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Sales figures for most small fashion businesses experienced a continuous slide over the last few years. But something is happening now that points to a big improvement in business ahead–not in the distant future, but starting right now. Falling gas prices are putting a big chunk of money back in consumers’ pockets. Market Watch uses Goldman Sachs research to predict households will save $1,100 a year with gas prices at $2.80 in 2015. Prices are already hitting $2.00 per gallon in Louisiana, which means the savings to the average household will be far greater than $1,100.

In addition, lower fuel prices can also translate to reduced prices in utilities, manufactured goods, groceries, and any other consumer goods that move by truck. The flip side is some loss of jobs because of cutbacks in the oil industry. This is regrettable. But if oil is at $65 per barrel, most companies can continue to operate profitably and consumers can benefit from savings. Quartz.com reports that every time oil prices fell in modern times, it spurred the economy. A robust economy grows more jobs, more paychecks, and more consumer spending. .

So with a rosy outlook for the economy, what do we need to have in the showcases now? The answer is the subject of this newsletter.

You can view the entire January 2015 Newsletter Here

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The Drive of Christmas Giving that the Economy Can’t Stop

Every time we are in a slow economy when the end of the year approaches, economist release their dire predictions for Christmas shopping. But when Christmas on 34th Street starts playing on TV and Silent Night on the radio, hearts melt and everything changes. Se we can never count Christmas out.

Start with some classy Christmas jewelry especially the pendants that double as a pin and have the look of sterling silver. Do you remember the sterling puffy hearts that were once a rage? A stamping process created the puffy hearts from a thin sheet of silver. They were hollow inside, creating lightweight pieces that were nice size.

The rising price of sterling hindered development of new designs. But an innovative manufacturer picked up the idea using the same process with thin sheets of steel to produce jewelry that looked identical to sterling. The line is mainly pendants and earrings. Most of the pendants have a pin back letting them double as pins. Some of the very classy Christmas jewelry is part of this line.

The Christmas pendants and earrings provide the expensive look of sterling silver in more affordable fashion jewelry. Add some chokers from the choker selection so your customers have an attractive way to wear the pendants. The Christmas pendants have a classy and expensive look for your customers to wear, but they also make a meaningful Christmas gift with the valuable look of sterling silver.

Next Newsletter: What is Hot for the Holidays

The next newsletter will explore all the new items for the Holiday stretch. Your success concerns us. Looking back over the year, the economists’ predictions for consumer buying have missed the target most of the year. The coming upturn has not happened. We are working hard to find the items that will make it happen for you. That is what our next newsletter is about.

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Mardi Gras Balls and More

Need takes lots of avenues. All the commitments to balls, church events, charities and fundraisers, homecoming, school events are needs. And there are plenty more like prom, bridal, and seasonal changes like warm weather clothing.

A good example of need in our area is Mardi Gras Balls. Those chosen as kings, queens, and members of the court consider it a great honor. The privilege also creates needs. Royalty needs crowns, tiaras, scepters, gloves and favors.

Call-out gifts for formal dancing are another need for favors. Other Krewe members give favors to those sharing their table. There are plenty of other expenses, but the ones mentioned are items any local retailer in the fashion accessory industry can provide.

Find the needs in your area. Outfitting homecoming courts is one idea. They need crowns, scepters, jewelry, suits, and gloves. This year as a cost saving measure, many courts are using fascinators instead of dress hats. You have access to all of this through our website.

Church groups are another need. With Christmas coming, many choirs want matching scarves and sometimes ties for special music renditions. Be creative and find the needs that generate sales in your area or your niche market.

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High School Football Jewelry and More

To capitalize on high school sports jewelry requires some creativity because football charm bracelet with so many high schools around the country, manufacturers can’t produce a line for each one. But you can capture the local market by putting together your own line.

The easiest way to present a football theme is with generic football jewelry like the sports bracelet shown. Find football themed jewelry under the categories of sports bracelets, earrings, necklaces, and pendants on the site.

Just as easy is licensed sports jewelry for universities. It is also under the sports jewelry category on the site and includes major schools like LSU and Alabama as well as licensed jewelry for popular universities like The Ragin Cajuns and Southern.

But to have jewelry and accessories that customers will immediately recognize as your local high school, two ingredients are important–school colors and mascots. Two items help with school colors — school color bracelets and school colors in beads for chokers and necklaces.

For chokers and necklaces using suede cord or other materials that are loose beads thicker than monofilament line, you need beads with a 4 mm opening. Under loose beads, the site has color combinations that will go with nearly any school. Now all the fiber optic beads are 99 cents for a pack of 12.

Also, find chokers under fashion jewelry that help build your custom jewelry for the local schools. Use the search on the site to see if we have pendants for your mascot. Price all the items separately so customers can build their own sale and input their own creativity with the components. This makes you the only source for items that appeal to an avid market-a nice combination that builds sales.

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Themes have two drawing cards-attractive craftsmanship and a theme that touches the heart of the shopper.  Customers buy it because of their own attachment to the theme or as a gift for others with a deep interest in the theme

For niche items to be successful you must match the product to a cluster group of shoppers-they have to be interested in the product presented.  Second, you must make a statement with a heavy concentration of the theme.  At outdoor events, the entire booth is often dedicated to one theme or category.

Examples you may have seen recently are booths dedicated to jellyfish in glass, or glass jewelry with the artist working a torch and holding people in awe.  How many times have you seen an entire booth of hematite?  This is also a nice markup business for you. Booths of theme pendants and earrings are rarely seen because vendors don’t have access to wide selection of nicely crafted metal theme pendants and earrings, but you do.

Hopefully these suggestions will stir creative ideas that will pick up summer business. Also, check out bridal jewelry, bridal gloves, evening bags, and tiaras on the site for June brides.

nursing pendant Theme Pendants and Earrings-Most of the pendants and earrings under the theme category are created by Best, a leader in quality fashion jewelry.  The detail and workmanship will certainly draw admiring eyes.  But the real drawing card is the themes that are so well designed.  Nearly any theme that suits your customer base can be found here-sea life, sports, motorcycles, gardening, western, horses, cheerleaders, seasonal, wildlife, pets, and more.  Use the search on the site to find your theme. Put in single words in the singular to get the most results

Flag tie Theme Ties – Ties create a theme for men.  You can find ties in sports themes as well as occupational, sea life, gaming, pets, classic cars and more.  The most popular themes have their own categories-American flag, Christian, seasonal, and Masonic ties. 

religious scarvesTheme Scarves – Infinity scarves are the trendy scarf today, but the scarf wth timeless longevity is the polyester oblongs that is cool in summer and has themes that capture the heart.  Included are Christian themes plus occupations, seasonal, music, Americana, garden, and animal themes.

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What can niche markets do for small business in the fashion industry?  First, let’s begin with the challenges these small businesses face.  Entrepreneurs in the fashion industry are a hardy lot of people.  They face what often seem insurmountable challenges and yet always find a way to move forward.  The economy, competition from the majors, and government regulations are only a few of the challenges.  Yet this special group of people overcomes with drive, imagination, and creativity.

Niche Market Report from ColoradoStateUniversity

A report from the Colorado State University that is actually focusing on agriculture provides idea that apply to all businesses including fashion businesses.  It begins with the line, “Niche markets are an attractive opportunity available to small businesses forced to compete against the scale economies that larger competitors are able to achieve.”  That is an academic way of saying niche markets can level the playing field.


The report begins with a search for like-minded consumers that become cluster groups.  This is a niche market.  A plan to focus on their wants is filling the need with products for a niche market.


Appealing to Consumers with Niche Market Product Line

The report concentrates on the cluster group side of niche markets, but there is a flipside also thatMurano style glass bracelet applies very easily to fashion businesses.  Many entrepreneurs already use it.  That is to draw customers by concentrating on a narrow segment of merchandise.  Reducing this idea to a simple example, let’s think about swap meets or craft shows.  Booth focused on a narrow product line normally draws more customers.  And a gathering of customers usually translates into a crowd of customers that want to see what everybody is interested in.


A booth filled with nothing by beautiful blooming orchids can’t miss.   Recently booths with jellyfish in glass draw crowds.  Glass jewelry booths with the artist using a torch to create a new piece have shoppers standing in awe.


Niche Markets in Fashion Jewelry and Accessories

What are some niche markets in jewelry and accessories that appeal to shoppers?   There are two ways to capture attention with niche markets.  First, concentrating on one particular item in fashion jewelry or accessories that is in demand creates a niche market, especially if it is unique.  The second method will be covered in the following blog.    Here are a few examples of focusing on narrow product lines.



Have you seen booths full of hematite jewelry at flea markets of swap meets?  Hematite has at leasthematite necklace two drawing cards.  First necklaces use pendants to create themes—different pendants to appeal to everyone from teens to seniors.  Second, many consumers credit hematite jewelry with pain relief since it is an iron derivative.  This is widely believed and the lack of support in medical journals doesn’t change the opinion of many.  Normally markup is good with wholesale hematite jewelry retailing at 3 to 4 times markup.


Gemstone jewelry seems to have some magic at outdoor events that draw a crowd.  Semi preciousreconstituted turquoise necklace set jewelry in bracelets, necklaces, and earrings have interesting banding, inclusions, and natural colors.  Stones always have a way to capture interest and they also have lots of stories that can keep shoppers intrigued.  A booth can contain a mix of gemstones or concentrate on one, like turquoise—the most popular semi precious stone.


The music jewelry and accessory niche puts the shoe on the other foot.  So far we have been talkingmusic brooch about product niches—a narrow line of products like all hematite jewelry.  The music theme uses the idea in the report from ColoradoStateUniversity—providing a want or need to a group of like-minded people—a cluster group.


Gift shops in a music theater or near one can capitalize on the music theme.  That sounds like a very small number of shops.  But there is another way to capitalize on this market.  That is to go to the event when they allow vendors.  Every kind of music festival and concert is a potential market.  These people love music and are definitely interested customers.  This niche is important enough tht we have a category dedicated to it on our website.

FLEUR-DE-LIS JEWELRYfleur-de-lis necklace set

Fleur-de-lis jewelry mushroomed in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina.  Actually, fleur-de-lis jewelry was in our Louisiana tourist line before the Hurricane and didn’t sell very fast.  But what a shock the sudden rise of fleur-de-lis jewelry and accessories was after the Hurricane.


Nine years later fleur-de-lis jewelry is still important enough to be a niche market.  The popularity spread throughout the country.  Since Katrina, fleur-de-lis jewelry


STRAW HATSwholesale straw hats

Hats can always be a niche market, especially in the summer.  However, focusing on one category of hats creates a stronger market—for example, church hats.


For summer events, especially outdoor events, casual hats can be a booth or store that draws.  If you want to narrow the niche even further, think about straw hats.  Straw hats have a range from durable festival hats to boutique quality raffia hats and sewn-and-braid wheat straw hats.

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In some ways, wholesale scarves are a sleeper.  They don’t get a lot of fanfare and yet they are important inwholesale scarves in Christmas design accessorizing—even more important at Christmas.  Why at Christmas?  Because scarves are a tasteful way to accessorize for the Holidays.  They also make easy gifts to give.


Still scarves seem to lack stability.  New styles constantly pop up and disappear within a few years.  Sometimes they are gone in one season.  However, there are stable wholesale scarves that are timeless.



poinsettia scarf

Wholesale scarves have been in our line for more than 25 years.  The first scarves we carried are still the top selling ones today.  THIS IS STABILITY!  We are talking about polyester oblongs.  They have gorgeous prints, solid colors, themes—just about everything you want in a scarf.


The polyester scarves have a silky feel.  Most measure 13 inches wide and 60 inches long.  Your customers can wear them long, wrap them closer to the neck, or tie them in bows or rosettes.  Wendy’s Lookbook will show you 25 ways to wear them in 4 ½ minutes.


These oblongs also have something for any time of the year, for every holiday and season.  Of course, the season that is important right now is Christmas.  Christmas scarves have prints ranging from elegant to fun.  The poinsettia scarf shown is hard to beat for elegance.

snowman scarf

On the fun side, Christmas scares have cute themes like the snowman scarf on the left.



Beyond Christmas, wholesale scarves in polyester cover nearly every holiday.  The first event after Christmas is Valentine’s Day followed by Mardi Gras.  Yes, there are oblongs for both these occasions, and for Easter, St. Patrick’s Day, and Halloween.



wholesale scarves religious theme

These timeless scarves also fill many needs in themes.  Often church groups and choirs need matching scarves in a religious theme.  This theme has an entire sub-category dedicated to it.


Patriotic events and holidays call for Americana prints with stars and stripes.  Choral groups, theatres, and choirs want music themes.  New Orleans and Louisiana residents love fleur-de-lis scarves.

wholesale polyester scarves

In addition, there are many other themes like occupations for teachers, dentists, and doctors.  There are garden themes like butterflies and blossoms, also safari themes like zebras, elephants, and animal prints.  These wholesale scarves are truly versatile.  That is the main reason they make great Christmas gifts.



Polyester oblongs come in solid colors, but another popular scarf that delivers color is pashminas.  Originally, the soft undercoat of pashmina goats found high in the Himalayas provided the wool for these scarves.  One goat shed 3 to 5 ounces of this sort undercoat every spring.  No doubt, this was an expensive process.


Later herds were started in Mongolia’ reducing the price.  Today these scarves wholesale for under $6 so you know we are not talking the same material and procedure.  Still pashmina scarves today have a very soft feel and are excellent for providing solid color.  These scarves first became popular about five years ago and now are a household word.  That makes them an excellent choice to go with polyesters in your scarf display.



Most retailers find it hard to keep up with trendy scarves.  Many are a one-season flash in the pan. If you have talent at accessorizing with scarves and can show your customer, trendy scarves are for you.  If not, watch Wendy’s Lookbook video with a link above and you will know all you need to know to sell polyesters.


If you want trendy scarves, visit that category on our site and you will find a variety in Ikat prints, rayons, and boho for the sixties look.  There are also crinkle scarves, animal prints, and paisley prints.  Wholesale scarves serve a lot of markets and satisfy a number of customers.  They are important as Christmas gifts.  When stocking for the Holidays, don’t overlook this key item that never makes a big splash, but always sells.

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Tourist destinations are having their Christmas right now.  Beach locations are doing just fine.  But nearly all other small businesses in the fashion industry are in the summer doldrums.  Well here’s an idea that can get you excited!  A travel down some trails of niche markets can open opportunities never explored before.  This can get some creative engines humming.  And the result is new energy to lift those summer sales figures.



What do we mean by niche markets?  When we talk about fashion jewelry, we are talking about a broad market.  A market so broad that many retailers may think the fashion jewelry market isn’t any good anymore.  But when you ask what about glass jewelry, or fleur-de-lis jewelry, or gemstone jewelry, or theme pendants—the answer will be this one is good or that one, or maybe all of them.  They are all niche markets—small markets under the larger umbrella of fashion jewelry.

Next let’s imagine we have a booth at a flea market or festival and we are going to load the booth with one type of item—one niche market.  When you look at successful booths at flea markets, festivals, or similar summer events, that what they do—they make a statement with one niche market.



In accessories, theme neckties are a niche market.  I have seen shops built entirely on this product.  The wholeAmerican flag ties shop is theme neckties.  There is no question that women have a ton of ways to express themselves with jewelry and accessories.  But if guys want to broadcast their interests, they are pretty much limited to ball caps and tee shirts.  What about all the guys that are not tee-shirt/ball-cap type of guys?  What about the guy that has to put on a suit for his job everyday?  Or what about gifts for these guys?


Anyone that remembers Christmas in the sixties knows the stereotype gift for Dad was a tie.  Maybe all those electronic gadgets and tools advertised on TV have stolen the show at Christmas, but now there’s a new twist to the necktie business—theme ties.  And this gets to the point of how guys can express their interests.


Novelty ties cover a range of themes including occupations, sports, recreation, pets, gaming, and local themes.  But some ties on the site have their own category and that is because they are particularly strong.  These include American flag ties, religious ties, Masonic ties, and solid color ties.


solid color tiesThe first three groups are important for convention vendors.  Every year there’s tons of conventions for veterans, churches, and Masonic organizations.  Ties in theses themes move in quantity.  Gift shops also benefit in any city that is a convention destination.  Gift shops in cities that the convention goers hail from benefit as well.   And that booth or shop specializing in neckties will always sell a fair share of these themes.


The final category—solid color ties—suits many organizations, special events, schools, and work uniforms.  Visit the mall and you will see how scarce solid color ties are.  The people needing ties in certain colors have no choice.  It’s a need.



If I were setting up the booth, gemstone jewelry would be my product. Gemstone has everything—color, unique banding and inclusions, design, and stories to tell.  Someone’s objection might be gemstone peaked a few years ago.  My answer is gemstone is timeless.  It was here before it was a rage and it is still in the showcases of upscale department stores like Dillard’s and Macy’s after the rage.


A booth of this stuff will show color for every outfit and every possible design from small heart necklaces forSemi Precious heart necklace younger shoppers to statement pieces for the fashionable.  Gemstone has an intrinsic value the customer recognizes even though wholesale gemstone jewelry has pricing comparable to fashion jewelry.


agate necklace setAgates, jasper, carnelian, tiger’s eye, rose quartz, coral, turquoise—a booth can show 50 to 100 different stones made into jewelry and each one has story with it.  Especially at indoor shows, the customer can touch the semi precious jewelry and experience its cold feel.  Jasper, agate, and stones in the quartz family are mostly 7 on the Mohs scale, which means they are harder than glass or steel.  You won’t scratch them with a knife.


A loop or magnifying glass lets shoppers see the inclusions in semi precious stones like carnelian, rose quartz, aventurine, or rutilated quartz.  The inclusions are unique to each piece and will fascinate your customer.  Banding in agate or carnelian adds another interesting feature.


Stones like amethyst that shoppers thought would cost a fortune are available in bracelets and large statementamethyst bracelet necklaces that can be retailer under $20.  A booth full of semi precious jewelry will draw customers like a museum exhibit.  And people in your booth are sure to draw even more people.



The most practical accessory at hot outdoor events is hats.  People just can’t walk by hats.  They have to stop and try them on.  Some can wear a hat so naturally while others are self conscious about whether it looks good.  Have a variety and help the customer, encouraging them when the hat suits them.


wide brim ladies hatHats have something for every age group.  Younger shoppers are into fedoras, cabbies, duckbills, and ball caps.  The fashionable ladies like wide brims and kettle shapes with a brim flipped up all the way around.


Guys like fedoras also.  Straw gamblers and safari hats are popular with them and we can’t forget cowboy hats that are timeless headwear.


In cowboy hats, distressed coloring has been a leading choice for the last several years.  These are hats inDistressed cowboy hat natural straw color with darker staining that looks like the hat has been well-worn with perspiration marks.  Natural straws are equally as good.  These hats can have shapeable brims and a country look that goes great with a pickup truck or day at the beach.


cowgirl hats in colorsColor is good also, especially white, black, or brown cowboy hats.  For cowgirls, fashion colors have really taken off this year and last—colors like hot pink, lime, orange, yellow, and red.  Yes, cowgirl hats in these colors.


Hats are not only an accessory for expressing personality and looking good; they are practical relief in the beating sun.  This is a great niche market in accessories.



Anyone that attends many festivals, swap meets, or craft shows has seen booths full of glass jewelry.  And theyMurano style glass jewelry don’t give it away.  No, glass jewelry usually commands a high retail price, especially if the booth owner is making some of the pieces.  When the artist is working glass into a design with a torch, it is mesmerizing.  But not everyone has that talent.


Even without the artist and torch, a booth of glass jewelry is certain to attract attention.  For one thing, fashion jewelry in recent years seems to be void of color.  Bright colors that are in the seasons’ fashion palettes are hard to find in fashion jewelry.


Glass jewelry can fill the color niche very nicely.  Every color on the palette is available in glass jewelry and plenty of other colors as well.   Gorgeous designs in multicolor cover all bases and provide fun jewelry, especially in the summer.


Glass jewelry also has stories to tell.  The artistic center for creative glass work is Murano Italy.  Through the centuries, they have created Murano glass with suspended designs like clouds of color or islands of glimmering metal particles.  These glass creations are mesmerizing.


Millefiori also hails from Murano Italy.  It means “thousand flowers” and the glass is created by melting glass rods in different colors together and then slicing them.  The surface looks like numerous tiny flowers.


There is more.  Lampwork beads come from the area also.  Using a flame, melted glass creates designs in colorlampwork bead necklace set and shapes adhering to the outside of a bead.  These beads make intriguing bracelets and necklace sets.


Like gemstone, glass jewelry is full of interesting variety, color, and stories to tell.




How do you translate the idea of niche markets to your store without losing the punch?  Borrow a page from upscale department stores.  Look at their showcases.  They take one designer and dedicate a space to their jewelry with some information about the artist.  It makes a statement that draws attention.


Take a few niche markets and concentrate an area for each.  Add some information and decoration to tell a story.  This can be a powerful presentation that will intrigue your customers.  Maybe the niche markets we covered are not for you, but the idea can get creativity flowing to find the right idea.

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Do most small retail fashion businesses slow down in the summer?  That’s a well kept secret.  Little is written about it, but it happens nearly every summer.  I can look at statistics going back five years on our website and see a dip in visitors during the summer months.  Sales figures reflect the same thing.  For most small fashion businesses, summers are going to be slower.  Why does this happen?

First of all, people are going on vacation or doing things outdoors they couldn’t do in winter months.  That means less time shopping and less time in front of the computer.  Also big retail events like prom, Easter, and Mother’s Day are over.


The good news is there are items that have a track record of increased sales in the summer or, at least remaining steady.  While many of the events we look forward to are pasts, there are many that arrive in summer, but receive less fanfare.  Think of all the outdoor retail events that summer brings—swap meets, street fairs, festivals, church picnics, craft shows, flea markets, conventions, garden shows, tourist destinations, and outdoor sporting events.  Opportunities are endless.  We need to change our focus to satisfy consumers’ wants for summer months.


For us, one item surges ahead of all others every summer.  That item is hats.  As someRush Straw safari hat items slow, casual hats pick up the slack.  And there are a variety of hats that sell.  The inexpensive straw hats for festival goers, outdoor workers, and vacationers are high on the list.  Rush straw hats with wide enough brims to provide relief form the sun like safari and gambler hats are big.  Those more interested in looks than shade also like rush straw fedoras.


Women working in their yard or engaged in outdoor events like simple wide brim straws.  Rush and palm straw deliver swinger shapes at inexpensive prices for ladies.

ladies wide brim hat

But when they want something more fashionable, wide brims and super wide brims are the ladies choices.  Upbrims like kettles are also popular ladies summer hats.   And sewn-and-braid wheat straws provide a boutique quality hat inspired by Milan straws.



Besides hats, there categories of jewelry that remain steady or increase in sales during summer months.  Before we get to them, let’s think about the sales opportunities listed above.  Vendors at most of these events have booths and their booths draw customers because they focus on one category of merchandise.  Our business sees three categories of jewelry that vendors chose to make a statement at these events:

  • Hematite Jewelry
  • Gemstone Jewelry
  • Theme Pendants and Earrings



One thing that makes these categories good is they have a story to tell.  Remember aarrowhead hematite necklace decade ago when people wore copper bracelets because they felt the bracelets provided relief from arthritic pain?  Today people believe that about hematite jewelry.  Like copper bracelets, hematite is a mineral.  Many are certain that wearing hematite relieves pain even they will never find it documented in a medical journal.


Another thing about hematite jewelry is all the carved pendants the necklaces have.  These themes pull at the heart strings of many shoppers.  And they are not al themes for gals.  Hematite jewelry also has wolf heads, horses, arrowheads, and other pendants that appeal to guys.  It’s hard to resist this inexpensive jewelry with its steel gray color and high luster.



So many different semi precious stones and each piece unique—you have to love this business.  A booth of gemstone jewelry has endless stories to tell.  These natural stones have banding, inclusions, color, hardness, and a million other things to talk about.


The America Indians used it and probably every culture in the history of the world.  It’s in our blood.  We can’t look down and see an interesting stone without picking it up.  The cold feel indicates it’s real.  If I were doing shows, this would be my booth.



angel fish pendant

Who can resists a booth full of shiny crafted metal dimensionally shaped in every theme imaginable?  That is what the “Best” pendant and matching earring line offers.  This intricately crafted fashion jewelry is the collectibles of the next generation.  Most pieces are stamped from a thin sheet of steel with dimensionally raised shape with detail that is unbelievable.  From motorcycles to flower blossoms and baseball Mom pendants, this line hardly misses a theme.

Some are epoxied with color, but most have a high polished silver plated finish that can’t be distinguished from sterling silver.  The pendant numbers begin with PD.  If you change the PD to FS and put the code number starting with FS in the search on the site, it will bring up the matching earrings and you can make sets.  For the utmost in craftsmanship, it is hard to beat this line in fashion jewelry.  A booth of this merchandise draws a crowd.



Everyone knows summer is vacation time, but it is also a time when many organizations have their conventions.  What are the major conventions that assemble during the summer months?  Church conventions, Veterans groups, and Masonic conventions have to be among the most numerous.  Certain items see a sharp increase in sales because of these conventions.



white church hats

At church conventions, many congregations require their members to wear a white dress hat on a certain day.  This increases the demand for white church hats at a time when many wholesalers are out of dress hats.  We try to be long in white church hats to prepare for the summer demand.  Sinamays, organzas, pillboxes, and satin braid hats—nearly everything your customers will want in white church hats is still available on the site.


Scarves are also important for these conventions.  Church conventions like scarves inReligious scarves religious themes.  These are not easy to find.  We do our best to keep as many designs as possible in our selection of scares to fill this need.


Since many of these conventions are gospel music workshops, music scarves also do well.  Even if you are not a convention vendor, many of these items will sell in your shop for your customers going to conventions.



American flag tie

Men’s ties that have themes are important items for summer conventions.  Our site has a category for Masonic ties, religious ties, and American flag ties.  These categories fill the needs for Masonic conventions, Church conventions, and Veterans conventions.  Again, if your shop is near the convention center or your customers are going to attend, you have an excellent opportunity to move this merchandise.  Summer is the best time of the year for these theme ties, mostly because of all these conventions.


This is the tip of the iceberg for items that increase in sales during the summer months.  So we can feel better about summer business.  In the seventies, our business concentrated on American Indian jewelry and we did a lot of festivals and outdoor events.  In those days, summer was the best time of the year and I hated to see it end.

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Small business owners are an amazing category of people.  Often they face insurmountable odds and still come out on top.  Why do we start out this blog with this thought?  Because we are in the drive towards Christmas and small business entrepreneurs are facing a host of challenges–competition from big box companies, uncertainty about future business, and questionable government policies. Still these entrepreneurs are undaunted.  They truly are survivors.   

 unique writing pens

Already, they have survived the Great Recession.  They ignore obstacles and use creativity to drive forward.  If you are part of this group, be proud.  This industrious class of people creates half the jobs in America.  They deserve the support of consumers.  This is where shoppers find the unique and unusual gifts and accessories.  Small business can react to changes in the market almost instantly so that is where the latest in fashion is also.  They cater to the individual and provide many products in demand that are too specialized to concern the majors.  


As a wholesaler, we get a feel for the inventory small business is stocking for the Christmas season.  Check out these unique items where small business provides the variety and specialized service unavailable at the majors. 


Church Hats

Fall church hat

Church hats are a favorite gift for many Moms that wear at hat to services on Sunday.  They want something special that no one else will be wearing and they want it tailored to their taste.  Small business is the only place to trust for this.  Usually for Christmas, it is winter dress hats, but sometimes spring hats Christmas gifts since that is the next season.  Felts are always popular for winter.  Satin braid is also a popular choice and these dress hats transcend seasons so are always in style. 




Fascinators have a two hundred year history of going in and out of fashion.  Well, the royal wedding certainly put fascinators back on the “in” list.  The popularity mushroomed after the wedding and is currently in demand by half the population while the other half is still discovering them.  But where are you going to find them in the major retailers.  Consumers locate this item in small business.


Rhinestone Jewelry

rhinestone jewelry

The first thing after Christmas is New Years.  What can be a more useful gift than elegant rhinestone jewelry?  Whether consumers are shopping for themselves or for gifts, this jewelry only has wide selections to choose from in small business establishments. 




Men’s Ties

men's ties

Sure, every department store and men’s shop sells neckties, but what about specialized ties that show thoughtfulness when given as a gift?  That’s the kind of tie that the receiver will treasure even if it is never worn.  What are we talking about?  Ties that go straight to the interests of the person that receives them–ties with a message about the person’s favorite sport, occupation, or any other interest.  The gift says, “I know what is dear to you”.  These men’s accessories are usually only found in small business establishments. 




Fashion Scarves


Fashion scarves are a classy way to accessorize.  They add life to an outfit with color and patterns.  These scarves can have themes or simply accessorize with patterns.  Who specializes in these fashion accessories?  Mainly small business.  They not only have variety, but they also can give individual help and choosing the right patterns and colors as well as show a person how to wear the scarves.  Best of all this classy gift is very affordable. 



Hat/scarf Sets

hat scarf sets

Yes, these ready-made gifts appeared in department stores, but today they are harder to find.  Meanwhile hat/scarf sets have evolved to even more attractive designs.  Set include knit tams with pompoms and other designs that incorporate a poof of fur and flat back crystals.  Innovation keeps a trend alive and these ready-made gifts have evolved to a new dimension that will grab customers’ attention. 




Fleur-de-lis Accessories

fleur-de-lis handbag

In areas where the fleur-de-lis in meaningful, jewelry and accessories with the royal emblem make wonderful gifts.  Louisiana is one of those areas and anything with a fleur-de-lis seems to sell there.  Everything from jewelry to accessories stirs interest, but one accessory that makes an especially nice Christmas gift is handbags.  Of course, the place to find these accessories is in the local small businesses tht cater to local trade. 



Fashion Jewelry

oversize cocktail ring

We could dedicate pages to fashion jewelry, but we are going to concentrate one item—the oversized cocktail ring with stretch band.  This is item took the market by storm, yet is hard to find in the malls or department stores.  Accessories Magazine called these rings the sleeper item of the year.  The only place to find a nice selection is small business.  Even celebrities have this inexpensive fashion jewelry sparkling on their fingers.     


The list of unique gifts small business offers is far more extensive, but this selection will at least stir the imagination and shop keepers and consumers alike thinking outside the box.

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