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wholesale theme jewelryWholesale theme jewelry adds a magical quality to summer fashion business.  Summertime definitely needs some help in lifting sales for most businesses.  Of course, beach locations, tourist destinations, and outdoor markets love summer.  But practically all other fashion businesses feel a dip.  So a little magic doesn’t hurt.


The last blog explored niche markets that level the playing field for small businesses competing with the majors.  Wholesale theme jewelry goes a step further.  Most fashion jewelry sells because it makes a fashion statement the consumer loves with certain outfits.  Theme jewelry appeals not only to the sense of style, it also goes straight to the heart with a theme the consumer cares about.  What a help this is in breaking down summer buyer resistance.




Imagine a line of wholesale theme jewelry that has exceptional quality and creativity to produce endless theme jewelry and does it at a reasonable price.  A manufacturer fits this description to a T.  For more than 30 years, Best has been working with metal to perfect a fashion jewelry line with themes that are immediately recognized.  We are proud to distribute their line of wholesale theme jewelry.


There process is amazing.  Pendants and matching earrings make up most of the line. Metal stamping is their signature process.  When your customers see their pendants in your showcase, they can never imagine such detail stamped from a single sheet of thin metal.

theme earrings

Inspiration for the line began in the 1980s when puffy hearts in sterling silver became the rage.  These large hearts were hollow inside so provided nice size without being heavy.  They were also pricey.


Best applied this process to an extensive line of theme pendants and earrings.  Stamping a thin sheet of metal, they achieve amazing dimensionally raised detail.  Sealing the backs with metal that fits precisely creates the puffy quality with lightweight mentioned above. Plating, polishing, and sometimes antiquing recesses or epoxing to add color completes the fashion jewelry.  Now you have affordable fashion jewelry with the identical look of sterling silver.



wholesale dog pendant

Ok, that explains the quality, but where is the magic?  The magic is the themes.  Think for a second about the last time you attended a street fair, craft show, or festival with exhibitors.  Exhibitors’ booths with jewelry in countless themes always seem to draw consumers’ attention.  Once people start to gather studying the themes for something that touches their heart, more shoppers have to gather to see what is so interesting.   When they spot the theme that tugs at their heartstrings, it is awfully hard to resist buying.


Showcases in brick and mortar businesses work the same way.  They don’t have the advantage of aisles full of customers, but silver plated theme pendants and earrings laid out on black velvet provide something that is irresistibly interesting.  This display will remain in the in the mind of customers even if they don’t buy immediately.  It will draw them back the next time they need a gift and want to make it special.  When they give a gift that is a theme dear to the heart of the receiver, it is certainly appreciated.




The best products can’t help business if no one is aware of them.  So getting the word out is priority number one.  This applies to brick and mortar businesses more than to vendors at events. One solution is to take the show on the road.


Set up at festivals, swap meets, street fairs, flea markets, church and school fairs, or other events that draw a crowd.  Even when events don’t have exhibitor booths, you can often arrange with the organization for a percentage of sales if they will let you set up.  Anything that draws a crowd works—bingos, sporting events, car shows, music events, even some hospital gif shops let a vendor occasionally set up.  Make sure you provide information about your location to customers because even if the effort breaks even, it is advertising.

baseball pendant and earrings

If events have a theme like a baseball tournament, theme jewelry to match the event will definitely be a hit.   So matching themes to events is another important way to maximize impact.  Use the serach on the site to find wholesale theme jewelry for numerous events. Searching simple words in the singular renders most results


A final point is when you take the show on the road, you enter the group of retailers we mentioned in the first paragraph that enjoys summer because it is when they their business improves.


Give some thought to the value of wholesale theme jewelry in building summer sales.  I have seen it work for both vendors doing shows and for stores when they make a statement with the theme jewelry by dedicating an area with enough products to make an impact.

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