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Are wholesale homecoming accessories ignored?  Retailers get excited about prom—the spring bonanza that helps catch up the bills.  But Homecoming goes by without much fanfare even though it is almost the same thing for fall that prom is for spring.   Prom is a night; homecoming can be a week.  Prom is for high school; homecoming includes high school and college.  Actually, it started with colleges.  University of Missouri, University of Illinois, and Baylor University all claim to be first—and first is in the 1890s. So what are the wholesale homecoming accessories that need to be in your showcases to capitalize on this major coast to coast event?


HOMECOMING JEWELRYlavish crystal necklace set

Homecomings usually have a dance and homecoming court.  Both require glitzy jewelry.  There is more than students in attendance—there are alumni—and they want to look their best when they meet their old classmates.

Homecoming Necklace Set

If you are outfitting the homecoming court, they often require multiple sets of jewelry for different functions.  Coronations can be elaborate and need sets that make a statement.   Recent developments in crystal jewelry are delivering breath-taking designs.  The choker set shown is an example of designs that are not only exceptional, but also affordable.  This set is shown with iridescent stones in gold plated settings.  It is also available with clear stones in silver plated settings.

rhinestone collar set

Wholesale homecoming accessories also include rhinestone jewelry needed by the court for events that are not as lavish and popular with those going to the homecoming dance.  Rhinestone necklace sets are toned down from the lavish looks of crystal.  Some set can be very simple.  The rhinestone collar shown has a classic look that does not overwhelm.


Homecoming Earrings and Braceletsiridescent crystal earrrings

Some of your customers going to the dance will skip the necklaces and opt for bracelet and earring combinations.  Like prom, homecoming jewelry is experiencing growing demand for iridescent stones in earrings and bracelets.  One reason is improved quality of Chinese iridescent crystals that dazzle while radiating colors at very affordable prices.


The iridescent crystal earrings shown have plenty of sparkle and have size that makes a statement.  Both rhinestone and crystal earrings offer deigns that will grab your customers attention.

rhinestone cuff bracelet

Many of today’s shoppers have thrown out the guideline that only one piece of jewelry should be dramatic.  When bracelet and earring combinations replace necklace sets, both pieces often make a statement.  The rhinestone cuff bracelet pictured combines rows of clear and iridescent rhinestones.


Homecoming Hair Accessories

Normally trends move from fashion jewelry to bridal and formal, but the opposite seems to have happened with hair accessories.  The normally conservative styles of bridal accessories suddenly erupted with new and retro looks in side combs and hair accessories replacing the traditional veil.  Expect this to spill over into homecoming, holiday, and prom.

rhinestone side combs

The rhinestone side combs shown are a good example.  Visit the bridal hair accessory page to see a variety of new hair accessories that those going to homecoming will most likely be looking for.


In addition, the hair accessories like rhinestone headbands and ponytail holders will also be important for homecoming accessories.

Wholesale Homecoming Hatshomecoming hats

Wholesale homecoming accessories have one element that prom doesn’t have—dress hats.  The homecoming courts for many schools, especially universities, appear at certain events in dress hats. Smaller brim felt hats like the one shown were normally the most popular.  Today wider brim dress hats are also doing well.  Usually, they want the hats for court members to match.  Since courts can include 8 or a dozen girls, the investment can be serious so it is best to use a sample hat and try to get a commitment early while inventory is still available.


Crowns, Tiaras, and Sceptershomecoming king's crown

Most homecomings have a queen and many have a king.  They need crowns and often need scepters.  Other members of the court often need tiaras.  Depending on the school and their budget, king’s homecoming crowns can be rather inexpensive.  The crown shown wholesales for below $25 and has a handsome look.

queen's homecoming crown

The queen’s crown often has height in a rhinestone design.  These crowns have a wide range of prices starting at $19 wholesale and going to over $150.  Universities are normally looking for higher end crowns, but budgets control what any school can do.  Crowns are available in gold and silver plating.  The one shown wholesales at $64.00

wholesale homecoming accessories--tiaras

If members of the court need tiaras, the wholesale rhinestone tiara selection has some eye-catching designs in gold or silver plating and with different heights. You will find a number of very attractive tiaras from wholesale price of $7.50 to $12.50.

homecoming scepters

The most popular scepters include fleur-de-lis scepters, crown designs, and tops with swirling three-dimensional globes.  Scepters also come in silver or gold plating and the most popular wholesale under $30.00


No time to waste with homecomings happening somewhere every weekend this time of the year.  So find the wholesale homecoming accessories that fit your location and clientele and get the word out that you are a source.

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