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Crystal Necklace Sets Raise the Bar
The first five months of the year are exciting because there are so many large crystal necklace set events that call for fashion items–prom, dance competition, Easter, spring hats, Mother’s Day, Kentucky Derby, spring festivals. These months have something for nearly every type of fashion business. But the first things out of the gate are Mardi Gras, debutantes, and Valentine’s Day. All of these can call for breath-taking crystal jewelry.

Lavish crystal necklace sets continue to impact consumers with a breath-taking shock of beauty. The look surfaced in the spring of 2013. By fall, Accessories Magazine listed it as a trend labeled Estate Update. Continuous innovation has this trend thriving with the newest additions just one week old. The crystal necklace set pictured is among the favorites.

These dramatic crystal necklace sets are perfect for Mardi Gras balls. The same sets also appeal to some debutantes and what a look for theater and dining out on Valentine’s Day.

Add a few of these sets to a showcase of rhinestone and crystal jewelry. The sparkle will mesmerize your clientele.

You can view the entire January 2015 Newsletter Here

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Fashion Items Consumers Can’t Live Without

The fashion items people can’t live without go by many names including impulse items. With fleur-de-lis being a hot item in Louisiana, these rhinestud ball caps caught on immediately. The hats have pizzazz and go straight to the heart of those captivated by the fleur-de-lis.

These are the kind of products we need to fit the just-got-to-have category. For women going to formal events, the got-to-have item can be breath-taking crystal jewelry. For church ladies it can be a stunning dress hat. The products in this category have to have an irresistible attraction shoppers just can’t live without out.

What items does your customer base find irresistible. These are the items you need at least a modest selection of in your shop. Irresistible beauty trumps cheap price for shoppers.

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Mardi Gras Balls and More

Need takes lots of avenues. All the commitments to balls, church events, charities and fundraisers, homecoming, school events are needs. And there are plenty more like prom, bridal, and seasonal changes like warm weather clothing.

A good example of need in our area is Mardi Gras Balls. Those chosen as kings, queens, and members of the court consider it a great honor. The privilege also creates needs. Royalty needs crowns, tiaras, scepters, gloves and favors.

Call-out gifts for formal dancing are another need for favors. Other Krewe members give favors to those sharing their table. There are plenty of other expenses, but the ones mentioned are items any local retailer in the fashion accessory industry can provide.

Find the needs in your area. Outfitting homecoming courts is one idea. They need crowns, scepters, jewelry, suits, and gloves. This year as a cost saving measure, many courts are using fascinators instead of dress hats. You have access to all of this through our website.

Church groups are another need. With Christmas coming, many choirs want matching scarves and sometimes ties for special music renditions. Be creative and find the needs that generate sales in your area or your niche market.

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High School Football Jewelry and More

To capitalize on high school sports jewelry requires some creativity because football charm bracelet with so many high schools around the country, manufacturers can’t produce a line for each one. But you can capture the local market by putting together your own line.

The easiest way to present a football theme is with generic football jewelry like the sports bracelet shown. Find football themed jewelry under the categories of sports bracelets, earrings, necklaces, and pendants on the site.

Just as easy is licensed sports jewelry for universities. It is also under the sports jewelry category on the site and includes major schools like LSU and Alabama as well as licensed jewelry for popular universities like The Ragin Cajuns and Southern.

But to have jewelry and accessories that customers will immediately recognize as your local high school, two ingredients are important–school colors and mascots. Two items help with school colors — school color bracelets and school colors in beads for chokers and necklaces.

For chokers and necklaces using suede cord or other materials that are loose beads thicker than monofilament line, you need beads with a 4 mm opening. Under loose beads, the site has color combinations that will go with nearly any school. Now all the fiber optic beads are 99 cents for a pack of 12.

Also, find chokers under fashion jewelry that help build your custom jewelry for the local schools. Use the search on the site to see if we have pendants for your mascot. Price all the items separately so customers can build their own sale and input their own creativity with the components. This makes you the only source for items that appeal to an avid market-a nice combination that builds sales.

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wholesale theme jewelryWholesale theme jewelry adds a magical quality to summer fashion business.  Summertime definitely needs some help in lifting sales for most businesses.  Of course, beach locations, tourist destinations, and outdoor markets love summer.  But practically all other fashion businesses feel a dip.  So a little magic doesn’t hurt.


The last blog explored niche markets that level the playing field for small businesses competing with the majors.  Wholesale theme jewelry goes a step further.  Most fashion jewelry sells because it makes a fashion statement the consumer loves with certain outfits.  Theme jewelry appeals not only to the sense of style, it also goes straight to the heart with a theme the consumer cares about.  What a help this is in breaking down summer buyer resistance.




Imagine a line of wholesale theme jewelry that has exceptional quality and creativity to produce endless theme jewelry and does it at a reasonable price.  A manufacturer fits this description to a T.  For more than 30 years, Best has been working with metal to perfect a fashion jewelry line with themes that are immediately recognized.  We are proud to distribute their line of wholesale theme jewelry.


There process is amazing.  Pendants and matching earrings make up most of the line. Metal stamping is their signature process.  When your customers see their pendants in your showcase, they can never imagine such detail stamped from a single sheet of thin metal.

theme earrings

Inspiration for the line began in the 1980s when puffy hearts in sterling silver became the rage.  These large hearts were hollow inside so provided nice size without being heavy.  They were also pricey.


Best applied this process to an extensive line of theme pendants and earrings.  Stamping a thin sheet of metal, they achieve amazing dimensionally raised detail.  Sealing the backs with metal that fits precisely creates the puffy quality with lightweight mentioned above. Plating, polishing, and sometimes antiquing recesses or epoxing to add color completes the fashion jewelry.  Now you have affordable fashion jewelry with the identical look of sterling silver.



wholesale dog pendant

Ok, that explains the quality, but where is the magic?  The magic is the themes.  Think for a second about the last time you attended a street fair, craft show, or festival with exhibitors.  Exhibitors’ booths with jewelry in countless themes always seem to draw consumers’ attention.  Once people start to gather studying the themes for something that touches their heart, more shoppers have to gather to see what is so interesting.   When they spot the theme that tugs at their heartstrings, it is awfully hard to resist buying.


Showcases in brick and mortar businesses work the same way.  They don’t have the advantage of aisles full of customers, but silver plated theme pendants and earrings laid out on black velvet provide something that is irresistibly interesting.  This display will remain in the in the mind of customers even if they don’t buy immediately.  It will draw them back the next time they need a gift and want to make it special.  When they give a gift that is a theme dear to the heart of the receiver, it is certainly appreciated.




The best products can’t help business if no one is aware of them.  So getting the word out is priority number one.  This applies to brick and mortar businesses more than to vendors at events. One solution is to take the show on the road.


Set up at festivals, swap meets, street fairs, flea markets, church and school fairs, or other events that draw a crowd.  Even when events don’t have exhibitor booths, you can often arrange with the organization for a percentage of sales if they will let you set up.  Anything that draws a crowd works—bingos, sporting events, car shows, music events, even some hospital gif shops let a vendor occasionally set up.  Make sure you provide information about your location to customers because even if the effort breaks even, it is advertising.

baseball pendant and earrings

If events have a theme like a baseball tournament, theme jewelry to match the event will definitely be a hit.   So matching themes to events is another important way to maximize impact.  Use the serach on the site to find wholesale theme jewelry for numerous events. Searching simple words in the singular renders most results


A final point is when you take the show on the road, you enter the group of retailers we mentioned in the first paragraph that enjoys summer because it is when they their business improves.


Give some thought to the value of wholesale theme jewelry in building summer sales.  I have seen it work for both vendors doing shows and for stores when they make a statement with the theme jewelry by dedicating an area with enough products to make an impact.

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Vibrant color is making a statement on Pantone fashion palettes.  Not just this summer, but for three seasons in row.  Yes, even in the winter season.  So many of your customers might be asking, where is the bright color in fashion jewelry.

More than a decade ago China eclipsed American jewelry manufacturing with decent design and bargain prices.  But suddenly they seem to have run out of ideas.  They churn out a steady diet of plated jewelry at a time when bright color dominates trends.  They get caught up in an idea and every manufacturer in China follows it.  Think about it.  How many sideway cross bracelets and necklaces do we need?


Well here’s a breath of fresh air.  The Murano style glass jewelry that we almost forgot about is back.  And it is back withMurano style glass jewelry the rich color that trends are calling for.  In case you have forgot, Murano glass is an art hailing from Murano Italy, an Island off of Venice.  If you have seen jewelry with transparent glass beads revealing clouds of suspended color or metallic particles, this is Murano glass.




But there is more.  Lampwork beads that have melted glass in other colors and various shapes adhering to the bead—thislampwork bead necklace set is part of Murano glass also.  This art was popularized by Murano in the 1300s.  The lampwork bead necklace shown uses this kind of  bead.





Murano style jewelry with milefiore beadsYes, there is more—millefiore, a thousand flowers.  These beads have canes of glass melted together and then sliced revealing endless tiny flower patterns. If you wanted millefiore beads in the 1400s, there was only one place to get them.  Yes, Murano Italy.






So much art and beauty!  How can we forget Murano glass?  The bottom line is we can’t.  When the tragedy of 9/11 left the country in shock and trends turned to high quality and serious components in accessories, Murano style glass jewelry was there.


Now, when creativity is lost and color is woefully missing from the jewelry industry, Murano style glass jewelry resurfaces.  It brings rich color back to the market with its exceptional quality and artistry.  This is fashion jewelry any woman would be proud to wear or give as gift.



So when we study Pantone’s fashion palette for summer, we see 10 colors with a fair share of brights.  Murano style glass jewelry can deliver every color.  So if you are accessorizing last years outfit with this year’s look, Murano style glass jewelry adds the accessories that deliver this season’s colors.


Pantone’s lime color called tender shoots finds a striking match with the necklace setMurano style jewelry in lime color shown.  The tinted glass goes nicely with the color and the faceted disk beds have a swirl of suspended color that adds interest.




purple Murano style necklace setThe Dalmatian print Murano style necklace set comes in four colors including a set that captures hues in the purple family—colors ranging from purple to lavender.  The color here is an excellent representation of the lavender on the palette called African Violet.




Linen, an off-white with a very slight pinkish tint, is the neutral on the palette that will get the most use.  The Muranowhite Murano style necklace set style necklace that captures it is has oval faceted beds with suspended clouds of off-white color.


When browsing the Murano style glass jewelry, many items have as many as 3 or 4 color options.  These options include nearly every color on the palette.  And when all else fails, multicolor sets step up to deliver the hue.



Jewelry in colors is lost if accessorizing the same shade.  So we need to coordinate.  The palette provides plenty of options for that.  Look through Pantone’s report and you will see some designers pair the yellow called lemon zest with the lavender called African Violet.  Following this lead, the Murano style jewelry set in lavender shown above will make a stunning accessory with yellow.


If you pull up a color wheel on the internet, you will see this color combination exactly opposite each other.  Using the wheel, may surprise you with some of the opposites that can coordinate.


Almost anything will coordinate with the neutral off-white they call linen.  So using neutrals is easy.


But using two colors is trickier.  Many of the designers use hues of the same color like grayed jade and emerald.  In jewelry, you can coordinate apparel with a darker or lighter shade of the clothing color, for example, the royal blue necklace set goes well with apparel in the lighter dusk blue.


Looking at the color wheel again, colors on each side of the target color provide coordinates.  Color specialists call these analogous colors and they provide endless choices.


But to start, it takes jewelry with color and thanks to Murano style jewelry the color is back.

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Is fashion jewelry any good any more?  That’s been the discussion in our recent blogs.  Well, fashion jewelry actually goes beyond what we normally think of when talk about the term.  Jewelry with perceived intrinsic value also falls into the fashion jewelry category.  We’re talking about gemstone and shell jewelry.  These categories are doing very well, but we somehow exclude them when we think of fashion jewelry.  Why?



Is it because their components are from nature and we give them a higher status in our jewelry perception?  Regardless, they are doing well and are important this season because the fall palette has a surprise of bright colors.  With manufacturers of costume jewelry playing safe by steering away from color, shell jewelry and gemstone step in to deliver the vibrant hues that update wardrobes for fall 2012.



Look at the Pantone palette for the season.  There is a bright fuchsia called pink flambe’, a lime green called bright chartreuse, a burnt orange called tangerine tango, and a mustard called honey gold.  Actually only three of the ten colors are ones you would expect on a fall palette. 


If costume jewelry manufacturers are steering away from color, where on earth are we going to find these unexpected brights for fall?  You guessed it, in shell and gemstone jewelry. 



Multicolor shell necklace set

Shell and gemstone jewelry are under the fashion jewelry umbrella and they are delivering the color we need for fall.  Compare the Pantone color chart to the multicolor shell necklace shown.  This necklace looks like it was made for this palette.  Many of the vibrant colors are included in the necklace set and, yes, we are talking about fall.  It is hard to find costume jewelry in today’s market that can deliver the fall palette as well as this shell jewelry does. 


Shell bracelets also carry the colors for fall.  The trochus shell bracelet in the picture matches the rose smoke on the Pantone palette.  Other color choices can coordinate with orange tango or pink flambe’. 



gemstone agate bracelet

For a burst of color that expands to cover the entire palette, we need to look at gemstone jewelry.  Here we will find a semi precious stone to go with every color on the palette.  Ultramarine green—try the agate bracelet shown. 



That lavender color called rhapsody—match it with amethyst jewelry.  A nice touch is the amethyst bracelet with clean lines in a semi precious stone once reserved for royalty.




Semi precious necklace set

French roast—a deep brown color with a blend of gray.  Capture it almost perfectly with this necklace set that has a jasper pendant and interesting smaller ovals in rutilated quartz.  .  This is one of the few colors you would expect on a fall palette. 

The pale pink of rose smoke—rose quartz is perfect.  The necklace with polished rose quartz fingers shown does a superb job. 


cherry quartz necklace

The burnt orange hue of tangerine tango—match with this cherry quartz necklace that hints at the color with polished chips. 



fiber optic necklace

If you think there is nothing to match the lime green of bright chartreuse, think again.  Fiber optic, sometimes called cateye, often gets thrown in with gemstone jewelry.  Actually, it is a glass product with the moving eye found in tiger’s eye.  The gemologists call this effect chatoyance.  Fiber optic has a range of colors including the lime color we want to match the color on the palette. 


 semi precious necklace set in snowflake obsidian

 Titanium is a hue of gray that seems at home on a fall palette.  The semi precious necklace set shown delivers the color with a very hard semi precious stone called snowflake obsidian.  Some of your customers will recognize this gemstone that gets its name from gray snowflake-like patterns on a black background.  The polished chip necklace delivers the color with a lot of interesting inclusions.


lapis necklace

Pick up the color called Olympian blue that is a little lighter than cobalt with this lapis necklace made of polished chips. 




gemstone bracelet

Orange aventurine is an excellent match for the honey gold look that is another unexpected color on a fall palette.  This gemstone captures the hue that is a shade darker than mustard and would seem more in place on a spring color palette. 



dyed crystal quartz bracelets

Pink flambe’, a vibrant fuchsia color, is a real surprise in these fall fashion colors.  It definitely looks like a misplaced color from a summer palette.  Capturing this hue in gemstone requires some human help.  One clever process involves crystal quartz.  The glassy clear quartz is too hard to accept dye, but a process of heating the quartz to a high degree and then dousing it in cold water creates endless tiny fractures that absorb the dye and give the quartz color.  The bracelets shown go through the process and deliver a color that brings pink flambe’ to a wardrobe. 



A second process heats sliced geodes in different solutions to get different colors.  An iron nitrate solution creates red and altering the process can deliver different hues in the family including fuchsia.



We can call it shell jewelry and we can call it gemstone jewelry, but it still finds a place in the fashion jewelry category.  It never goes away because these natural components transcend time and also transcend seasons.  If you have any doubts, occasionally browse the showcases of upscale department stores and you will see they always fit into the mix.

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Statement Jewelry

Now, back to the question, how is fashion jewelry doing in 2012?  Sure, the atmosphere is right for fashion jewelry demand.  Dramatic size is the “in” thing.  Statement jewelry of every kind is “the style”, especially statement necklaces.  Only costume jewelry can deliver the look affordably.  Countering a great climate for fashion jewelry is a fragile economy.  So what motivates customers to buy? 


Niche markets boost sales in these accessories.  These markets can be seasonal or special interests.  Combing through our sales statistics, we pinpointed four top niche markets in jewelry for our company.  The results carry some weight because the company has been fine-tuning the product line for the past 27 years.  



 pumpkin pendant

Retailers in the costume business know that Halloween has steadily grown in importance over recent years.  If you have any doubts, look at The National Retail Federation’s statistics on what consumers planned to spend over the last seven years.  The figures grew from slightly over 3 billion to almost 7 billion.  Yet jewelry manufacturers are avoiding this market because it is short and they worry that the large quantities of a run in Halloween jewelry won’t sell through completely in a fragile economy.   


So this niche market has an added advantage—limited competition.  This is great for retailers with a source for Halloween jewelry—especially classy designs.  “Best” is a manufacturer that delivers seasonal jewelry with a lot of class.  As a leader in fashion jewelry, they have a reputation for not cutting corners. 


“Best” uses two processes–casting and stamping.  The stampings have three dimensional shape with sealed backs that are usually silver plated and highly polished.  This jewelry looks identical to sterling silver, but carries a much lower price.  Some pieces have enameling with detailed Halloween color that really sets off the jewelry. 


This it real quality, but some of your customers may want inexpensive Halloween jewelry in resins.  This is cute stuff at impulse sale prices.  Draw attention to your Halloween jewelry with accessories like Halloween scarves or ties.




Christmas jewelry is an even more important niche market than Halloween because it is a longer season.   Manufacturers are avoiding this season also for the same reason.  So if you have the inventory, you have a niche market that can really pay off. 

 Christmas bracelet

“Best” also does a quality Christmas line that includes earrings, pin/pendant combinations, and bracelets.  This is the Cadillac of Christmas jewelry with the same quality we detailed in Halloween.  Bracelets even include glass lampwork beads that are something you can be proud to show in your holiday line. 


Christmas pin

Christmas has also a wider selection of classy pins and earrings in resins and enameled metals.  Nostalgic looks are especially appealing here—the stuff you find on classic Christmas cards.  This niche market gives small retailers a big advantage over competition–even over the majors, because nice jewelry for this season will be in short supply this year. 




A growing number of women are showing compassion for their neighbor by getting involved in drives, marathons, and events to find a cure for breast cancer.  This disease can strike the loved ones in our own family just as easily as the families of strangers.  The pink ribbon is the symbol for breast cancer awareness and October is the month dedicated to raising awareness and raising funds for a cure. 

 breast cancer awareness bracelet

With attention growing for breast cancer awareness, pink ribbon jewelry has increased in demand beyond the expectations of most retailers.  For us this has become an important niche market.  Rings, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings with pink ribbons get immediate recognition as jewelry that shows concern.   


Since the market is small, this niche has less competition than markets with a wider reach.  Actually, that is what niche markets—appeal to a narrow segment of buyers.  October is the month for retailers that want to enter this area because that is the month of the greatest activity.  If there are walkathons and other scheduled events in your area for breast cancer awareness, this could be a theme that will be meaningful to your customers.  Most likely, you will have little competition and probably none from major retailers. 




Our company enjoys a major niche market for local business because we are in New Orleans.  The French founded the City in 1718 and the fleur-de-lis became our City’s symbol.  The symbol has a long and gallant history that includes being on the banner of St. Joan of Arc and the symbol of French royalty.  During the French Revolution, the fleur-de-lis was removed from the French flag, symbolically severing relations with past royalty


But it still remained the proud symbol of New Orleans.  It remained on the flag of Acadiana in South Louisiana, and as a symbol of other places included in the Louisiana Purchase like St. Louis.

 fleur-de-lis jewelry

After Hurricane Katrina, the fleur-de-lis became immensely popular as a symbol of hope and rebuilding.  The popularity remains today and everything with a fleur-de-lis theme seems to sell.   


Is there a local theme in your area that can be an important niche market?  Think about it.  If one doesn’t exist, apply your imagination to local interests and maybe yu will be the one to begin some local pride that can also benefit your business. 


Why are Local Themes and Sports Grouped Together?


These two niche markets are lumped together because one of the strongest local interests from coast to coast is hometown high school football.  This is a niche market that takes creativity because no manufacturer can produce small runs of jewelry to satisfy the countless local themes in our nation.  So retailers create their own local line of jewelry using mascots, school colors, and sports theme jewelry. 

 school color bracelets

There is a good chance you will find your school colors on our site in the glass bracelet, CB603.  The toggle bracelets consist of 10mm glass beads in several color combinations.  They were designed for exactly the purpose we are talking about–to help match local school colors.  Searching through charms may turn up a charm to add and make the bracelets even more specific to your school. 

 school color choker

Want to do something in necklaces for local schools?  Choose a choker like CK112 that will pass through a 4mm opening of a bead.  Then choose loose beads with 4mm openings on the site.  These specially made beads have a larger opening that will slide on some chains and chokers.  Space the beads with silver plated filigree beads like the picture shows.  A mascot pendant can be included in the center.  Put your mascot in the search on the site and see if any matching pendants come up. Most retailers price the components individually and group them together.  This lets customers be creative and lets them build their own look depending on what they want to spend. 

 sports jewelry

If this involves more than you have time for, simply group some school color jewelry together with bracelets, earrings, and pendants in a football theme.  Also, for collegiate, there are categories for LSU and Alabama licensed jewelry on the site.   


Football is a passion in most areas so give your business a boost by appealing to the locals.

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 Some of the special days of celebration like Mardi Gras and Halloween are booming explosions of revelry while others like St. Patrick’s Day move under the radar. What makes the difference?  Is it masking?  Well, masks certainly remove inhibitions and let restrained feelings surface, but St. Patrick’s Day has another advantage on the meter of civility—it started as a religious feast day.


The History Channels websiteprovides a wealth of information about the historical background of St. Patrick’s Day. The feast day is March 17 because that is believed to be the date Patrick died in the year 461.  After being captured in England at age 16, he was sold as a slave in Ireland.  He escaped and returned to convert the Island to Christianity.  Legend says the shamrock was the visual tool he used to explain the Trinity. 



The big event for the feast day is parades.  Surprisingly the St. Patrick’s Day parade didn’t begin in Ireland, but in New York City where Irish troops in the British Army celebrated by marching through the City on March 17, 1762. 


Nearly one hundred years later The Potato Famine drove many poor Irish to seek a new life in America.  At first they were shunned and had a hard time finding employment.  They formed Irish Aid Societies to help each other and the Aid Societies held parades on St. Patrick’s Day.  The public ridiculed them until the Irish-Americans discovered the power a political block of votes can deliver.  The “Green Machine” took on a new importance that politicians catered to. 


Modern times see St. Patrick’s Day celebrated throughout the country, actually throughout a great part of the world—even in Japan.   



Today everyone wants to be Irish on St. Patrick’s Day and gift shops get a boost in business by helping them do just that.  The fun starts early with anyone going to work as well as anyone out shopping or socializing.  Women need St. Patrick’s Day jewelry.  After all, no one wants to get pinched for not having their green.  And the quality of St. Patrick’s Day jewelry has certainly come up over the last few years. 


A leader in quality seasonal jewelry is “Best Brand”.  This company has unique ways of expressing the season and the quality of the jewelry that delivers the theme is superb.  For the most part, the company does metalwork and stamping is the way it delivers marvelous detail.  The pendant shown is an example.  Stamping a thin sheet of steel creates raised dimensional relief with exceptional detail.  A plate is cut to seal the back, creating quality fashion jewelry with the same process used for sterling silver.  Next the pendant is silver plated, polished, and the shamrocks are epoxied green.  The finished piece can be worn as a pendant or a pin.  This is quality jewelry that women can be proud to wear on St. Patrick’s Day. 



What about the guys?  They’re not left out.  St. Patrick’s Day accessories offer a variety of neckties in the theme.  Imagine your customers showing up for work in a tie that blares ST. Patrick’s Day spirit.  After all, everyone is Irish on March 17. 




Then there are the parades.  Of course onlookers need to show their in the spirit.  What better way than decked out in St. Patrick’s Day beads!  The size of this nationwide celebration creates a big enough market that manufacturers can put plenty of attention into the Mardi Gras style beads made with St. Patrick’s Day themes. 


Everything from leprechauns and shamrocks to green beer mugs and corn beef & cabbage are themes in these specialty beads made to celebrate the occasion.  The nicer beads are all hand strung and of course have a predominantly green color. 


Irish pubs are also part of the celebration and St. Patrick’s Day beads are a favorite for them.  But normally they do not have the nice specialty beds you can offer your customers.  So if some of your customers are going to stop for a green beer after the parade, they may want to standout by buying quality St. Patrick’s Day beads that you can provide them. 



But beads alone aren’t enough.  No, the celebration also calls for novelty hats in St. Patrick’s Day themes.  This can be felt leprechaun hats or velvet mad-hatters in green complete with a green beard.  Deck out your customers with both beads and novelty hats and they can enjoy the parade without getting pinched for not wearing their green. 




Alright, now your customers are going to be looking for green feather boas.  That’s a sure sign they are part of the celebration.  Feather boas rank along with beads and novelty hats as the most popular party items for St. Patrick’s Day.  The standard length of boas is 6 feet and the fullness is measured by weight.  55 to 60 grams are reasonably full feather boas that are still affordable. 


The green boas shown are in that weight range and are actually a bargain because all the regulations going into imported feathers is causing prices on future shipments to go up. 




Novelty sunglasses are the final item on the list.  These are for the intense reveler that really wants to have fun.  Put these in your shop and you will notice people can’t pass them up without trying them on.  A favorite style is green beer bottles.  This is a hilarious way for your customers to enjoy St. Patrick’s Day. 


Stock now because the celebration will soon be here.  Place merchandise in one location to tell a story.  If you are on the parade route, see if the municipality will let you set up in front of your store.  Even if you’re not, word of mouth will go a long way to help advertise your shop. 

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The second part of our series on survival tactics for small business starts with jewelry and accessories for seasons and special occasions.  Valentine’s Day is here and that is exactly what we are talking about when we say special occasions.   Actually the Spring is loaded with them—mainly Valentines, Easter, and Mother’s Day.



As a salesman calling on small fashion businesses, presentations on the days leading up to these special occasions were filled with interruptions as busy shopkeepers tried to squeeze in ordering between taking care of customers that wanted their input on what to buy.  This is a happy problem. 


Yes, you can say that special occasions like Easter see discount stores jammed with Easter baskets and candy, but what about shoppers that want a quality gifts for Mom, a spouse, or significant other.  Jewelry with exceptional quality really sends a meaningful message for these consumers.  One manufacturer that does an exceptional job at providing exceptional quality is “Best Brand”.  Every special occasion is covered in their line that can be found in each occasion’s category on our website. 


What makes this line so unique and desirable?   The meaningful designs and exceptional manufacturing process.  Let’s look at Mother’s Day.  “Mom” is the most emotionally packed word in the English language.  This day carries feelings.  So what’s the message shoppers want to send on this occasion?  Special, very special, no one can replace a Mom.  One of “Best Brands” pendants goes straight to the heart with letters spelling out “Special Mom”. 


The delivery is not a simple casting, which any manufacturer can create.  No, “Best Brand” goes the extra mile in quality.  The pendant uses their signature process of stamping the design from a thin sheet of steel into a statement that immediately creates a message for onlookers.  Then the jewelry is plated, often two-toned, and polished for a finished product that the eye cannot distinguish from an expensive work in sterling silver.  This is providing the fashion jewelry for special occasions that stands above the majors.  This is a quality line that is so labor intense that the large quantities national department stores need simply cannot be produced, so small business is the exclusive provider for the consumer. 


Keep an area available for special occasions and decorate it to draw attention so that customers will remember where to buy the seasonal gifts for the important special days of the year. 



Niche markets don’t need to be narrow.  They can have universal application to accessorize fashion.  The pendants described above and matching earrings reach out to endless themes as well as designs that are fashion statements.  Added to chokers or chains, these quality pieces of fashion jewelry provide a tailored line that is perfect with career wear and suits. 


The endless themes also create a show-stopper that consumers can’t pass up.  All the original designs capture attention and something in this group will pull at the heart strings of  the shopper—whether their pets, a vacation area like sea life,  their interests like sewing or cooking, or their children’s activities like ballet, cheerleading, or soccer Mom. 


The match of fashion jewelry to interests close to the heart is almost a guaranteed sale.  In addition, the many fashion designs can be a perfect accessory for a new outfit as well as jewelry to update last year’s wardrobe to this year’s trends. 


Shoppers need the wide selection of fashion jewelry that specialized small businesses carry to complete an outfit with the perfect accessories.  Small business is the answer because the majors want to concentrate on apparel and don’t have the staff for individual service that helps shoppers coordinate. 



Broader niche markets can be dressy as well.  Where do you find the wide selection of rhinestone jewelry needed for prom, bridal, balls, and pageants?  Only in small fashion businesses.  Department stores are normally very limited in the selection of rhinestone.  On the other hand, boutiques and accessory stores have the selection and the personalized service to help customers accessorize an outfit. 


Normally bridal and prom customers want delicate designs in rhinestone necklace sets.  Gowns dictate gold or silver plated settings as well as whether a necklace is needed.  Then there are personalities that vary between contemporary or traditional looks with more daring and fashion forward customers preferring dramatic designs that follow the trends in fashion jewelry. 


Often when the gown does not accommodate a necklace, more dramatic earrings are the accessory.  Sometimes the customer knows exactly what they want, but more often, they are looking for the expert advice of the shopkeeper.  Make the perfect match for that customer and you can almost be certain, they will be back shopping with you again. 


Success for small business is most often a collection of niche markets and specialized service.  This provides a unique combination to fill needs that the big box stores can’t match. 

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