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Different Ways Your Customers Use Them

It doesn’t take much to make a scarf. Pick fun material and you’re just a few snips away from one of the most diverse pieces of cloth you’ll ever own.

Stock up on them because your customers use them, and in many different ways.


Scarves can improve a particular décor fixture that seems lacking. Dress up curtains, drape over couches, lay them out across coffee tables, and so on and so forth. The possibilities are endless.


They can add character to your outfit as well. It’s common to see fashionable gals involving scarves in their hair-dos or as a purse accessory. They are great additions to a quick outfit for last-minute outings.

Wall Trimmings

If the fabric of a certain scarf vibes well with the color scheme of a room, all it takes is a few tacks and it becomes part of it.

We, at Accessory Wholesale, have a great selection of the fashion, Christian, and polyester scarves that your customers are going to want this holiday season, as well as a full line of jewelry for all occasions.

Visit our website or call (504)-736-0357 for more information!

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High School Football Jewelry and More

To capitalize on high school sports jewelry requires some creativity because football charm bracelet with so many high schools around the country, manufacturers can’t produce a line for each one. But you can capture the local market by putting together your own line.

The easiest way to present a football theme is with generic football jewelry like the sports bracelet shown. Find football themed jewelry under the categories of sports bracelets, earrings, necklaces, and pendants on the site.

Just as easy is licensed sports jewelry for universities. It is also under the sports jewelry category on the site and includes major schools like LSU and Alabama as well as licensed jewelry for popular universities like The Ragin Cajuns and Southern.

But to have jewelry and accessories that customers will immediately recognize as your local high school, two ingredients are important–school colors and mascots. Two items help with school colors — school color bracelets and school colors in beads for chokers and necklaces.

For chokers and necklaces using suede cord or other materials that are loose beads thicker than monofilament line, you need beads with a 4 mm opening. Under loose beads, the site has color combinations that will go with nearly any school. Now all the fiber optic beads are 99 cents for a pack of 12.

Also, find chokers under fashion jewelry that help build your custom jewelry for the local schools. Use the search on the site to see if we have pendants for your mascot. Price all the items separately so customers can build their own sale and input their own creativity with the components. This makes you the only source for items that appeal to an avid market-a nice combination that builds sales.

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What are the colors for this summer?  Every season Pantone issues a color report based on the leading colors from the fashion shows leading up to the season.  Caribbean colors immediately come to mind with a quick glance at the color palette.  Colors like vibrant orange, yellow, and bright fuchsia catch the eye.   Colors with a softer edge like subdued purple, soft aqua, and a light sage join the palette with two neutrals in the grey and beige family. 



Is this summer’s palette trying to lift spirits and energize the public that seems to be in an economic traffic jam that moves with starts and stops?  Leatrice Eiseman, a Pantone director, seems to hint at this, stating “Consumers look to spring for renewed energy, optimism and the promise of a brighter day”.  Ms. Eiseman continues pointing out the relationship between colors and feelings, “…color can help them alter a mood, while providing the vitality and enthusiasm that enables them to experiment with new looks and color combinations.”


The importance of fashion is it is fresh, it renews the spirit. And color is a big part of the change.  But not every women can send a wardrobe to the Salvation Army and buy a new one each season to keep up with styles, so accessories can be an inexpensive way update the color schemes using last season’s apparel. 



cowgirl hat in bright colors

One surprise this summer is cowgirl hats that jumped onto the fashion color bandwagon before most other accessories.  Who would think of cowgirl hats at the cutting edge of fashion?  Well, don’t underestimate them.  Cowgirl hats for this spring have color choices that include nearly every bright on the summer palette—vibrant yellow, tangerine, bright fuchsia, and aqua.  The hat shown adds bright fuchsia to an outfit in a cute way. 


Year after year, cowboy hats lead the unit count for hat sales with Accessory Wholesale and they appeal to every part of the country except the Northeast.  With the fashion statement cowgirl hats are making with colors, even the Northeast in onboard. 



glass jewelry in cherry quartz color

This rich orange color is adding a ton of energy to the summer color palette.  One classy way to pick up the color for an outfit is with the quality of glass jewelry.  The set shown uses the bold design so much in style today to update an outfit with one of this summer’s dominant colors.  Glass jewelry can deliver vibrant color with a medium that has perceivable quality. 



Now to emphasize the orange statement, add another accessory in the color.   What about a clutch to bring home the juicy orange color story. 


This bold color stands alone on the palette, but most colors like solar yellow above can be paired with other leading colors for summer. 



Pantone names this light shade of grape bellflower after the blossoms of the plant that originated in the Far East.  One sophisticated way to add color to summer apparel is using semi precious jewelry.  Gemstone is timeless, so it’s never out of style and amethyst picks up the color of bellflower perfectly.  The amethyst necklace set shown delivers the hue in a classy way. 


Bellflower pairs well with solar yellow, so to achieve this combination add a clutch in vibrant yellow.  This is summer 2012 at a fraction of the price of a new wardrobe. 



This soothing color could just as easily be called rose quartz and rose quartz jewelry can add the hue to an outfit.  One style of gemstone jewelry that keeps reappearing in leading department store showcases is gemstone chip collars.  These are available in rose quartz so you get the color with a trendy design that oozes quality. 



But shell jewelry can also deliver the color and what is more summery than shell?  The set shown has dyed shell disks and pink faux pearls on a necklace of pink cord.  You get the fashion color in summery shell with a classy design. 





Where can we find accessories in this color?  Why not go to gemstone jewelry.  After all, the color is named after the semi precious stone, sodalite, so where better to find a way to pick up this color in an outfit than gemstone jewelry.  Of course, sodalite will deliver the color, but for added interest you may want a unique jasper that gives the same hues with a stone that is far less common.  Check out the set shown. 



Quality glass jewelry also creates the sodalite look with chunky designs in today’s style.  Why are gemstone and glass jewelry so important in creating color matches for the summer palette?  Because manufacturers are being very cautious in these challenging times.  They like to stay with the safe bets of plated metals.  This can be good news for you because you have a source for all the colors in gemstone jewelry and many of them in glass. 


The hard part is making combinations.  The palette this summer easily pairs sodalite with a fuchsia color called cabaret.  The soft rose quartz color covered above combines well with a light sage called margarita.   And bellflower and solar yellow both covered above go well together.  Where can you possibly find these combinations?  The answer is you can create them and nearly any other combination you need. 



There are components on our web site that let you make appealing color combinations that creates space between you and your competition.  Why? Because these components are nearly impossible to find.  First, we are going to utilize an idea that hit the fashion scene in 1984.  Actually, it was the most powerful fashion item that I have ever seen in more than 30 years in this industry.  The item was twist beads. 


The component needed is a twist bed clasp shown in the image.  With this, two 36 inch strands of gemstone or shell can be twisted together as a choker and connected so color combinations are endless.  The picture shows aventurine and rose quartz combined for that lilac and light sage combination mentioned above.  Combining sodalite or lapis (GM110) with mother of pearl dyed red gives a combination close to sodalite and cabaret. 


A second way of creating custom color combinations in fashion jewelry utilizes loose beads with 4mm openings.  The large openings lets the beads fit on a number of chokers, chains, or cords.  Fiber optic beads are most commonly used and they have endless colors plus the interesting cateye effect that moves as the beads move.  Using rounds or donuts in 16 or 18 millimeter beads gives the bold look so popular in today’s trends.  Silver filigrees can be added as spacers between the larger colored beads for a real nice effect.

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Apparel and accessories appear in stores at the dawn of every season with predominant colors that define that season.  This takes place almost magically from coast to coast.  Who determines these colors and how do they populate the stores all at the same time?  Well each designer works with a palette of colors and they are not all the same.   Pantone, a leader in color analysis, studies the runways for the upcoming season and creates a palette with the leading colors.  This is a huge help for retailers, preparing for an upcoming season. 

Part I covered beeswax, a honey-like hue of yellow, which complimented regatta, a bright blue lighter that royal and a little deeper than turquoise.  There is another warm color in this season’s palette that is close to beeswax on the color wheel–coral rose.  This is a rich orange close to tangerine and compliments regatta much like beeswax.  A complimentary color scheme pairs opposites on the color wheel and coral rose is nearly opposite regatta. 

People instinctively coordinate accessories with apparel when they have the same color in different shades.  Color experts call this an analogous color scheme that combines a color with adjacent colors on the wheel.  We are in prom season right now and prom girls will be searching for accessories for their gowns.  An evening bag shows the coral rose color, which we can imagine accessorizing adjacent colors like orange and peach or complimenting hues of blue like regatta.

Before we continue with the colors, let’s talk about a helpful tool for coordinating the colors, the color wheel pro.  If coordinating is important to your fashion business, you may want to make a small investment into this tool.  Spin the color wheel to any color and it will show the complimenting color on the opposite side. An analogous color scheme offers another alternative.   Pairing with colors adjacent to the chosen shade creates analogous coordination.  A third possibility is a triadic color scheme that divides the color wheel into a pie with three equal pieces.  This scheme says Color Wheel Pro, “is not as contrasting as the complementary scheme, but it looks more balanced and harmonious”. 

Returning to the Pantone palette, another blue, very close to turquoise, is Blue Curacao. In fact, it is so close to turquoise that we used turquoise earrings as an example of the hue.  This color can combine with the same two warm colors that complimented regatta.  Curacao is actually an island in the Caribbean so the implication is this is a Caribbean color.

Close to the family of blues is lavender, a romantic color.  Pantone suggest pairing with beeswax or coral rose for unique results.  An amethyst bracelet displays the color here.  This gemstone, once reserved for royalty, is popping up in the showcases of boutiques and upscale department stores. Expect to see plenty of amethyst this summer.  It is a gorgeous way to display lavender color plus the gemstone jewelry formed by nature is perceived to have intrinsic value. 

The neutral color in the palette is silver cloud, a soft grey that accessorizes easily.  Grey has been popular in recent seasons and seems to be a fashion favorite to continue, at least for the near future.  Pictured is a scarf in the color that can tone down some of the vivid colors of the palette while accessorizing them. 

The remaining two colors, Pantone describes as nude hues.  The color, a little darker than champagne made a big splash in 2009 and has been with us since.  The first is silver peony, which has a slight pinkish cast.  The necklace set shown with swirling hues captures the color.

The introduction of the color in 2009 presented it in the near champagne tone as mentioned.  Since then the color has expanded to include a range of skin tones and Pantone includes russet in the category this season—a color with a light brown hue.  A crystal bracelet demonstrates the color. 

Jewelry and accessories can bring the season’s palette to solid colors and neutrals, which often updates last year’s wardrobes with this season’s colors.  Also, when apparel uses the season’s palette, accessories and jewelry can coordinate with hues in adjacent colors or a complimentary color, so the range of tones in jewelry can be very wide. 

Helping customers make striking combinations with jewelry and accessories will build the stature of your shop and clientele returning.

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 A quick glance at the spring and summer palette will make you think this season’s colors are in a Caribbean theme.  But a closer look at Pantone’s palette reveals hues that don’t fit into Caribbean—colors like beeswax, russet, and silver peony.  Pantone says the inspiration is exotic destinations like Africa, Peru, Turkey, and India. 

While black, white, and the metal colors of silver or gold plating are timeless in fashion jewelry and accessories, the season’s palette is important because these hues that change with each new season are part of the excitement of fashion consumers look forward to each year.  These colors keep your accessories in tune with what is going on in apparel.  Pantone points out that the palette has a mix of warm and cool colors and an interesting point is that many colors are opposites on the color wheel so pairing apparel and accessories in these opposites has stunning results.  

Turquoise is the color of the year and we will come back to that, but let’s begin with regatta, a blue that is a little deeper than turquoise and much lighter than royal.  This is a cool color that is soothing and the color opposite it on the color wheel is beeswax, which is the next color featured.  Apparel and accessories using the combination create a classic complimentary color scheme of opposites.  Color experts call this combination of opposites a complimentary color scheme.  Create this combination in your store because it will be a key look for the spring and summer. 

Beeswax has yellow edging towards honey that delivers an almost butterscotch color.  Consider the combination with regatta mentioned above when combining with apparel.   Shown is a ladies dress hat that can really stand out with a regatta suit.  Another way to accessorize the color is coordinating with the hues adjacent to the color on the color wheel.  This is referred to as an analogous color scheme where accessories or jewelry has a slightly different hue than the apparel. 


Before we continue, let’s cover turquoise that is the color of the year.  For at least three years, turquoise has been important in fashion. It contributed to a boom in gemstone jewelry that is still going on.  When consumers see so much turquoise jewelry in the market at affordable prices, they wonder can it be real.    With gemstone quality of turquoise costing $1,500 per pound, we know for sure that it is not top grade turquoise. 

Actually, the turquoise used in fashion jewelry in nearly all reconstituted.  What does that mean?  Well…, low quality turquoise is ground up and mixed with resin and dye and then formed into stones or sheets, from which stones are cut.  The outside receives an attractive coating and the components of the jewelry still have the cold feel of characteristic of turquoise. 

The value is far less, but the fashion jewelry created with these stones has a gorgeous look that cannot be ignored.   While most of the gemstone jewelry like rose quartz and tiger’s eye has some intrinsic value, the value of the reconstituted turquoise jewelry is mainly in the artwork.  This season turquoise jewelry is back again with fresh designs that are gracing the showcases of upscale fashion retailers and department stores. 

Now back to the palette for spring.  If you print Pantone’s Fashion Color Report for Spring 2011, honeysuckle is on the cover.   This pleasing rosy color suggests a Caribbean theme.  Pantone says it “makes customers feel alive, and is a perfect post-winter pick me up”.  We are in spring right now with Easter approaching, so imagine this color in ladies dress hats going with a suit.  The suit can be match, an adjacent color with a different hue, or a complimentary color.  In this case, the opposite on the color wheel is peapod, the color we will cover next.  This pairing of apparel and accessories is striking and may be something most would not have tried.  In Part II of the color blog, we will provide information about tools that make combining colors easy. 

The final color in Part I is peapod.  This is a soft green color with a tinge of yellow that Pantone says “is reminiscent of the green shoots that signify change and new beginnings traditionally found in spring”.  The necklace set shown provides the color which would be stunning with honeysuckle apparel as well as with other hues of green.  We have six more colors on the palette that we will cover in Part II. Also look forward to some other novel ways of combining colors.

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  ESCAPISM CONTINUES TO RUN through the Pantone color palette for Spring, bringing images of other continents, other lifestyles, other places.  The colors are mostly bright, as if lit from within by a muted sun.  Here the last five of the top colors make a break with the first five, introducing more intense hues and giving the entire palette greater balance and stronger footing. 

Many of these colors are also found in the top ten color listings for menswear this Spring, like Lavender, Blue Curacao, and Russet.  Here is a rundown of the last five projected big color movers for Spring, colors picked by fashion designers to energize and give special visual impact to clothing and accessories:  

NUMBER SIX:  BLUE CURACAO.  This is a fascinating color that, as Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute, puts it, taps into the popularity of turquoise, Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2010.  “It is a next door neighbor to turquoise,” Eiseman says.  But it also goes further in the dream arena, reminding us not only of the bright Caribbean sea and sky, but also of the South Seas, of Somerset Maugham stories, of Palm trees, sunny days, and orchids blowing on sand. 

NUMBER SEVEN: RUSSET.  Oh!  Where did this come from?  Dramatically deep, this Russet brown is more commonly seen in the fall, but Eiseman tells us more and more designers are using it for Spring this year. She says that people are now more inclined to use the color all year round. Sporting a slightly peachy tone, Russet brown works wonders with a large range of nude tones.

NUMBER EIGHT:  SILVER PEONY.  Ethereal and peachy, silver peony appeals to many women.  It is a real light tan with a distant pink cast, perfect for neutral dressing.  Eiseman sees it as having a romantic attachment that might be made with any color.  Silver Peony goes with almost everything! 




                                          Marriage of Opposites

NUMBER NINE: LAVENDER.  Eiseman contends that purple is the most creative color, noting that many different shades of purple have come on strong in the past few years. “Lavender is very popular with people in fashion.  It comes from a marriage of blue and red, which are absolute opposites.  Artistic and creative people get that.”  Hmmm. 

–Well, this is a beautiful lavender, bright and soft simultaneously, but it is admittedly hard to see the red in it.  Nevertheless, it is very popular with designers this Spring.  Victoria Beckham uses a slightly deeper purple but one certainly in the same family as lavender for a knockout draped silk dress with short skirt and tied front.  The color?  Fantastic!


NUMBER TEN:  SILVER CLOUD.   This is truly a hot color.  “Silver Cloud is a quintessential classic neutral that is practical, dependable, and can always be used as a background color,” Eiseman says. It also appeals to a wide range of consumers, from young to old.  It is on one hand dressy and regal, on the other, super-modern and edgy. 

–VPL by Victoria Bartlett created a long grey (certainly Silver Cloud) sweatshirt dress with bold nude insets balancing skin against the classy Silver Cloud color presence. Juan Carlos Obando also worked with a rich grey, this one in shiny satiny material, for thigh-tight pants with flared bottoms.  Rebecca Taylor sent one of her models down the runway in a gossamer below-the-knee skirt with white sweater top, and carrying a small silver-colored shoulder bag.     

                                              Other Places

QUITE a VIBRANT color journey, wouldn’t you say?  This Spring’s colors are exciting and new, and promise to give plenty of sales power to fashion clothes and accessories. Orange, Sea Green.  Sky Blue.  They are all here. Dreams of Bali.  Dreams of the Gold Coast.  Dreams of deep Africa.  Colors that duplicate the Pantone list and colors that are variants on the same basic theme.  What a season this promises to be!



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   COLOR!  THE LOOK OF SPRING is invariably tied to the major colors used by designers for warm weather fashion and accessories, and this year – Spring 2011 – the colors are bright, almost as if a light were on behind them, flooding through them with early morning brilliance.

These are not urban colors, but they are global.  They are not sophisticated colors, but they are intriguing.  In combination, they can often become fascinating, what with their origins echoing hues seen in Africa, India, Peru, and Turkey.   

Escapism is the key theme for Spring colors, according to the Pantone Color Institute.  Leatrice Eiseman, Pantone’s executive director, says that everything is a little more exotic this season.  “It really has to do with everything that is happening in the world.  There is still a lot of concern about the economy and life in general.”

Designers have also set their sights on some far-off places for spring shades, as one leading fashion publication puts it. Here are the “paradise found” color results of those musings:


                                            The Hot Color List      

NUMBER ONE: HONEYSUCKLE:  More designers are using this color than any other for Spring.  It is a vibrant, bright rose, a “feel good” color as Eiseman puts it.  “People are looking for something that gives them a lift,” she says. “Everyone has been feeling a bit lethargic.  Honeysuckle is flirtatious and has more of a playful attitude.”

NUMBER TWO: REGATTA:  Going sailing, anyone?  Here is the perfect rich-girl water color.  It is a medium blue, not at all Navy, but perfect for times on and around the sea.  This is a cooling tone, differing from Honeysuckle, and it has a calming appeal.  “And…who doesn’t like blue?” Eiseman asks.  Tommy Hilfiger uses this color brilliantly in a delightful combination of girl-plus-boy outfits,  a play on country-club style.  He features a very short pleated skirt with halter for ladies, and a skinny leg Spring suit for men, all in Regatta. Don’t miss the thin blue belt, the high blue shoes, and the bright orange socks.  Wow!

   –Interesting point:  Regatta is not only hot for women, but it comes in as the Number One color for men for Spring as well!




                            The Important Orange-Yellow Input

NUMBER THREE: CORAL ROSE.  This is a bright, eye-opening orange.  It is very Spring-like,” Eiseman says.  “It fits right into the whole idea of exotic colors because oranges have been around for several seasons.”  Diane von Furstenberg uses the color delightfully in a short sleeved over blouse with zipper front, and pairs it exotically with a blue-purple straight skirt with the new, longer length.  It is a very elegant look.

NUMBER FOUR: BEESWAX.   As Eiseman puts it, “Beeswax makes you think of honey – it is not acidic.  It is also a reminder of far-off lands.”  Beeswax appears now as an extension of the popularity that yellow has been gaining in recent seasons.  It is a very important color. Cynthia Rowley uses the color imaginatively in a straight lined, below the knee skirt perforated with giant holes.  Wild! A slightly softer version of the color pops up from Malandrino, seen in a pair of dropped crotch baggy cargo pants.   This one might have done better left on the drawing boards.

NUMBER FIVE: PEAPOD.  Oh, my!  This is a bright, young, happy green.  As Eiseman says “It plays to two things – new beginnings and a sign of Spring.”  It works well as a neutral and generally goes with anything.  See it in gemstone necklaces, shoes, handbags, scarves, and more.  From Philosophy di Alberto Ferretti, this wonderful green is the background color for a fun, short playsuit, worn with coral high-heeled sandals and a rice-patty peasant hat. Threads of the Orient don’t overwhelm its “just-right-for-Cannes” appearance.




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