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In some ways, wholesale scarves are a sleeper.  They don’t get a lot of fanfare and yet they are important inwholesale scarves in Christmas design accessorizing—even more important at Christmas.  Why at Christmas?  Because scarves are a tasteful way to accessorize for the Holidays.  They also make easy gifts to give.


Still scarves seem to lack stability.  New styles constantly pop up and disappear within a few years.  Sometimes they are gone in one season.  However, there are stable wholesale scarves that are timeless.



poinsettia scarf

Wholesale scarves have been in our line for more than 25 years.  The first scarves we carried are still the top selling ones today.  THIS IS STABILITY!  We are talking about polyester oblongs.  They have gorgeous prints, solid colors, themes—just about everything you want in a scarf.


The polyester scarves have a silky feel.  Most measure 13 inches wide and 60 inches long.  Your customers can wear them long, wrap them closer to the neck, or tie them in bows or rosettes.  Wendy’s Lookbook will show you 25 ways to wear them in 4 ½ minutes.


These oblongs also have something for any time of the year, for every holiday and season.  Of course, the season that is important right now is Christmas.  Christmas scarves have prints ranging from elegant to fun.  The poinsettia scarf shown is hard to beat for elegance.

snowman scarf

On the fun side, Christmas scares have cute themes like the snowman scarf on the left.



Beyond Christmas, wholesale scarves in polyester cover nearly every holiday.  The first event after Christmas is Valentine’s Day followed by Mardi Gras.  Yes, there are oblongs for both these occasions, and for Easter, St. Patrick’s Day, and Halloween.



wholesale scarves religious theme

These timeless scarves also fill many needs in themes.  Often church groups and choirs need matching scarves in a religious theme.  This theme has an entire sub-category dedicated to it.


Patriotic events and holidays call for Americana prints with stars and stripes.  Choral groups, theatres, and choirs want music themes.  New Orleans and Louisiana residents love fleur-de-lis scarves.

wholesale polyester scarves

In addition, there are many other themes like occupations for teachers, dentists, and doctors.  There are garden themes like butterflies and blossoms, also safari themes like zebras, elephants, and animal prints.  These wholesale scarves are truly versatile.  That is the main reason they make great Christmas gifts.



Polyester oblongs come in solid colors, but another popular scarf that delivers color is pashminas.  Originally, the soft undercoat of pashmina goats found high in the Himalayas provided the wool for these scarves.  One goat shed 3 to 5 ounces of this sort undercoat every spring.  No doubt, this was an expensive process.


Later herds were started in Mongolia’ reducing the price.  Today these scarves wholesale for under $6 so you know we are not talking the same material and procedure.  Still pashmina scarves today have a very soft feel and are excellent for providing solid color.  These scarves first became popular about five years ago and now are a household word.  That makes them an excellent choice to go with polyesters in your scarf display.



Most retailers find it hard to keep up with trendy scarves.  Many are a one-season flash in the pan. If you have talent at accessorizing with scarves and can show your customer, trendy scarves are for you.  If not, watch Wendy’s Lookbook video with a link above and you will know all you need to know to sell polyesters.


If you want trendy scarves, visit that category on our site and you will find a variety in Ikat prints, rayons, and boho for the sixties look.  There are also crinkle scarves, animal prints, and paisley prints.  Wholesale scarves serve a lot of markets and satisfy a number of customers.  They are important as Christmas gifts.  When stocking for the Holidays, don’t overlook this key item that never makes a big splash, but always sells.

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 Valentines Day—it comes in the dead of winter, the most frigid month of the year, yet it stirs warm feelings for sweethearts and couples. 


A mountain of cards, flowers, and candy are exchanged to show sweethearts and spouses how much they are loved.  Yet small business has to love Valentine’s Day even more with total sales reaching 9.3 billion in 2011 according to an About.com article. 



How did it all begin?  The history of Valentines Day is rather confusing.  The name comes from the feast of St. Valentine that falls on February 14; at least it did until the revision of The General Roman Calendar of feast days in 1969.  Prior to that, February 14 was actually the fest day for two St. Valentines—One from Rome and the other from Terni, Italy.    


It’s the one from Rome that is most likely linked to the romantic theme of Valentines Day.  Legend says that Emperor Claudius II cancelled all wedding and engagements in Rome because he felt married men were less likely to serve in the Roman Legion.  St. Valentine secretly married Christian couples and when discovered, was condemned to death by Claudius.  Another legend states he miraculously healed his jailer’s daughter of blindness.  They continued to visit him in prison and before his execution he sent her a note reading, “From your Valentine”. 


A more likely origin of Valentines Day is a belief in Britain and France that birds picked their mates on February 14 and according to The Catholic Encyclopedia this is reflected in Chaucer’s Parliament of Foules that reads:


For this was sent on Seynt Valentyne’s day
Whan every foul cometh ther to choose his mate.



While the origin of Valentines Day is uncertain, there is no question about its importance to small business–Over 1 billion of candy sold, over 190 million cards, and 25% of the annual sales of flower shops.  Best of all, small business is getting a large share of this business. 


What about fashion jewelry and accessory shops?  They have a very important part to play.  Think about it.  Flowers wilt in a week, candy is soon gone, and cards end up in the drawer.  But fashion jewelry provides the gift that lasts.  Gifts that go into the jewelry box will be there as a reminder every time it is opened to retrieve an accessory.  Granted, fashion jewelry will not outpace cards, candy, or flowers for Valentines Day gifts, but it is the great add-on gift that does not perish.  It is the meaningful accessory that stirs feeling every time it is put on.   



What fashion jewelry is most relevant for the occasion?  Every year we see a swell of business in crystal heart brooches, especially brooches with red crystals.  This fashion jewelry speaks for itself as it makes a shimmering statement of love. Four styles share the limelight and all have noticeable size and plenty of glimmer. 


Cupid pins and combinations of cupid and hearts transmit the same feelings with toned down drama.  These cute pins find appeal for all ages. 


Filigree heart lockets are also lifetime keepsakes with a classic design.  The puffy hearts have matching earrings and the quality is superb, crafted by “Best Brand”, a leader in fashion jewelry quality. 


Usually men are shopping for Valentines jewelry for their sweethearts or wives and often they are not comfortable with buying Valentines jewelry and need your help.  The right item depends of the receiver’s personality and age.  Many younger women prefer the look of sterling silver in bracelets or earrings.  Again “Best Brand” does an excellent job in this area.  Many of his creations are dimensionally stamped from a thin sheet of steel, sealed, plated silver, and polished for a finished product that even a jeweler can mistake for sterling.  Why?  Because this quality manufacturer has taken the time to craft fashion jewelry identical to the steps taken for fine jewelry. 


A final consideration for Valentines jewelry is rhinestone.  Rhinestone heart necklaces see a real boost of sales in February.  Sliding on a chain, these rhinestone hearts are easy to wear with outfits throughout the year and the recipient will never forget where it came from. 



According to Aboutflowers spouses receive 57% of Valentines gifts, Moms receive 20%, significant others 20%, and friends 9%


So this opens up other areas we maybe haven’t thought about.  Moms have an easy solution.  We can cheat by going to the Mothers Day selection of jewelry and choose hearts specifically made for Mom. Most are again made by “Best Brand” with that same high quality reported above.  Mix some of these in your Valentines Day presentation.  You may have no competition for such specialized Valentines Day jewelry and you know it will always sell for Mothers Day if there is any inventory left. 


For friends, there is a superb gift that is also very practical—sculptured pewter writing pens with a dimensionally raised design that says “Best Friends”.  Sell-through is no problem here either because we are going into a peak wedding season and these make wonderful bridesmaid gifts.       


Add some decorations and display Valentines jewelry and gifts together to tell a story.  Keeps a jump on all special occasions coming up, arranging each one together in a location to tell a story.  Soon shoppers will realize your business is the go-to location for unique special occasion gifts. 

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Black Friday sales were up a whopping 6.6% according to a Bloomberg article—a shocking surprise that sent the stock market up over 300 points.  The article, basing its results on ShopperTrak data, reports this is the biggest increase ever.  The figures are relating the success of major retailers, but what is happening with small business? 

This year we have seen a push to make consumers aware of supporting small business in their Christmas shopping.  While this will provide some help, the most important draw small fashion businesses have over the majors is in retail areas that they own—areas where consumers trust small business far more than the majors. 

This blog and the following two will cover twelve categories of fashion jewelry and accessories in which small business excels. 



First, consider dress hats, especially church hats.  How rare it is to find an excellent selection of dress hats suitable for church in any of the majors. Church ladies simply do not trust department stores or the majors for headwear that they are so particular about.  Furthermore, they don’t want to see anyone else on Sunday morning wearing the same hat they have.  Small business owns this fashion category. 

Small retailers not only have the selection with variety and styles to please these ladies every season, but they are also there with personal service to help the client pick the perfect headwear for a suit or Sunday dress. 

Is this important for Christmas?  Absolutely!  This is a meaningful gift for Mom if she wears hats to church on Sunday.  These gifts are usually winter dress hats created in felt.  Design ranges from simplicity to extravagant for the many personalities the headwear must please.  Small businesses specializing in dress hats will have the color and style assortment that leaves the scanty selection of department stores and majors far behind.  



Fads in headwear can nearly pop up over night.  As we headed into winter, animal hats suddenly were the rage.  Almost out of nowhere, nearly everyone from youth to adults fell in love with the cute designs in animal hats.  They came mainly in two styles—knit and plush.  Knit animal hats had faces of cats, pandas, koala bears and more weaved into the winter hats with buttons often used for eyes and noses.  

The other style is like the plush of stuffed animals.  These cuddly animal hats come in bears, wolves, moose, pandas, and more.  This is a great boon for small business because they can react almost instantly.   The majors placed their orders for winter goods months ago and have scheduled deliveries.  Anyone that wants these trendy new hats will have to shop small business. Yes, and plenty of people will be looking for it for Christmas gifts considering how fast and strong this trend popped up.  This is one example of how small business can take advantage of fads that suddenly appear.  They have the jump on the majors.    



Scarves can really make a fashion statement when added to an outfit.  However, selecting the right one and how to wear it is an art in itself.  Think of the last time you were in a department store or major retail location.  How hard was it to find a clerk?  Scarves are retuning as an important fashion statement, but retailing them takes a personal touch. 

First of all, the choices can be overwhelming for a consumer.  One style that seems to be timeless in scarves is the polyester oblongs that have a light and airy look and feel of silk.  Available in solids, prints, or themes, these scarves can make an outstanding addition to an ensemble, but the shoppers often need help in making choices.  That’s where the personal service of small business becomes essential.   

Another type of scarf that has enjoyed overwhelming popularity in recent years is pashminas.  The feel is very soft because pashminas are weaved with the undercoat of pashminas goats.  The first herds resided high in the Himalayas, but herds were successfully raised in Mongolia, which is where the wool comes from for Chinese pashminas. 

Originally, the pashminas came in an array of solid colors, but they soon evolved into prints which really have that exotic look of far away lands.  These are definitely boutique-type accessories with a high fashion look.  Yet they are very affordable.

But choosing, coordinating, and how to wear the scarves usually takes some personal service, and how can you get that in a department store when you can’t even find a clerk? Scarves make wonderful Christmas gifts and we can chalk this accessory up as a winner for small business. 


These ready-to-go gift sets were originally a darling of department stores, but these major retailers seem to have a short attention span.  The popularity continued long after the department stores dropped out of the game.  Small business can offer more variety, restock faster, and offer the gift sets cheaper than the department stores that seem to have abandoned this accessory. 

How can you be cheaper than the majors with their huge buying power?  Walk into one of those gorgeous retail locations with oodles of square footage in the high rent district.  How would you like to have their overhead?  While most small business doesn’t have that kind of foot traffic, their overhead is not sending them to the poorhouse. 

Now what is new in these ready-made gifts this year?  First there are some sets for men that include a scarf and stocking cap and are super warm. This is practical gifts that you can retail below $15 for your customers that need a gift for friends, office parties, or relatives. 

Also, a cute new set for women has a heavy cable knit scarf with matching knit cap decorated with knit flowers on one side.  Available in a variety of fashion colors, these instant gifts will sell themselves.


Other choices have faux fur trimmed fleece hat, scarf, and glove sets or the same combination in herringbone.  More are still coming so you can keep adding variety to your selection to please customers. 

Part II will follow shortly with a look at how small business can excel in fashion jewelry.

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In Milan, in Paris,

In New York: 

Scarves enliven runways! 

 wholesale scarves

Even though necklaces dominate at the neckline this fall, scarves are coming in a fast second, picking up designer attention with gusto.  Other accessories are what the word means-they accessorize clothing.  Only the artful scarf can actually integrate with, say, a dress, and impress a whole new personality on the basic dress design.


And that is exactly what scarves are doing this season:  giving clothes a fabulous and feminine new look.   Remember this when dealing with customers, who can not only benefit from a new scarf in general, but they can often bypass the cost of an entirely new outfit by updating an existing one with a good scarf.

 animal print scarves

HOT TRENDS:  This season, it is important for retailers to theme their choices to incoming fashion trends:  Animal prints are bigger than ever.  Stripes and geometrics are particularly in demand for fall and winter, in black and white as well as in bright, exciting colors.  Artful florals may suit your customer base; think Georgia O’Keefe flowers here – big, brilliant, dramatic. And paisleys are back in a big way, with all their classic elegance. Bling continues: silver or gold thread and satiny looks keep glamour, and customer demand, high. 


Designer Ralph Lauren has long been an advocate of scarves, starting with his signature ascot, gracing the shirt collar of his equestrian-style sportswear ensembles.  This season he imaginatively wrapped a wispy scarf around the neck several times, creating the look of a bulky, soft choker.  It set off a full-length evening dress magnificently, and showed just how much can be done with scarves when you put your mind to it!  In another example, Lauren used an ultra-long scarlet tissue wool scarf to circle the neck and then drape down, as a gorgeous red column, right to the floor. Running the full length of a strapless metallic evening dress, the scarf was bold and imposing.


BUYING CHOICES:  An important point about this year’s scarves is that every length is popular. Dolce & Gabbana, for example, used a subtle, soft grey/white/charcoal/gold, short neckerchief as the focal point atop a luxurious cream dress at their recent “Seventies” show. It looked terrific! 


Almost every material and weight is also IN for scarves this year. Think about that stunning black, wide floral crochet scarf set almost like a mantilla on Alexander McQueen’s beguiling model! Wool is a hot scarf choice, but so, too, is polyester, often the Number One choice material for scarves. Polyester is generally moderate in price, and it takes dyes well for beautifully clear designs.  But don’t ignore silk, either.  It has traditionally been the premium choice for designer scarf wear.


One of the truly knockout scarves for fall is a silvery metal mesh short scarf, given special runway attention by designer Paul Gaultier. This great looking scarf was encrusted with a low border of cream pearls set in multiple horizontal lines.  Dynamite!  Gaultier placed this stunner on his severely tailored, grey woman-executive skirted suit.  Wow. 


GOOD LESSONS:  Helping customers learn new ways to use scarves will unquestionably help increase your sales.  It will also make for many happy buyers.  Working with any of the fresh concepts the top designers come up with is an easy way to expand the design flexibility and even basic functionality of your scarf inventory.  But of course, while you play with new ideas, it is good to remember that some of them will take hold and some will not.

 scarves in color

Actually, the tried-and-true, simple scarf, worn in the traditional manner, continues as a winner and probably will stay that way for many years to come. And while newness sells, what woman does not have a wardrobe of scarves in chosen colors, chosen fabrics, to suit different moods?  But the new scarves, the latest designs…they entice!  A new scarf can give a splash of vibrant IN color to enliven any outfit.  And nothing so easily transforms a dress from yesterday office proper to this-moment evening sizzle as the addition of a wonderful new scarf.


                                                  *            *            *


WHAT’S SELLING:  Sandra Wilson, accessories fashion director for Neiman Marcus, says her firm has done very well with clutches with unique styling and color. She also thinks it is important to offer great trend choices for well-priced exotics.



purple glass necklace

NOT AGAIN!!! Well, we’ve said it before but we still can’t say it enough. The color purple is hot, hot, hot this year.  From amethyst to violet and every shade in between purple is taking honors as the super stand-alone color on the designers’ circuit.  This is a strong statement color, but don’t be afraid to move away from safer looks (like purple with tan or black) to wilder combinations.  Among the dynamite looks now:  Purple pitted against gold, or paired with bright green.

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