciting new masquerade mask for women is the glittery butterfly mask.  They have the shape of a butterfly with wings spread and plenty of sparkle.  Best of all cost is $2.20 wholesale and price drops with quantity.  So your customers that are hosting parties can still get a great buy even after your markup. 

Summer is nearly over and won’t be missed unless you are a summer tourist destination.  Fall is around the corner and that should translate into better sales.   Why not start the excitement now with knockout items customers will be looking for shortly.

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