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What fashion jewelry trends should we look for fall and holiday 2015?  Let’s take the lead from an expert, Accessories Magazine.  They study the fashion runways and thousands of pictures of new styles to come up with an accurate prediction of what to look for each season.  In August, they pointed out two trends for fall fashion jewelry and one for holiday.



RAW STONE TRENDsliced agate necklace

The first fashion jewelry trend Accessories Magazine pinpoints is “raw stones”.  They describe it as “the beauty of their natural element, uncut, unaltered raw stones are incorporated in an organic form”.  An example is the sliced agate necklace shown.

If your first response is the sliced agate is cut, well so are all the examples pictured with the forecast.  Actually one necklace pictured is a sliced agate very similar to this one.  The heart of the trend is jewelry that shows the natural beauty of semi precious stones without using standard shaped beads.  The turquoise nugget bracelet shown offers another example of this raw stone trend for fall.



A second fall fashion jewelry trend is called “white opalescent”.  Accessories Magazine describes this trend as, “pearlescent finishes with touches of aurora borealis glow on jewelry to create a winter wonderland.”  Are you confused?  A couple of examples will help clear up the concept.

opalite necklace for fashion jewelry trends 2015

For day wear, this opalite necklace captures the opalescence described.  Opalite has that milky white color and iridescence associated with opal.  It is usually found in gemstone categories.  However opalite is actually glass specially treated to deliver the look.

For dressy events, a mix of pearl and iridescent crystals can pick up the opalescence.  The image of a pearl and iridescent crystal necklace set gives an example.



NOUVEAU NOIR—THE NEW BLACKjet crystal necklace set

Anything tasteful and glamorous seems to work for holiday jewelry, but Accessories Magazine points out a trend surfacing—Nouveau Noir (the new black).  The jet crystal necklace set pictured has the glamorous look using large black crystals nestled in sculptured metal with a vine motif.


Providing a little information along with some items that follow these 2015 fall fashion jewelry trends will gain the appreciation of your clientele for keeping them up to date.

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Different Ways Your Customers Use Them

It doesn’t take much to make a scarf. Pick fun material and you’re just a few snips away from one of the most diverse pieces of cloth you’ll ever own.

Stock up on them because your customers use them, and in many different ways.


Scarves can improve a particular décor fixture that seems lacking. Dress up curtains, drape over couches, lay them out across coffee tables, and so on and so forth. The possibilities are endless.


They can add character to your outfit as well. It’s common to see fashionable gals involving scarves in their hair-dos or as a purse accessory. They are great additions to a quick outfit for last-minute outings.

Wall Trimmings

If the fabric of a certain scarf vibes well with the color scheme of a room, all it takes is a few tacks and it becomes part of it.

We, at Accessory Wholesale, have a great selection of the fashion, Christian, and polyester scarves that your customers are going to want this holiday season, as well as a full line of jewelry for all occasions.

Visit our website or call (504)-736-0357 for more information!

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Small Business Saturday is a concentrated effort to get shoppers to frequent small businesses when shopping.  This probably has limited success.  The real advantage for small business is their position as the only game in town for many categories that consumers want.  Since fashion jewelry and accessories is the focus of this blog, that will be the area we will cover.  Here are three categories of merchandise that are somewhere between hard and impossible to find in the halls of the majors.



Christmas parties and New Years Eve will create a frantic search for dresses and accessories that will stand out. dramatic crystal choker from small business  Dresses will be everywhere in the big box stores.  But what about the crystals and rhinestone jewelry to accessorize them? In this category, the majors are weak.  Look at the showcases of leading department stores an you will see the selection is limited.


The place to find a wide selection of rhinestone and crystal jewelry that will be the perfect match for an outfit is small business—specialty shops that have a generous selection of sparkling jewelry for head-tuning looks.

lavish crystal jewelry

From lavish crystal necklace sets that made their entrance into the formal jewelry market in 2013 to understated sets that appeal to more conservative shoppers, specialty stores in small business have the selection.


If shoppers prefer to accessorize with glamorous earrings rather than a necklace set, these same shops have plenty of options.  And they also have a selection of bracelets to complete the look.



nostalgic Christmas pin available at small business

There’s another aspect of Holiday jewelry—the Christmas jewelry that is part of those warm childhood memories that still bring joy.  Classy Christmas jewelry is becoming an endangered species.  Creating quality fashion jewelry is an art.  From design to excellence in craftsmanship requires time and diligence.   Many manufacturers feel the effort isn’t worthwhile for a short season.  But small entrepreneurs are relentless in their search for exceptional items to please their customers.


One of the leaders in manufacturing quality fashion jewelry is “Best.  Their Christmas line goes through all the processes of expensive sterling silver.  Like many other exclusive lines, the only place to find this Christmas jewelry is small business locations.

Christmas pendant

“Best” has a signature process of stamping detailed designs form a thin sheet of metal.  The jewelry has raised relief and a precisely cut plate seals the back just like sterling.  Next comes plating, polishing, and sometimes color with epoxy.  Most pieces are pendants that can also be worn as pins.  When your customers buy this Christmas jewelry to give as gift, they are giving the next generation of quality collectibles.



Accessories in themes carry a message caring and sincerity.  The giver took time to search for a gift that is really meaningful to the receiver.


Scarves in Themes

theme scarves

Scarves are an example.  Oblong polyester scarves are a classy accessory with the look and feel of silk.  Their popularity is timeless.  While other scarves trend up and down, consumers never tire of these oblongs.  They come in an infinite number of prints, but one strong feature about these scarves in themes.


Searching the site turns up major categories of these scarves in religious themes, music themes, and nearly every seasonal theme.  Other themes include floral, pets, fleur-de-lis, occupations, and animals from horses to elephants.

Poinsettia Christmas scarf

Since this is Christmas, scarves for the season are certainly very popular.  The poinsettia scarf shown really connects with consumers.





Ties in Themes

fleur-de-lis ties

What about gifts for men?  The traditional gift has always been ties. Every year Dad gets a tie.  This year it can be special with theme ties. Choose from ties for occupations, sports, sea life, gaming, as well as seasonal ties.  There are entire categories dedicated to American flag ties and Christian ties.  Fleur-de-lis ties are a favorite men’s gift in Louisiana.


How many times have you heard—it’s hard to shop for men?  Now you can find something meaningful in themes for men.  Only small business offers all these themes in ties.



Church hats

Anyone searching for a specialty gift has to think of small business.  In many cases, it is the only place to find these items.  One good example is church hats.  A favorite gift for moms that wear a hat to church on Sunday is church hats.  We have been in the wholesale jewelry and accessory business for 28 years and it was true even before that.


Where in the world can a person go to buy Mom a nice winter church hat for Christmas?  Who is going to have a selection?  You have to find a specialty shop handling these hats.  And that is going to be a small business location.  They have the shapes, colors, and styles that gives the shopper options.


This is one example.  Small business is the source for nearly every niche and specialty item. When the Holidays are over, consumers still need small business.  Who has the selection of prom jewelry, pageant and dance accessories, Mardi Gras items, and a big selection of Easter hats?   Small business not only supplies consumers’ needs, it also provides more than half the jobs in America. It is great to have these industrious entrepreneurs with their enduring creativity.  They are the hardy breed that battles every obstacle striving to survive and succeed.

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Summer doldrums took an unusually big bite out of sales in the fashion industry this year.  All that came to an end as Labor Day approached, season’s changed, and a frenzy of new excitement gave retailers fresh optimism.

One big part of the changing attitude is the love of something new.  And the biggest contributor is fall fashion trends.  A look at trends in fashion jewelry shows the newness that entices consumers to spend.


Fall jewelry turns to gold as the dominant plating with a conviction that just may make it stick.  NOW THIS IS NEW!  The dominant plating for the last decade or more is silver plating.  Many recent seasons started with push to return to gold, but never got off the ground.  To have some idea of the dominance of gold plating this season, visit the slide show of designer fashion jewelry on Style.com.   The site shows over 2,000 pieces of fall jewelry by different designers with strong domination of gold plating.  This time wholesalers didn’t miss it with there lines also showing a strong presence of gold plated jewelry.


Chain plays a major part in fall fashion trends; especially bold link chain and long swinging chains.  Single row and multiple row chains are important with many long single row chain necklaces terminating with pendants.



Gold plated jewelry for fall is anything but boring.   Many designers are delivering a classic look like the Byzantine inspirations of Dolce & Gabbana or the crystal brooches of Emanuel Ungaro.

dramatic crystal choker

Something entirely new in crystal jewelry this year, especially this fall, is dramatic crystal necklace sets combing gold plating as well as silver plating  in designs that incorporate large stones like the royal jewels we only get to see at televised royal weddings and coronations or in coffee table books.  Other breath-taking designs use garden themes with sculptured flowers or added layers of crystal studded butterflies.

lavish crystal jewelry set

Accessories Magazine shows the trend with bracelets, earrings, and necklaces using large clear stones, naming it Estate Update.  Gucci’s interpretation called diamante has a necklace of large faceted jet marquis stones worn close to the neck.  This entirely new look in crystal jewelry is gorgeous and dramatic without sacrificing tastefulness.



Take the title off of Pantone’s fashion color report for fall 2013 and you may not realize this is a fall color palette.  Vibrant colors have dominated the last four seasons including the winter 2012-2013 season.   The palette for this fall is brighter than expected for fall and winter seasons, but still more subdued than last fall with more secondary colors on the fashion color chart for 2013-2014.

Fall fashion jewelry in bright colors

Still hues of lime, orange, and fuchsia make the palette and fashion jewelry transmits these colors to accessories for fall apparel.  Perhaps there is some zeitgeist in recent palettes.  Bright colors are compensating for challenging economic times by raising spirits with vibrant colors.


Some colors surface after the publishing of the palette.  Trend Finder in Accessories Magazine forecasts developments weekly for the coming season.  During the summer they saw cobalt blue, red, and red and black combinations developing for fall.



Shell Jewelry fro Fall

Shell jewelry—what an interesting development for fall.  Who would expect shell in a line of fall costume jewelry?  The way it is used lets shell jewelry cross the line into fall and winter.  Capiz shell shades from its natural white color to vibrant hues and then clear resin seals the shell deep inside icy clear shapes that radiate the color with the natural iridescence of the shell.  Hard to imagine?  Check out the picture or find the look in the showcases of many leading department stores.

Fall dyed shell necklace set

Other shell necklaces are dyed to capture rich fall colors while retaining their natural iridescence.  The set shown has dyed chips creating a width of about one inch and a trendy 22 inch length.



Filigree brooch

Notice the movement in fall trends back towards classic looks.  Filigree is certainly one way to capture refined feminism.  Plated gold and set with stones, it is very regal.  Plated silver and set with pearls, it is the epitome of elegance.  Either way it is part of the fall trends in fashion jewelry.

trapeze earrings

If we almost forgot trapeze earrings and chandeliers, they are back using filigree to capture attention. The trapeze earrings shown use antiqued bronze plating to deliver a vintage aura.  Fresh looks include large filigree earrings with cutouts in classic symmetrical designs or floral motifs. There is no risk in stocking filigree jewelry for your shop.  It is timeless.



high fashion necklace set

Statement necklaces shed their primitive look this fall, using more pearl, crystals, and polished metals.  The more primitive looks of past seasons are put to rest.  Perhaps you have seen the set shown strutting the runways in oversize faux pearls in white, ivory, or dyed colors.  It is usually worn choker length—definitely high fashion.


Even shell jewelry mentioned above gets into the act of classy statement necklace sets.  The set shown has rows of pear shaped drops suing the shell in clear resin process.  The color provides the gray neutral in Pantone’s palette they call turbulence.  Yes, shell jewelry for fall and winter.




What about turquoise jewelry?  It is not mentioned in the trends and the color is not on the palette.  Nevertheless, turquoise jewelry is on the websites and in the showcases of nearly every major retailer.  Check out the websites of Dillard’s and Macys and you will see turquoise jewelry.  There’s a lesson here—salability trumps trends. Professionals in the retail world want merchandise that moves.  This is what makes payroll and covers the overhead.  Turquoise jewelry has a timeless attraction with customers and it is too important to leave out of the picture.


So trends are helpful and they attract attention by adding newness to a selection of fashion jewelry, but our main consideration in filling the showcases has to be jewelry that consumers find irresistible regardless of how trendy they are.  Visit the showcases of leading department stores and you will see this concept in action.  Everything in them is appealing.

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To say we are in a challenging economy is not news.  Small fashion businesses are cautiously making decisions about what inventory to buy.  Searching the internet for statistics on fashion jewelry sales for the second half of this year turns up nothing.  So how do you choose? 



High Fashion Jewelry

First, the atmosphere for fashion jewelry is good.  Actually, it is excellent.  Let’s contrast it to the mid 1990s.  Prada introduced basic colors and a natural look in the nineties and it swept the market.  Soon a large percentage of women were into the trend of minimal jewelry or the natural look of no jewelry at all.  You can imagine how that devastated the fashion jewelry industry.  In 1995, many of my suppliers and manufacturers went out of business or were in bankruptcy.  Many of my competitors and customers were also closing or changing their lines.  Scary, right?  Well 2012 is an entirely different story.


In 2012, the fashion trends are dramatic jewelry.  What can provide the bold looks of necklaces, bracelets, and earrings other than fashion jewelry?  Doing it in fine jewelry would require a second mortgage on the house.  No, the trends are there, but the economy is soft.  So what is happening to fashion jewelry this year? 



Trying to find some statistics on the current state of fashion jewelry is an impossible task.  There are no reports on the internet.  So we must go by experience and the information from others in the industry.  With 27 years in the fashion jewelry industry, we have lots of contacts.  We are specifically interested in fashion jewelry sales for small businesses.  Putting everything together, I noticed a trend that began with 9/11 and continued to grow stronger over the years.  Bling was the thing before the attack.  But immediately the mood turned somber and people felt a need for meaning.  Classic became the desired look with crystal, gemstone, vintage designs, and Murano style glass jewelry taking over  


Some of these categories are slowing as years go by, but the idea of niche markets remains dominant.  In other words, even those that think fashion jewelry is so-so will admit niche markets within fashion jewelry are strong.  Even many manufacturers think the market for fashion jewelry is soft today, but believe their line is doing well because it is outside the general concept of fashion jewelry.  Actually it is.  Because it is a niche market.  And these niche markets seem to mainly fall into three categories:

  • Needed items
  • Special occasions, seasons, and needs
  • Items perceived outside the fashion jewelry category



bridal necklace set

What do we mean by needed items?  This is jewelry bought to fulfill a need rather than for a fashion look.  The most obvious is bridal jewelry.  Bridal jewelry is not an option; it’s a must.  When retailers are considering fashion jewelry, bridal jewelry is generally not what they are thinking.  But faux pearl jewelry is part of fashion jewelry. 


This is the jewelry that sells year round for brides and often bridesmaids.  Necklace sets are important as well as bracelets.  Designs range from elaborate to simple and no matter what bridal magazines show, simplicity continues to dominate the market.   



rhinestone jewelry

Crystal and rhinestone jewelry are also used for bridal, but extend beyond wedding jewelry to include a number of other needs.  Formal occasions like balls need rhinestone or crystal jewelry.  Pageants, dance competition, anniversaries, cocktail parties, teas, luncheons, and some church events all require formal jewelry.  When women are involved in these events, rhinestone and crystal jewelry is usually the choice.  These are needed accessories rather than a fashionable addition to an outfit. 

 crystal jewelry

Our site separates crystals and rhinestone jewelry based on the manufacturing process.  The stones are actually the same, but crystal jewelry has handset stones that are usually glued in place.  References to rhinestone jewelry before World War II refer to this kind of jewelry only.    


During the war, manufacturers in Providence, Rhode Island invented the machinery to produce rhinestone chain.  When you look at rhinestone jewelry today, you see rhinestones set in chain that is cut and soldered together to create the designs.  This chain comes out of the machine with the stones already set.  Look at vintage rhinestone books and you don’t see this look before the War. 


Crystal and rhinestone jewelry are niche markets that continue to ring the cash register regardless of the economy because this needed items. 



fashion chokers

Wire chokers are more popular and have a far greater need than most retailers realize.  Hurricane Isaac just passed through South Louisiana and when we returned, the orders included three that were exclusively chokers with plenty of other orders that included some fashion chokers.  Why are they so popular?  Because the fashion jewelry market has plenty of pendants available, but consumers need a way to wear them. 


The problem is chokers are hard to find and individual tastes presents a second problem.  Customers not only need chokers to wear pendants, but they often have a look in mind that they want to achieve.  So retailers that supply a variety of attractive chokers are filling a basic need in costume jewelry.  In addition, they are letting their customers be creative by mixing and matching pendants and chokers.  Each combination is a fresh look so a few chokers and a few pendants gives a lot of mileage for tailored accessories that look very classy for career wear. 


A soft economy calls for more conservative decisions in retail.  Niche markets provide a degree of safety because they play to specific customers that have needs or strong interests in the items. 

Our next blog will explore specific niche markets for special occasions that rank highest based on our sales statistics. 

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Read economic trends and you get depressed.  Read business marketing trends and you get confused.  Social media, going mobile, branding, user-generated content—what if your customer doesn’t even use that stuff?  What if your customer is over 50?   


Been to a swap meet or flea market lately?  Especially those once a month or once every six month kind that draw tons of shoppers.  Those people are out their combing through merchandise, touching it, and enjoying the dust and heat.  This is old school. 

 Smallbiztrends.com recently ran a series of articles under the title, Small Businesses Go Old SchoolIt’s back to the good old days.  Old fashioned sales ideas, old fashioned products, and conversations instead of sales pitches. 


One article in the group said a mouth full—“Attitude is Everything”.  Apparently the full article is no longer on line, but it came from MyCentralJersey.com and began, “Forget gloomy economic predictions and depressing statistics.  Small business success goes back to a very simple concept.  Attitude is everything.  A positive attitude and persistence will lead to success.” 

 Already we feel better.  Already we are beginning to have creative ideas run through our head.  Here’s a few to help prime the pump.  Let’s go back to that swap meet scene.  Ever notice how shoppers draw more shoppers.  Pretty soon they are so deep they can’t get close enough to see what is on your table. 



So the product needed has to galvanize attention.  It has to hold the customers attention so they stick to your booth like glue.  A gang of shoppers around your merchandise is better that a big flashing sign.  What kind of products do that?  Products that stir memories, pull at the heart strings, or entertain. 

 Here’s a few ideas.  Pets are loveable and always draw a crowd. Some are easy to transport like hermit crabs.  If that’s not your cup of tea, what about little action toys or novelties that are cute and entertaining.  You have seen those small cartoon-like characters that wind up and move around, flip, walk, and who knows what else.  They engross everyone around. 

 What about nostalgia?  What about an eighties booth with jewelry and articles from the eighties. Items for this era are easier to find than decades farther back like the sixties.  It also expands your customer base because a greater percentage of the population can say—Oh, I had one of those.


If you are going with new merchandise, you have to make a statement. You need a booth full of items in one theme.   And you want it to have the stickiness that engrosses customers so they have to stay awhile.  Even the ones that don’t buy will help your business because, like we said, a crowd draws a bigger crowd.     


If your choice is new merchandise, think about gemstone jewelry–jewelry made with all those semi precious stones that are so unique.  Customers feel this jewelry is worth something.  They know tiger’s eye, rose quartz, and amethyst and equate these stones with value. 


In gemstones you get designs, colors, inclusions, banding—everything you can imagine to build interest and tell a story.  Let them touch it.  It feels cold because it is real.  Try to scratch it, most semi precious stones are harder than steel.  It doesn’t take long to learn the semi precious stones and once you do, you can tell stories all day.   


Another great crowd builder is Best Brand’s line of pendants, earrings, and chokers.  Why?  Because of impeccable quality and endless designs and themes.  Imagine all those shiny pendants with themes from ballerinas, soccer moms, and yorkies to barrel racing, dolphins, and zebras.  Each one stamped with amazing detail in raised dimensions.


Every piece is unique and something is going to pull your customers’ heart strings.  Want matching earrings?  Most pendants have them.  And the line has over fifty different chokers so customers can put their own combinations together and change up the look. This gives the customer a chance to be creative and get involved. 


It’s not just themes holding the crowd, it’s also quality the eye can see.  This is the Cadillac of fashion jewelry.  Some items are castings, but most are stamped and molds for stamping are far more expensive than ones for casting. 


That’s only part of the story.  This company starts with a thin sheet of steel and stamps the design so the pendant and earrings have a raised three-dimensional look.  Then stamping cuts a thin sheet of steel to fit the back perfectly and seal it.  Next, the jewelry is plated and polished.  The height of quality craftsmanship plus detail that is unbelievable galvanizes the shoppers.    


A customers may start by just admiring the imaginative designs of this line, but then a theme will strike them as something they love or would be meaningful to someone they care about.  “How much is this one?” and the rest is history. 



These are only a few ideas to spark your own creativity.  It’s your own ideas that will put together the winning formula.  It is your drive and attitude that will not accept setbacks.  Remember where we started, “Attitude is everything”.

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Accessories Magazine reviews trends shaping fashion jewelry and accessories each season based on the fashion shows that preview the coming season.  Major fashion stories result from sorting all the tangents of designers crossing the runways.  The last blog covered the first two for fall and this blog covers the next two—a dual that seems to contradict each other as fashion statements.  Accessories Magazine’s Survival Mode borders on grunge while Ice Queen has a classy majestic look.     


As different as the trends seem, both find inspiration in the dominant mood of the times—economic uncertainty.  Survival mode finds an obvious connection.  First impression is the rugged attire of inhabitants of the arctic tundra.  Earth tone colors with patches of fur deliver a nomadic appearance.  Inspiration is global with Scandinavian prints, African crafts, English tweeds, and Alpine flairs all contributing. 

Jewelry combines natural materials with metals for a close-to-earth feeling.  Wood and raw gemstones blended with metals create fashion jewelry that delivers the story.  Look for burnished metals in cuffs and bangles as well as braided leather in jewelry. 

Trapper hats are a natural fit for these trends well as any headwear that is fur trimmed.  Other hats include wide brim wool fedoras, crocheted caps, and wool buckets. 


If the previous trend reflects a rugged response to economic times, this fashion story that Accessories Magazine calls Ice Queen uses a fantasy world to cope with financial stress.  Opulence abounds in this trend characterized by shades of opal and winter white.   Fur and cashmere add to the extravagance of the fantasy. 

Fashion jewelry accessorizes the look with iridescent crystals, unconventional designs of pearls, and opalescent Lucite.  Rhinestone or crystal mixed with frosted beads and pearls as bracelets or necklace sets.  Jewelry with shades white, cream, and ivory fit into this theme with wintery snow and ice inspiration. 

Headwear accessories include bobby pins with enameled flowers, lace and crocheted headbands or caps, and headwear with sequins, especially iridescent sequins.  Winter white in nearly any hat can accompany the look. 

This fashion story is easy to accessorize because the jewelry that delivers the sparkle for the trend also provides holiday jewelry that will soon be in demand.  Actually, fashion jewelry in crystals, rhinestone, and faux pearls should have a permanent location in shops because of the endless line up of events that call for dressy accessories. 

The following blog includes the fashion story for December delivery as well as holiday trends

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Accessories magazine performs a wonderful service for retailers by covering the fashion shows leading up to a season and sorting the work of designers into the major fashion stories of the season.  This blog covers the last two stories that the magazine calls “Outer Galaxy” and “Jungle Patrol”.  Fashion conscious observers may notice that the stories are innovations of trends that have been developing over the last few seasons.  Actually, trends in fashion rise and fall over an extended period—often a decade.  So some stories continue season after season with innovations.  Innovations are the lifeblood of a trend and without them a trend will die. 


Accessories Magazine describes the palette for this story as “vaporous colors” with blues and purples.  Jewelry to accessorize it uses shiny metals and plenty of synthetics like lucite and acrylics.  Transparent glass also plays a part and shapes are futuristic.  Think space age with this trend, developing beyond the geometrics that were a major player in fashion design over the lat few seasons.

Bracelets make use of shiny silver plated bangles and cuffs.  Accessorizing with necklaces also shine with the polished silver plated finish of chokers with oversized metal links or large metal beading.  Earrings take geometric shapes like squared hoops

Plastic jewelry with modernistic design shines with bright colors in collars.  Transparent glass accessorizes with beading or futuristic shapes, often with tines of blue or other ethereal hues. 


Hats as well as headbands have a metallic sheen with silver color especially popular.  Sequins are a player in delivering the shine.  The metallic statement extends to scarves as well as belts and handbags. 

Mirrored sunglasses are also big in this story with futuristic wrap arounds, metal frames, and goggle shapes.  The story appeals to a younger shoppers, but the next major trend we cover has universal appeal.


The final fashion story is a real turn around from the futuristic trend.  Colors and prints reflect the terrain of the earth with olive greens and palm colors as well as sand and hues of brown.  Camouflage is part of the story as well as prints with animals, leaves, and reptile motifs.  Burnished platings replace shiny metals in jewelry.  The hand worked look of hammered and distressed metals adds a rugged flair. 

Nature is a big part of fashion jewelry accessorizing this story.  Gemstone has been uptrending for a number of seasons.  Imagine the impact gemstone jewelry can have with this trend!   What color could be more appropriate than the mottled olive and rose of Unakite jewelry!  Then there are all the wonderful hues of brown from tiger’s eye and brown agate to the sand-like hues or picture jasper and rutilated quartz.  Gemstone jewelry accessorizes the “Jungle Patrol” look in a most appropriate way while giving consumers intriguing designs that only nature can produce.  Nature provides the colors in hues of green and brown to match the story and eye-catching jewelry in bracelets, earrings, and necklace sets use gemstones in these colors for accessories your customers can’t resist. 


Woods also provide accessories from nature that coordinate well with the safari trend.  Bracelets are especially popular, but wood chokers mix beads in different natural shades to create a rustic design that fits right in with this trend. 

This season shell jewelry is back in a big way.  Brown lip mother-of-pearl stands out as necklace sets, especially with big disk pendants that really display the natural beauty of the sea.  The same shell is fabulous in multi-strand bracelets to go with the story. 

The safari trend is a favorite with consumers and continues to develop season after season.  The forecast of fall trends are already out and this story that centers on nature is back with innovations that reinvent it.

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Accessories Magazine gives retailers a huge jump on preparing for upcoming seasons with forecasting that captures the main trend lines, sorting them into stories.  Retailers cannot only use the information for purchases of jewelry, accessories, and apparel, but they can also group accessories into stories in their shop for greater impact.  Last blog covered “Brazilian Beat” and this blog starts with “She’s a Lady”, a very feminine look in fashion that extends to jewelry and accessories. 

Apparel for this look uses soft colors, ruffles, and netting, as well as ribbon and embroidered trims.  The look is very feminine, focusing on the neck and shoulders. 


Strapless dresses and scoop necklines are part of the story, making chokers and long dangling earrings ideal accessories.  Tailored looks in mother of pearl use inlays to create bracelets, earrings, pendants, and chokers.  A classic style is mother of pearl framed pendants on chokers for a sophisticated tailored look perfect with career wear.   Other shells, such as abalone or paua create more designs in pendants with natural beauty from the sea.


Longer necklaces coordinate the story with the white iridescence of mother of pearl in designs with shell donuts spaced in multiple layers of chain.  Other styles use large mother of pearl pendants dropping from multiple strands of shell to create today’s statement necklaces with the creamy white color. 


Jewelry also uses metals in filigree designs that capture the lacy look to accessorize the story.  Long dangling earrings  fit nicely into this category with a frilly statement that is very feminine. 

Pearl and crystal ropes accessorize this story nicely and pearl chokers bring attention to the neck.  The meandering faux pearl necklace pictured offers silver or gold plated settings, which present very different looks.  “That’s a Lady” is a developing story, building on trends from the past few seasons.  As long as trends have innovation, they have possibilities for growth. 


Accessories Magazine pinpoints another fashion story that is a predominant theme for summer jewelry and accessories this year—a theme they call “Country Roads”.  As you would expect, this is a blend of rural looks and The Wild West.  Leathers from tooled to suede are big here and all the shades of brown that go with leather.  Denim is also important from faded to that new jeans color, as well as gingham prints. 


No doubt, turquoise jewelry will be big with this theme that includes some Southwest inspiration.  Visit some upscale department stores and look at their showcases.  I visited Dillards and Macy’s and they’re showing plenty of turquoise along with red coral again.  They certainly have confidence that turquoise sells again this summer. 

Jewelry with darker platings are trendy with this fashion story—multiple long burnished chains, or pewter and brass combinations.  Shown is a large disk necklace with faux turquoise beading and antiqued bronze plated pendant. 


Jewelry with themes that are western or rural easily fit into this story.  The choker shown is silver plated with a herd of horses.  Imagine this set with an outfit that combines buckskin brown with faded denim. The theme pendant selection of the site offers numerous possibilities in western and rural slides that coordinate naturally with “Country Roads”. 

Scarves in long cotton oblongs, gingham patterns, or prints that fit into the country theme like horses or rope designs can bring this summer’s trend to an outfit.  


Handbags in denim as well as leather coordinate with this theme.  Faux leathers provide the look at a fraction of the price extending from bags with embossed grain to suede and tooled leather looks. 

Southwestern has been a part of fashion for so long that it seems timeless.  The same can be said for denim.   When we weigh that with this season’s trend stories, “Country Roads” has to be a dominant force in summer fashion trends because it is a look consumers don’t want to turn loose.

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 Each year Accessories Magazine follows the runways for the upcoming season, taking several hundred pictures, and sorting the results into the main stories that reveal the trends for the season.  Small retailers do not have the resources of large corporations that can hire expensive forecasting services that keep them up-to-date on what is coming in fashion.  So we can be thankful for Accessories Magazine that provides a wonderful service that helps retailers prepare for each season. 

This blog and the two following will cover the five stories that are predominant in the upcoming looks for jewelry, accessories, and apparel this spring and summer.  The first has the title, “Brazilian Beat” and as you would expect, the colors are vibrant.  The bright colors on the summer palette that was covered in the last two blogs are in the Brazilian story—coral rose, regatta, honeysuckle, as well as some colors that were not there like vibrant yellow. 

How are you going to accessorize these vibrant colors that jump out at you?  There are different options to suit different personalities.   The outgoing personality may want to make the most of the Brazilian look by accessorizing a vibrant blue with strands of blue beading or use a complimentary color scheme like graduated beads in coral rose.  I visited Macy’s in Lafayette, La. and they had two showcases in bold and vibrant colored jewelry that will certainly grab customers’ attention and play to this theme.  Retailers can find bright colors in necklace sets on Accessory Wholesale Inc’s site under Fashion Jewelry Sets.    

Jewelry in sea life themes are also big with this fashion story, especially multicolor necklaces, earrings, and bracelets.  Another theme in jewelry very hot this spring is garden themes with flower blossoms, butterflies, hummingbirds, and ladybugs.  In fact, the garden theme goes beyond the Brazilian fashion story to become an important jewelry theme that permeates every story in summer trends. 

The festive colors invite fun jewelry to accessorize the story.  One exciting innovation for summer is charm earrings with tiny bright colored charms dangling on delicate chain for trapeze-style earrings that capture a number of themes.  Several of the themes in these earrings are perfect for accessorizing the Brazilian look.

Personalities that are more conservative will want fashion jewelry that tones down the color.  Plated fashion jewelry is one way to subdue the bright color.  Multiple ropes with plated chain, metal link necklace sets, thin metal bangles, or graduated plated beading can do the trick. 

This season will also see endless designs using faceted glass pendants on chains.  Faceted glass jewelry that compliments the apparel takes some edge off of the bright colors.  Also turquoise is the color of the year, so multiple strands of turquoise with strands of beading in neutral colors will go with many hues in the Brazilian story and at the same time tone down the shock of vibrant color. 

Another way to capture the fashion story for spring 2011 in a more conservative way is to let the accessories do the work.  The jewelry, handbags, hats, and shoes can deliver the Brazilian color with neutrals or earth tones that can already be hanging in the closet from last year.  This updates a wardrobe, making it right in style for this summer while saving the price of new apparel. 

While not for everyone, vibrant color of the Brazilian story adds excitement that wakes up fashion after a cold winter.  Adding some bright color plus sea life and garden themes will have customers thinking summer when they shop with you.

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