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While rhinestone and crystal jewelry continues to fill needs, fashion jewelry seems to have lost its direction.   With the beginning of shopping season for Christmas, what can retailers do to appeal to consumers? brown agate necklace

Do you remember the importance of wholesale gemstone jewelry for you selection in past holiday seasons?  Especially in those years that classic jewelry was all that counted.  Well, gemstone jewelry is timeless and has an attraction that never ends. The uniqueness of each piece formed over thousand of years by nature; the cold feel of natural stones; colors that coordinate created by nature compounding elements.  How can the human spirit ever discard the beauty of gemstones?




Nothing surpasses turquoise for consumers that want gemstone jewelry.  This magnificent semi precious stone has so many textures and colors that there is no end to designs artists can create.  Most turquoise is mined out in the US.  But the mines still give their names to the turquoise they yielded.  Traderoots.com shows the different shades of color and matrix from each mine.  This was the Turquoise Native Americans used to create the genuine American Indian jewelry–a true American art.

polished turquoise nugget necklace set

The turquoise jewelry pictured with a chunky polished nugget necklace set captures Navajo inspiration.  Especially the Navajos worked with polished nuggets and bolder designs.  The original jewelry is a treasure in high demand, but not easy to find.  Imported turquoise jewelry provides the look to a certain degree at a price that is affordable to nearly anyone.


Since gemstone quality turquoise is around $1,500 a pound, imported turquoise jewelry is either low grade or reconstituted.  Reconstituted turquoise contains pulverized turquoise that is mixed with resins and dye to create attractive stones at a low price. According to Wisegeek, this process is not exactly new.  The Egyptians had a similar process 4,000 years ago.



Many semi precious stones are household words.  Your customers recognize them instantly.  Rose quartz, tiger’s eye, amethyst, and coral (which is actually not a stone) fit into this category.

Rose quartz gemstone necklace set

Rose quartz has the characteristic soft pink color that is semi-transparent revealing inclusions.




tiger's eye necklaceTiger’s eye jewelry has colors between deep brown and honey.  The moving eye is the most famous characteristic.  It is called chatoyance.  Parallel fibers in the stone cause the effect.





Amethyst is perceived as a gemstone too expensive to be included with affordable gemstone fashion jewelry.  Clearamethyst gemstone earrings amethyst in deep purple with no color variance has a gemstone quality that commands a price.  Anything below that can be components in gemstone fashion jewelry.  Notice the color variance in the amethyst earring shown.  Your customers can take advantage of this slight variance in color that lets them own a pair of amethyst earrings at a very low price.



red coral bracelet

Coral is grouped with semi precious jewelry, but is actually a life-form of the sea.  The most popular colors are Mediterranean red or pink coral from the Pacific.  In order to supply inexpensive coral jewelry, drab colors are dyed or enhanced to get the rich red or soft pink.



Gemstone jewelry offers an array of colors that makes coordinating a breeze.  The easiest way to illustrate this is by follow the link to gemstone identification.  There you will see color with pictures of 21 gemstones.  By browsing wholesale gemstone jewelry on the site, you will see far including basic black and white like the snowy white quartz necklace set shown.



From necklace sets to bracelets, whatever you find in fashion jewelry can be found in gemstone jewelry.  Bracelets are particularly popular. Fro a bracelet that goes with everything, consider the mixed gemstone bracelet shown.

contemporary gemstone jewelry

Gemstone jewelry can be very traditional or very contemporary.  The Blackstone necklace set pictured is strung on piano wire for today-styling.  This comes as a surprise to many when they consider this semi precious jewelry.


So when stocking showcases for Christmas, if fashion jewelry doesn’t seem to have anything to offer that will excite your customers, fall back on wholesale gemstone jewelry that is never out of style for long.

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In the fast pace of the Christmas buying season, how is small business doing compared to the majors.  According to the US Small Business Administration, nearly half the employment in the US and 65% of new hiring comes from small business so their survival is vital to the American economy.  There is a push this year to make consumers aware of supporting small business in their Christmas shopping.  But ask someone if that reflects in their buying pattern, and most will embarrassingly say no.

If that isn’t working, something is.  There are a number of items that consumers simply trust small business for over the majors when shopping.  In fashion accessories we covered headwear and accessories in Part I and now let’s move forward with fashion jewelry


If there is anything radically different on the fashion scene in jewelry this year it would be statement necklaces.  These brash works in metal strutted the runways of fashion shows and stunned readers on the covers of fashion magazines. But they are just a little too edgy for department stores and most of the majors. 


These retailers like more toned-down style with the classy look often inspired by The Golden Age of Costume Jewelry.  The Golden Age began in the 1930s during The Great Depression and extended through the 1960s with the most creative houses in costume jewelry delivering elegant works.      

But glamorous jewelry didn’t stand unopposed in that era.  A rebellious statement in jewelry countered these fabulous creations with hand-made works, mostly in metals, that expressed art with primitive designs. A look back on this medium collects the works into a category called Mid-Century Modern. No doubt, this had to be some of the inspiration going into the bold statement necklaces created in metals dominating high fashion this fall and winter. 


Now where do fashion forward consumers find this look when shopping for themselves or others this Christmas?  Certainly not in an upscale department store!  No, only small business provides the high fashion look that has been dominating the runways.  So when it comes to forward fashion and edgy designs, consumers know small business is the only answer. 



Looking back twenty years in the jewelry industry, Providence, Rhode Island was the center of American jewelry manufacturing. Many businesses were cottage industries that specialized in aspect of production—linking, carding, soldering, casting, plating.  But competition from China with lower prices and gradually improving quality dismantled the American industry piece by piece. 

Then an economic slowdown caused Chinese manufacturers, importers, and major retailers to be extremely cautious.  Seasonal jewelry was a risk because sell through had to occur in a short period of time. So the 2011 Christmas season is woefully short of quality Christmas jewelry that is traditionally part of the holiday spirit.  Consumers wear it to work, while shopping, and to family gatherings.  It’s as much of Christmas as stockings hanging from the mantle.  But with short supply, where do shoppers find this quality Christmas jewelry that delighted everyone in years past? 

Small retailers are suddenly the go-to source for classy Christmas jewelry.  They do not need a massive inventory to satisfy their clientele and they have an uncanny instinct to find resources.


When consumers want to express the holiday spirit with charm bracelets that have enameled charms in Christmas colors or quality glass bracelets with lampwork beads, most likely the only source is the small retailer. 

Classy resin pins in creative designs make wonderful stocking stuffers as well as accent pieces to spread holiday cheer, but this Christmas they may be hard to find outside of small business. 

Pendants and earrings stamped from a thin sheet of metal with art and personality that is irresistible—you guessed it—only small business.  “Best Brand” is the creator of these works of art and this line of fashion jewelry is so labor intense that it is simply impossible to supply the high quantities the majors would want.  Each piece goes through stamping, plating, polishing, and often enameling for color.   The finished product makes any consumer proud to give it as a Christmas gift, but this exceptional jewelry will only be found at small retailers. 


Actually, Christmas jewelry is only the tip of the iceberg for “Best Brand”.  Their selection of pendants and matching earrings covers nearly every look in fashion plus endless themes.  The workmanship is so fine that the company proudly has its name impressed on the back of each piece.  And we are equally as proud to distribute the line, which we know from sales records goes exclusively to small business. 

Just look through the pendant line and you will find something for nearly every event or location.  And most pendants have matching earrings.  On our site an items number is preceded by PD for pendants and FS for earrings.  To find a matching earring simply change the PD to FS and put the code in the search box. 

Most businesses buying this line follow a theme.  It could be sea life for beach locations, horse and Southwest themes for a western store, motorcycles for a bike shop, baseball for little league fundraisers, and the list goes on.  So where do consumers find this exceptional line of fashion jewelry—only at small retail locations. 


This brings us to another excusive of small business–local themes and niche markets.  No national retailer will understand local interests as well as the small businesses that live and operate in the area.  What a huge advantage this gives to the small retailer! 

We are located in South Louisiana.   If you watch Swamp People, you get a glimpse of a piece of our culture—Cajun music, crawfish boils, seafood, and the home of seasonings and hot sauces.  The themes in jewelry that goes to the heart of locals is not found in major retailers.  No, it is small business and often local artists.  The same is true in every locale. 

Even sports from local high schools that everyone has, to avid fans of college teams provides opportunity for small business.  The LSU vs. Alabama game was billed the game of the century.  Licensed jewelry for both teams is found on our web site and small businesses certainly have a market for it with all the dedicated fans these two teams have.  


Now back to the local high schools.  Small business can rally capitalize on this theme because no manufacturer can afford to produce a line for such a small market.  Begin with school colors.  Glass bracelets on the site provide a variety of two-tone color and most likely your colors are there.  Next use the search to find your mascot in pendants and earrings.  If it isn’t there, choose pendants for the sport such as football related pendants and earrings.  These slide on chokers found under fashion jewelry.  To really make the jewelry pop for your high school add school color. Pick beads in the right color from loose beads on the menu.  These beads have a 4mm opening so they can slide on many chokers so make sure some of your chokers will accommodate the beads.  Group all the pieces together in your shop to tell a story and sell individually so your customers can build their own look. 

This the advantage small fashion retailers have that helps them overcome the heavy hitters in the majors. 



The flight to quality in fashion jewelry dates back to the shocking tragedy on September 11, 2001.  Suddenly family, prayer, and heroism trumped bling that was the trend of the day.  Fashion jewelry went through a worldwide search for art and materials that were classic.

Crystal, Murano style glass, lampwork beads, and gemstone jewelry were some of the mediums that captured that attention of retail customers.   But gemstone jewelry continues while interest in other forms of fashion jewelry receded. Department stores still grace their showcases with a few selections of semi precious jewelry, but small business is where consumers will find the extensive selection. 

Yes, demand remains high because semi precious jewelry has intrinsic value and unique design that synthetics can’t duplicate.  Department stores left lots of change on the table by moving on.  Every time I am in a department store, I look at their showcases.  Season after season turquoise and coral return.  In addition, each season has at least one other semi precious stone included in fashion jewelry–amethyst was a recent example.  But demand is exceeding this limited supply and customers that have grown to love the intrinsic beauty of semi precious jewelry know that the only place to really find selection is in a small retail location.      

The blog that follows will wrap up the fashion accessories where small business excels with a look at the formal side of jewelry and accessories.

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 For many fashion businesses, summer months are far from the best of the year.  So retailers want to buy cautiously and they want to key in on products that are selling.  This blog and the next will review the areas of fashion jewelry that are doing best, based on our statistics.  That statistics have some merit because the customer base has a rather even distribution over the country and includes some international input. 



Let’s begin with formal jewelry that received good coverage earlier this month.  Sales in jewelry for bridal and special events are steady.  Rhinestone and crystal jewelry along with faux pearl for bridal continue along at a steady pace.  

This is steady items that should be part of a fashion jewelry retailer’s inventory, but it is not what we normally think of when we talk about fashion jewelry.  Actually, formal jewelry is usually a “must buy” for a special occasion.  Casual jewelry on the other hand is what we see in fashion magazines and accessorizing the models on the runways.  This fashionable jewelry accessorizes apparel with an up to date statement. 



Long swinging necklaces worn solo or in combinations continue to be stylish.  No, they didn’t just arrive on the fashion scene, but they are innovating and that is the lifeblood of a trend.  Glass beads spaced on gunmetal plated wire, fire polished faceted glass beading, faux pearl mixed with chain in multiple strands—these are all new expressions in this continuing trend. 

Multiple bracelets go along with these necklaces and again this is not shockingly new, but now we are in the heart of summer and the “Brazilian Beat” trend reported by Accessories Magazine is influencing bangles and cuffs with sizzling, vibrant colors.  Capture the look in a very summer way by using dyed shell bracelets

When it comes to shockingly new, statement necklaces definitely fit in.  Usually crafted in metal with a hand made appearance, these dramatic necklace sets may be a little too edgy for some of your customers.  But the tribal looks inspired by craftsmen from India tone down the drama for more traditional bold looks with beading that appears to be hand made relief work of local artists in exotic countries. 

Then there are the oversize cocktail rings with stretch bands.  A year ago, Accessories Magazine called this fashion jewelry the sleeper item of the year.  Sales have only gone up since then.  It is hard to say they aren’t gaudy, but you probably need them in your shop because they just keep on selling. 

All this fashion jewelry fits into the trendy category and it is moving, but it is not the cream of the crop in sales.  Far better is gemstone jewelry. 


Think back to September 11, 2001.  The Twin Towers attack shocked the world, bling came to a halt, and caring and classic dominated.  Fashion jewelry searched the world for classic art that became the new medium for design.  Among the components was gemstone, which out-survived all the others and remains high on the consumers’ list of favorites today. 

Again, innovation keeps a trend alive and these trends can span a decade or more.  Innovation has gemstone jewelry excelling over all the more recent trendy jewelry in sales.  This popularity is not only true in the statistics of our company, but a casual perusal of the showcases of upscale department stores reveals gemstone jewelry is still high in their opinion also. 

Wide polished chip collars and bracelets in amethyst, coral, or turquoise are there as well as turquoise in abundant designs.  Gemstone’s fist cousins of freshwater pearl and shell jewelry are also players. 

Our own statistics show symmetrical gemstone designs in necklaces and bracelets doing well with elongated gemstone cubes creating an eye-pleasing look in carnelian, tiger’s eye, rose quartz, crystal quartz, and numerous other semi precious stones. 

Turquoise is by far the consumers’ favorite with red coral second.  Combinations of the two are also important.  Chunky looks with nuggets or polished chips are selling as well as statement necklaces with a large medallion catching attention. 

If the public ever gets tired of turquoise, there is an endless list of semi precious stones that can provide interesting natural designs and gorgeous colors all from nature.  Agates and jaspers can keep us busy for years.  This stuff is fascinating and many semi precious stones are a geology lesson in jewelry with inclusions, banding, and a range of textures and colors.  This stuff wasn’t made over night.  The website, www.agatelady.com claims the Lake Superior agate field developed 1.2 billion years ago. 

On thing is certain—if you have an interesting display of gemstone jewelry, it will grab attention and you will have plenty to talk about with your customers. 

Next blog continues with the two categories of fashion jewelry that require the most frequent reorders by our company.

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A good friend and important supplier stopped by recently to show new products in his line.  During the conversation, he mentioned another wholesaler wanted him to make some jewelry items that were not his regular line.  He said he refused because the wholesaler couldn’t take a large quantity since fashion jewelry was no good any more. 

I was shocked that he said fashion jewelry was no good when he made his living on the very thing.  Then I realized he wasn’t talking about his own line, which consisted of high quality pendants, earrings, and chokers. This is a line that sells very well and we constantly reorder it.  The line captures fashion statements as well as every imaginable theme in exceptional detail.  He didn’t think of this as fashion jewelry. 

Afterwards I thought about the conversation and had to admit that he was right.  Retailers are not looking for fashion jewelry.  They are looking for niche markets—specifics within the fashion jewelry category.  When new merchandise arrives, it goes to rhinestone jewelry, crystal jewelry, CZs, or bridal jewelry.  Even casual items find a home in niche markets like cuff bracelets, bangles, statement necklaces, quality glass jewelry, or gemstone. 

Fashion jewelry continues to flourish, but the search is for niche markets.  Gemstone jewelry carries a high importance over the last few years.  Even today, turquoise is high on the trend list for summer fashion jewelry.  However, when we think of it, we think gemstone jewelry. 


Rhinestone jewelry is enjoying brisk sales with prom, bridal, and pageant hitting on all cylinders.  Again, we don’t think fashion jewelry.  No, retailers are looking for prom, pageant, or bridal jewelry.  Rhinestone jewelry in bolder designs makes a statement for pageant and even crosses over into bridal for fashion conscious brides applying summer trends in fashion jewelry to wedding day jewelry.  And the delicate designs are overwhelmingly popular for prom and most brides. 

All the sets previously bunched together as fashion jewelry, now break down to meaningful niches.  Dominating the fashion magazines this summer is statement necklaces.  By the way, these massive necklaces sets guarantee that fashion jewelry is alive and well.  How else can you accomplish the look?  Certain to be noticed, the bold necklace sets are mainly constructed with metal designs.  Platings vary with pewter and antique silver very popular.  The search here is for statement necklaces.  We have to ask, when did fashion jewelry give way to all the sub-categories of jewelry?

Looking back at fashion jewelry in the 21st century reveals what is going on.  The new century came in with bling the rage—the look of exaggerated opulence with super-sized stones.  Then the shock of the Twin Towers attack on Sept 11, 2001 suddenly brought everything to a halt with all eyes glued to the devastation on our TV screens.  The nation pulled together and values suddenly reemerged.  

 Caring for neighbors overtook selfish feelings and jewelry reflected the mood of the times.  Bling vanished and true beauty of classic materials and designs surfaced.  No longer was fashion jewelry a generic category.  Instead, the worldwide search for art in jewelry saw the rise of gemstone, Murano style glass, crystal, shell and classic components both man-made and natural.   The dominating characteristic of jewelry was classic with universal appeal.  Overnight the jewelry that appealed to a woman also appealed to her mother, daughter, and grandmother.  This is the universal beauty of art and the accessories were too special to lump together as fashion jewelry. 

Under the radar, the trend continued to the present day.  Each of the niche markets in fashion jewelry is special and important whereas the lump sum category called fashion jewelry has lost its shine.  So the conclusion is yes, fashion jewelry has vanished from consumers’ attention, but all those sub-categories of jewelry are more important than ever.  Actually, without them the dramatic statement necklaces seen in every fashion magazine and classic gemstone jewelry that marches on and on would not be possible.  The elegance of bridal and prom jewelry would not grace the special occasions. And mesmerizing beauty of man-made art in glass jewelry and crystal brooches would not be possible.  So each sub-category flourishes like never before while some say fashion jewelry is dead.

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“Customers are looking for timeless pieces right now.  They are more willing to invest in styles they can carry for years to come.” — Lauren Merkin, sales rep for Jessie Burns.

“Raw materials costs have affected the entire market.   No one is excluded.  The key is smaller sizing on bags, to bring down the retail price.” — Barry S. Kramer, president of Koret, New York handbag company.

 “I’m trying to encourage everyone to think about how they can incorporate giving into their business model.  It feels good, but it’s also good for business, for building morale, which is equally important.” — Blake Mycoskie founder of Toms Shoes, based in the idea that for each pair of shoes sold, one pair is given away free to a child in need.

“Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage.”  — Anais Nin

“There is a whole new world out there that we haven’t even seen.  We’re building our business for time to come.” — Ralph Lauren, discussing new licenses in Asia.




                                          More Compelling Emotionally

“Now that I am a Mom, flats are my new best friends.  I love what is easy but still stylish.” –Kourtney Kardashian of Keeping Up with the Kardashians TV Show.

“In the next few years, the challenge will be how we can make browsing and buying more compelling emotionally.  We want to make m-commerce (mobile commerce) more fun than shopping in real life.”  — Shan Lyn Ma, Gilt Groupe, manufacturer of mobile apps for such electronic devices as iPhone, iPad, etc.

“L.A. is really the heart of the denim industry.  Here you kind of live in the denim world.” – Rossella Giuliani, creative director for various collections, GAP.

“I look at someone who can first buy my shoes and my jewelry, then hopefully buy our condominiums.  You know, I like that.  I like trying to create that loyalty to our brand.”  – Ivanka Trump.

“Accessories are the most fun you can have with your clothes on.” — Amy Gross, Editor in Chief, O, Oprah Magazine.



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TURQUOISE DATES BACK TO ANCIENT EGYPT and is prized by many cultures throughout the world.  The Aztecs in Mexico forbade any mere mortal to wear it, and restricted turquoise to the Gods, using it in religious rituals and masks.  In the Near East, turquoise was believed to protect against the “evil eye,” and provide a barrier against the powers of darkness.  


Linked to the constellations Sagittarius, Pisces and Scorpio, turquoise is believed to possess many mystical powers:  To wear it means you will experience good fortune, success, friendship and true love.  It’s rumored to ease the mind and heal the body. 


    –But the most stunning attribute of this exquisite stone—or stones, as they come in a variety of shades and mineral makeup—is the color, which ranges from clear sky blue to blue-green (turquoise) to heavily green-blue.  In Persia (Iran) and throughout the Middle East, clear robin’s egg blue, vein-free turquoise is prized; but in the American southwest, native craftsmen traditionally choose electric blue and other shades of turquoise with silver matrix, or subtle tracings of light orange or rust or brown and gold matrix.    


                                               Magical Powers


Turquoise wasn’t brought to Europe until the time of the crusades, and the word turquoise (French) means “Turkish,” as Europeans believed it came from the Turks.

This opaque stone has been esteemed by many cultures, over thousands of years, and, for colored stone enthusiasts, turquoise is on par with, say, the jades of the Orient.

What a marvelous gift, a stone of remarkable beauty infused with life-enhancing magical powers!  Who wouldn’t want that?







  • Chunky turquoise cross necklace – classic and trendy!





                                     Native Americans


VIBRANT COLOR DOMINATES the fashion scene now, and turquoise places naturally in the palette and dimensions of jewelry today.  Many cultures have their own styling for turquoise bracelets, necklaces, rings and earrings:  here in the U.S., the Zuni, Navajo and Hopi tribes each developed their own distinctive craft style. 


   –We’re so used to seeing turquoise set in silver that we take it for granted, but it was the American Navajo tribe that became famous for turquoise/silver pairing in their jewelry creations.  The Navajos set this as the standard for all Native American turquoise handicraft, and it continues to this day.  And, as American Indian men embraced turquoise jewelry from pre-settler times, outfitting themselves handsomely with silver/turquoise belt buckles, rings, bracelets, necklaces and more, the history of turquoise for the U.S. is truly uni-sex.


Nothing is more flexible than turquoise in a social context.  The same cabochon necklace looks as dazzling on a long strapless evening dress as with jazzy skinny jeans or a demure 9-5 business ensemble.  True versatility!




                                     Ways to Improve Perfection                 



NATURAL TURQUOISE is the choice of fine jewelers, but even the finest grade turquoise is often waxed and oiled, as the stone is comparatively soft (registers between 5 and 7 on Mohs scale) and the stone can be compromised by exposure to light or heat or bodily oils.

In everyday use, over the years, untreated natural turquoise can fade, even discolor. 

For this reason, turquoise can be dyed and infused with resins (this is called “stabilized” turquoise.)  The result is a much harder, hardier stone that will keep its true color and any finish.  When enhanced, such treatment is hard to detect, even by experts.   


Reconstituted  turquoise is for costume jewelry, and is made from pulverized turquoise chips mixed with chalk blended with dyes and resin.  Today much turquoise is reconstituted in China to service the global market (accounts for 80% of U.S. turquoise costume jewelry.)   This technique creates an attractive, inexpensive product that incorporates lesser grades of turquoise and compensates for the fact that many turquoise mines around the world have been played out. 


Only a few mines in the U.S. continue production, such as the legendary Nevada Blue Mine.  Because of its popularity and the fact that it is becoming more and more of a rare commodity, all grades of turquoise are sure to increase in cost and intrinsic value in the coming years. 


Basic Care:  Minimal care will ensure long life and unchanging appearance.  Turquoise jewelry should be dipped in warm, soapy water, rinsed and quickly dried with a soft cloth.  Commercial jewelry cleaners should never be used on this stone…too harsh!  Don’t expose turquoise to too much light or heat (no sunbathing); you want to protect that gorgeous color! 


Get rich turquoise fashion at recession-savvy prices.  Fantastic!


                        created by nature



                        Epoxy simulates turquoise – silver plate setting

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DID YOU KNOW THERE IS an easy way to brighten the look of the eyes without using a lot of eye makeup?  Try putting on gemstones – real or faux, they both work wonders!  Emeralds, for example, will bring out the brilliant beauty of green eyes, while amber or even citrine will give pizzazz to any brown-eyed damsel.  Tourmaline will add sparkle and intensity to blue eyes. 

     –Think we’re kidding?  Try it, with earrings or a necklace, and you’ll be amazed!


Color is always a fascinating subject and, when it comes to gemstones, what could be more intriguing?  Realize that most gemstones are pieces of attractive mineral, although some are rocks, like lapis lazuli (wow! try this with blue eyes!), or organic material like amber or jet.


                                               Ruby is Red


THE CLEARER AND MORE DEFINED a gemstone’s color is, the more valuable the stone.  In each case, the color we’re looking at is that part of the natural light spectrum that is not absorbed by the object.  So, a ruby is seen as red because it absorbs all the colors of natural light except red.


Many gemstones come in a variety of colors.  Sapphires, for example, run the gamut of many different hues, from blue to pink to yellow.  Diamonds are even more diverse, and are found in almost every color, from clear to black and in-between!


Beryl might well be called the chameleon of gemstones.  In its pure mineral state it is colorless.  With chromium impurities in its fissures, it becomes emerald.  With manganese, it is pink morganite.  And with iron, it is aquamarine!








  • Amethyst earrings that impart a light purple color will throw super-sophisticated

light rays on blue eyes.



                                Laboratory Stones Are Vivid


LABORATORY CREATED GEMSTONES often have more vivid and exciting color than natural gemstones because they are free of impurities that occur in nature.

   —But natural gemstones still cost more money, mainly because of their rarity!


Using gemstones to enhance eye color is a technique that dates back to ancient Egypt.   Of course, back then, there were only real stones…no laboratory foolers here.  So, only the very rich could afford such bejeweled cosmetic enhancement!  Now there are myriad laboratory stones to add light and intensity to anyone’s eyes!  Hollywood has long known about it.


The best way to match eyes and gemstones is to experiment, putting the stone close to the eyes and gauging the result.  But again, like all color sciences, this is not at all exact.  Not only do gems come in an infinite variety of colors, but eyes do, too!


In simple terms, eye color is made up of two genes, one from each parent.  Brown “swamps” or dominates over blue.  So if you get one brown and one blue gene, you’ll have brown eyes.  Two blue genes, you get blue eyes.  Ahhh…if it were just that simple!


                                        Light and Mystery


THERE IS SO MUCH WE DON’T KNOW about eye color, it is almost mind-boggling.  We don’t really know where green eyes come from, although we think they are blue eyes with an added overlay of yellow.  And hazel eyes….they can vary from brown to green with yellow included.  Wow! Grey eyes are really a total mystery, along with real lavender colored eyes, like Elizabeth Taylor’s.


What we do know, however, is that gemstones enhance eye color. Dramatically!  It’s not just the color of the gemstone at work here.  It is also (and perhaps mainly) the powerful light play that goes on at the same time.  Light to light.  Color to color.


Try showing off green eye with emerald-toned stones.  Or green tourmaline.  Jade will have a quieter but intense effect on green eyes, as well.


                                Black Eyes/Black Diamonds


AMBER OR NATURAL TOPAZ stones work wonders with brown eyes.  So do brown diamonds.  What about eyes so brown they look black?  Were there ever more beautiful eyes?  They need rare treatment, like black diamonds, real or man-made.  Spectacular! 


Blue eyes get us back into that whirlpool of complexity, because they can vary so greatly in color.  In most instances, lapis lazuli will work magic with blue eyes.  But those very special light, water blue eyes…they need a softer approach.  Try pale ocean colors of blue topaz or aquamarine for real color dynamics! 





  • Amber light rays radiate out from this contemporary long necklace set to compliment any eye color, especially brown.





  • Fashion jewelry in simulated quartz necklace – glass so well crafted only the wearer knows it isn’t the real thing!  And what this can do for lovely hazel eyes – just try it!  Add matching drop earrings for double duty brilliance!
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Classic trends ushered in an intense interest in gemstone jewelry and there seems to be no let up as fall approaches.  Sales statistics show that wholesale turquoise jewelry leads all categories of gemstone jewelry shipped to retailers.  The affordable price prompts the question-Is it real and how can it be so cheap?  The question is legitimate because gem quality turquoise sells for $1,500 per pound and The Allure of Turquoise states gem quality accounts for less than 15% of the world market. 


Treated and reconstituted turquoise make up most of the remaining market and this is the turquoise you see so reasonably priced that makes up turquoise jewelry for the fashion industry.  Treated turquoise uses soft, chalky turquoise and impregnates it with resin and dye to enhance color and achieve hardness. 

 Reconstituted turquoise pressure forms soft chunks or more often grinds turquoise and mixes with resins and dye to form the gorgeous beading and pendants found in gemstone fashion jewelry.  From small fashion businesses to major department stores, this is usually the turquoise on display that grabs customers’ attention with stunning designs. 


wholesale howlite semi precious jewelry

Another process dyes howlite, which is an off-white semi precious stone that has natural matrix spidering.  Howlite makes beautiful semi precious jewelry in its own right.  It is porous and can accept dye while retaining the matrix for a realistic turquoise look.  Our feeling is if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it so leave howlite alone and let it make its own gorgeous fashion statement in semi precious jewelry.



Classic fashion trends bring a renewed interest in gemstone jewelry and designers incorporate reconstituted turquoise into fashion creations arranged with other semi precious stones and fashion components like faceted glass and plated metal.  The reconstituted turquoise bracelet shown alternates with faceted glass beads. 



Reconstituted turquoise creates striking contrast with other semi precious stones such as picture jasper. Picture jasper generally has a beige color, which is a wonderful neutral that showcases the turquoise as in the semi precious necklace set shown.  A variety of  semi precious stones mixed with turquoise make dramatic changes in a look and offer color to go with nearly anything in the shop.



But this season’s favorite seems to be turquoise and coral combinations-especially good with red so important in the season’s fashion palette.  Dye usually also enhances the coral to achieve the rich red color whereas the natural color is often a far less appealing grey.  Without the enhancements such gorgeous looks of turquoise and coral jewelry would not be available at such affordable prices. 


So when customers ask if t is real, you can tell them yes and explain how it is so affordable.  They will appreciate your honesty and you will gain their trust.

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A look at the runways, celebrity magazines, and fine department stores leaves no doubt the classic trend in fashion is alive and well.  The trend began evolving a few seasons ago and brought with it fashion jewelry embellished with gemstone components.  The semi precious stones that are household words like tiger’s eye, rose quartz, and carnelian ushered in the trend.   The consumer couldn’t get enough of it so the field expanded to the point that gemstone jewelry today is like a walk through a natural history museum. 

These are some of the obscure and unique semi precious stones that are bringing new excitement to fashion jewelry using gemstones. 

 red agate necklace set

Red Agate Jewelry

This semi precious stone can’t seem to find a name.  Some call it red agate; others fire agate and crackle stone.  The gemstone has a salmon color with translucence that reveals interesting pomegranate like design.   Magnifying these stones reveals intriguing patterns that galvanize attention even outside the jewelry design. 


Picture Jasper Jewelry

Jasper has an infinite variety of looks, all with different names.  Picture jasper has patterns that appear to picture jasper semi precious jewelryscenes usually in beige colors.  Occasionally aqua blue colors mix with the beige for even more attractive designs.  Smaller beige beads often provide spacers in designs while larger stones can deliver the scene effect as pendants. 





Dyed Crystal Jewelry

Crystal quartz is providing a rainbow of bright colors with a process of dying.  The semi precious stone is crystal quartz jewelrytoo hard to dye so the process heats the crystals and then douses them in cold water to create fractures, which absorb the dye.  The fractures also create some shimmer to add to the interesting color.




Tree Agate

Agates, like jasper, come in a huge variety of looks with as many different names.  Both are hard stones tree agate braceletranking 7 on the Mohs scale.  Usually agates have some transparency and often display banding while jasper is opaque.  Tree agate provides interesting color for semi precious jewelry with its white and green mottled hues.


More wholesale jewelry using unusual semi precious stones can be found at gemstone fashion jewelry or gemstone bracelets.

Expect plenty of new surprises in gemstone jewelry as the summer goes on because this jewelry category seems to be capturing the most interest among consumers.

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