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Why crystal jewelry is so important

Crystal jewelry is a popular fashion accessory, and has been for years. It’s the type of special accessory that you see everyone sport; from kings and queens to artists and musicians. It the accessory of the people?

Make sure your store is stocked up

There are two basic reasons as to why crystal jewelry is so popular among the masses. First off, it is rather inexpensive. Nowadays, you can find beautiful, handcrafted crystal jewelry on the web for under 5 dollars! Second off, crystal jewelry is so customizable. There is a seemingly endless amount of combinations and styles ranging from simple to complex, each beholding an elegance in its own right. Crystal jewelry’s versatility is what makes it uniquely special.

Accessory Wholesale Inc.

We at Accessory Wholesale realize that crystal jewelry is a favorite of people everywhere. That’s why we provide it, at great wholesale prices, for shops and store across the country. So that you can make sure your loyal customers get what they need.

Visit our website or call (504)-736-0357 for more information!

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New Bridal and Prom Hair Accessories

The Wild Side of Bridal Accessories

Watching movies about the Roaring Twenties reveals a time when things got a little wild–flappers, bobbed hair, shorter hemlines, and speakeasies. This period is inspiration to many of the bridal hair accessories that are returning. The forehead jewelry shown is one of these designs resurfacing. To illustrate what we mean, see old wedding pictures from the 1920s by visiting our Pinterest page on Wholesale Bridal Jewelry.

Bridal accessories are normally a very conservative business. This makes all the new hair accessories surfacing a surprise. We can be sure it won’t be limited to bridal. Prom hair accessories and accessories for holiday and eveningwear will follow the same trends. This is another story to build excitement in your shop.

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Fresh Bridal Pearl and Rhinestone Sets

New Designs in Bridal and Prom Jewelry

Freshen up your bridal and prom jewelry with new designs that your customers will find appealing. We are talking about rhinestone and faux pearl sets that are more than modifications of traditional bridal and prom jewelry. The faux pearl set shown does not use strung beading to create the necklace, but links castings that are dimensionally shaped and have embedded crystals. Capped pearl beads create a fringe of drops from the necklace. Very unique, yet retains elegance and traditional charm desired in bridal jewelry.

The rhinestone set shown borrows the layered look form fashion with rows of small rhinestones shimmering with clear and iridescent stones. Both sets have the innovation that keeps bridal and prom jewelry interesting. Bridal is a never-ending event that requires accessories. Prom is a bonanza for small business every spring. Generating business from these two major retail events provides a base that helps pay the overhead. So you want customers to know they can count on you by having this jewelry as a steady part of your line.

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wholesael bridal and prom bracelets

Winter is stubborn about going away this year, but the show must go on for bridal and prom—and that’s good news for fashion businesses because these markets provide relief from post-Christmas lulls.  The retail fashion industry counts on bridal and prom to boost sales every spring.  Fortunately much of the wholesale bridal and prom jewelry that fills their showcases, appeals to both markets.



The mushrooming size of prom spending caught national attention last year when the average spending broke the thousand dollar mark—a 34% increase in a single year.  Most of this spending was with small business and mostly local businesses.  The article in USA Today breaks it down by average spent on each item.


The number of students attending prom coast to coast is not easy to find, but there are about 4 million 12th grade students in the US and slightly less than half are girls.  In addition, some schools have junior proms.  Add these up and it’s easy to see the impact this can have on small business.


As helpful as this is for small business, bridal business dwarfs it.  Census figures for 2009 show over 2 million weddings and the Wedding Industry Statistics released by The Knot reports average cost at 27 thousand not counting the honeymoon.  This is the kind of business that is important for the survival of small businesses.  We need to be ready to fill their needs with the bridal and prom jewelry and accessories to suit their tastes.



rhinestone necklace set

When brides choose rhinestone necklace sets for wedding day jewelry, the choice is usually delicate designs.  Most prefer simplicity—jewelry that is understated.  Nothing too dramatic because the choice will be recorded in the wedding album for all future generations. Glancing through a bridal magazine, you see very little of this look, but still this is what the bridal shops are buying over and over.  This is what is selling.


When we talk about bridal and prom jewelry overlapping, this look that brides-to-be want is exactly the look prom girls also want when they choose necklace sets to accessorize the dress. They love simplicity—Y necklaces, delicate V necklaces, small cascades, and single or double line chokers.  Our customers catering to the prom market concentrate on these wholesale rhinestone sets the most. These delicate sets with clear rhinestones in silver plated settings are timeless.  Every season, they remain number one.



wide crystal bracelet

Bridal magazines are showing another look that is popular—dramatic earrings and bracelets without a necklace.  When prom girls want to accessorize without a necklace, the preference suddenly changes from delicate to dramatic—bold earrings and wide bracelets.  Especially popular this year for prom is bracelet earring combinations in iridescent rhinestones or crystals.



crystal earrings

Both rhinestone jewelry and crystal jewelry have the bold earrings and bracelets with iridescent stones.   Rhinestone has a finer uniform style using rhinestone chain.  Crystal has glued in or prong set stones that utilize a variety of sizes and shapes.


This choice in accessories is not only popular as prom jewelry, but is also gracing the pages of bridal magazines.  As bridal jewelry, clear rhinestones and crystals are still preferred over iridescent, but dramatic combination is selling when brides-to-be choose to accessorize without a necklace.



Nothing matches pearl for elegance. While exceptional for bridal jewelry, faux pearl is seldom used for prom jewelry.  So far, the crystal and rhinestone jewelry covered overlap for prom and bridal.  Faux pearl jewelry is not limited to bridal even though it seldom accessorizes prom.  This pearl jewelry fills needs accessorizing a nice suit or dress for church, luncheons, and teas.


But as bridal jewelry, it ranks near rhinestone in popularity as either sets or earring/bracelet combinations.  Pearl has different colors with white and ivory most popular because they match the white and ivory gowns.  Plating for white pearl is usually silver and off-white or ivory usually have gold plating.


Bridal and prom jewelry are needed items, rather than jewelry that can postpone until later.  They serve more than one market so all your eggs are not in one basket.  Finally, they are timeless so these classic designs will not be out of fashion a few months from now.  Next blog will continue with prom and bridal accessories.

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Spring is an enjoyable time of the year for the fashion industry because so many events come in the first few months of the year, creating a real stir in business.  Along with prom, Easter hats, pageant, and the arrival of spring apparel and accessories, there is an increase in bridal business.  Yes, bridal is year round, but spring sees even more weddings taking place. 




Statement Jewelry for Weddings

Like fashion jewelry, bridal jewelry evolves with changing designs and emphasis.  The direction of fashion jewelry over the last few seasons isdramatic rhinestone necklace set towards dramatic designs with statement necklaces and bold cuffs and earrings.  Wedding jewelry hasn’t ignored these developments.  Bridal magazines show some statement necklaces in pearl or rhinestone in tasteful designs so they can add a touch of today’s trends without sacrificing elegance. 


Even when accessories do not include a necklace, bolder bracelets can add the drama prevalent in 2012.  Both faux pearl and crystal bracelets are showing up in bridal magazines and both are selling.


But the jewelry that is almost always essential is earrings and today’s bridal jewelry also makes use of bolder size with even rhinestone shoulder dusters included in the mix. 






While designers are showcasing many gowns with minimal jewelry, most forecasters are saying more jewelry, not less.  One of those added pieces of jewelry is brooches—brooches added in every imaginable creative way.  They can add sparkle to shoes, accent a waist sash, or be pinned to the bodice, plus brooches make wonderful bridesmaid gifts.  Brooches with white or ivory faux pearl work well because they do not draw attention away from the wedding gown



Jewelry in Flower and Leaf Themes

crystal jewelry in floral theme

Look for flower blossoms, leaves, and vining designs to be important in bridal jewelry this year.  They are also big in fashion for the summer.  Rhinestone, faux pearl, and crystal jewelry will accommodate these themes this spring with vining designs, blossom motifs, and delicate leaves.    




Crystal Wedding Jewelry

crystal chandelier earrings

Shimmering crystals will be important in a season where trends call for larger size in jewelry.  Remember when forecasters said chandelier earrings have run their course?  Not so fast!  They are back offering sparkling elegance with a vintage flair.  Crystal necklace sets and bracelets are also important because they deliver dramatic size without sacrificing elegance. 





Tiaras are still very important for the wedding day, but fascinators took a sudden rise after the royal wedding.  Britain sets the trends in headwear and they made a serious impact on what is worn in the hair for the special day with a magnificent show of fascinators at the royal wedding.  Fascinators have gone in and out of fashion since the 1700s. Usually the span between them being in style is lengthily so consumers view their reintroduction as an entirely new item.   


Fascinators come on a base that clips in the hair or on headbands.  Components are mainly lace, feathers, crystals, and sequins.   This is one trend in bridal headwear that is catching on in a big way.  Expect fascinators also to be important for prom this year. 




Your fashion forward customers may be attracted to the latest trends in wedding jewelry, but the vast majority of brides-to-be play it safe with traditional looks.  After all, this is the dream day—the day that has every tiny detail carefully planned.  The safe jewelry is traditional designs in faux pearl or rhinestone.  This provides elegance that will withstand the test of time when children and grandchildren are viewing the wedding portfolio decades later. 


Rhinestone sets for bridal are usually delicate designs that maximize the sparkle with clear rhinestones in silver plated settings.  The necklaces are simple, not detracting from the gown.  The set shown uses a symmetrical design that is classic. 



Rhinestones can also combine with faux pearls for elegant jewelry that is definitely bridal.  Combinations like the one shown seem to be timeless, remaining a favorite of brides-to-be year after year. 


Designs that use faux pearl exclusively also deliver a classy look that is very traditional.  After all, what is more elegant than pearls?  White pearl outsells off-white and ivory, but really the gown dictates the color.  Usually off-white and ivory pearl use gold plating for any settings and white uses silver plating. 


Bridal earrings also often use faux pearl.  Classic is the answer here whether domed or oval buttons or classic drops.  Sometimes a gown calls for earrings only.  What can be more elegant than faux pearl or pearl and rhinestone combinations? 


Include some trendy jewelry in your bridal accessories, but concentrate the main part of your selection on traditional bridal jewelry that delivers classic elegance because new trends make minimal impact.  Brides want the safe, traditional look for this important day.      

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From coast to coast there are small fashion businesses that are thriving in spite of the mountain of obstacles that seem to be in the way.  One challenge new entrepreneur entering fashion face is competition from major retailers with deep pockets.  The previous two blogs examined niche markets that provide safe-haven where big box companies don’t go.  But there is another safe haven where small business shares the market with the majors.  These are the areas of fashion where consumers simply trust small business over the majors to supply the fashion item.  What does that mean?  Well an example can best answer the question. 



There is a very large market of ladies searching for church hats that opens every spring.  Yes, fall is another time for dress hats for church, but spring is more important because it contains the two largest days of the year for church hats—Easter and Mothers Day.  All the major department stores and many of the other big box companies will have a selection of dress hats to meet the demand, but the selection is not extensive, it is not on target with fresh millinery designs, and there is plenty of duplication of styles.  In addition, there is no dedicated area to dress hats that tells a story consumers trust. 


What about small business?  This is where the church ladies go to select new hats for spring and fall.  Why?  First, small businesses that concentrate on church hats make this an important part of their inventory.  The shopkeeper is aware of changing styles and colors for the season, not to mention their expert help to customers in choosing the right hat for their personality and stature.  They also have such familiarity with headwear that showing customers how to wear a hat is almost natural. 


Then there is the unique factor.  One thing women searching for church hats don’t want to happen is to show up on Sunday morning and others are wearing the same hat.  Small millinery businesses have wide selection, but very little duplication of hats in the same style and color.


I don’t believe anyone has ever officially done the statistics, but I feel it is almost certain that the church hats retailed over a season are 80% or higher from small business.  



What day is more important in a woman’s life than their wedding day?  For that reason everything must be perfect.  This day will be frozen in the wedding album for generations to come so brides want traditional elegance.  While some majors venture into the specialized business of bridal accessories, the wedding party mainly trusts the expert advice of professionals in small business. 


Will the bride wear a tiara, a veil, or simply a hair ornament?  They trust small business experts to help make these decisions. 


Should the bride wear gloves?  If so, what length and what design?  And what about the bridesmaids?   There are endless options here from no gloves to wrist length, over the elbow, and opera length.  Brides feel much more confident when they have the input of that small business professional that has accessorized hundreds of weddings and has insight on what looks best for each individual occasion. 


Jewelry is another area that calls for important decisions. Brides planning a wedding have their hands full with all the details of making the occasion perfect.  Accessorizing the gown is one more decision to be made and it is an important one.  Here they often feel comfortable with the advice of an expert.  After all, the choices will appear in nearly every picture in the wedding album for all posterity.  Some gowns look good with necklace sets.  Should it be pearl or rhinestone?  Others call for earrings only. In addition there is the bridesmaid jewelry.  When that expert in small business makes a recommendation, a lot of weight comes off the shoulders of the bride.  They feel reassured because a professional with a history of experience provides input they trust. 


Evening bags are another accessory tailored to each bridal occasion.  Bridal bags for the bride and evening bags for bridesmaids is an option.  Actually, for bridesmaids the evening bags are often given as gifts.  But does the individual wedding call for evening bags?  The small business expert not only helps make the decision, but normally they are the only one selection to provide the bridal bag for the bride and colors for bridesmaids.  Overall, bridal couples trust small business when it comes to an event as important as the wedding day. 



Fascinators were on the rise before the royal wedding, but after that event hit world-wide television, the chart of popularity went straight up.  This is a new addition to headwear and who do consumers trust for the latest innovations in fashion?—Small business of course, usually boutiques. 


Fascinators will be covered in depth in the next blog, but here they are only used as an example of the fast reaction small business has to innovation.  When small business sees new fashion items making a sudden rise in popularity, they get with suppliers and have it in the store within a week or two.  Big box companies don’t operate like that.  Their purchasing was done months ahead of time and buyers have layers of bureaucracy before innovative items hit the floor.  So for the really “new” in fashion, consumers trust small business. 


Fascinators are an excellent example of fashion items that rise suddenly because they are so cyclical.  For centuries they have made a sudden appearance on the fashion scene and then completely disappeared, retuning again for a new generation that views them as entirely new. 


A famous picture of Marie Antoinette wearing a fascinator makes the point.  When high hairdos are in style hats can’t be worn so fascinators are the only choice in headwear.  Over the last few hundred years, fascinators came and went with hair styles.  Most recently, cocktail hats and fascinators became an important fashion statement in the sixties.  But today’s generation doesn’t remember that so they appear to be entirely new.  The important point is fashion items that suddenly rise to popularity consumer expect to find in small fashion businesses and that is where they look. 


This is only a sampling of the fashion items that consumers depend on small business to supply.  How often is small business overlooked or underestimated when we think of the overall retail picture.  They are there and many are thriving because they provide endless products in niche markets that the majors miss and even more important, because the expertise and personal service of small fashion businesses simply cannot be duplicated by the majors in many markets. 

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Accessories Magazine reviews trends shaping fashion jewelry and accessories each season based on the fashion shows that preview the coming season.  Major fashion stories result from sorting all the tangents of designers crossing the runways.  The last blog covered the first two for fall and this blog covers the next two—a dual that seems to contradict each other as fashion statements.  Accessories Magazine’s Survival Mode borders on grunge while Ice Queen has a classy majestic look.     


As different as the trends seem, both find inspiration in the dominant mood of the times—economic uncertainty.  Survival mode finds an obvious connection.  First impression is the rugged attire of inhabitants of the arctic tundra.  Earth tone colors with patches of fur deliver a nomadic appearance.  Inspiration is global with Scandinavian prints, African crafts, English tweeds, and Alpine flairs all contributing. 

Jewelry combines natural materials with metals for a close-to-earth feeling.  Wood and raw gemstones blended with metals create fashion jewelry that delivers the story.  Look for burnished metals in cuffs and bangles as well as braided leather in jewelry. 

Trapper hats are a natural fit for these trends well as any headwear that is fur trimmed.  Other hats include wide brim wool fedoras, crocheted caps, and wool buckets. 


If the previous trend reflects a rugged response to economic times, this fashion story that Accessories Magazine calls Ice Queen uses a fantasy world to cope with financial stress.  Opulence abounds in this trend characterized by shades of opal and winter white.   Fur and cashmere add to the extravagance of the fantasy. 

Fashion jewelry accessorizes the look with iridescent crystals, unconventional designs of pearls, and opalescent Lucite.  Rhinestone or crystal mixed with frosted beads and pearls as bracelets or necklace sets.  Jewelry with shades white, cream, and ivory fit into this theme with wintery snow and ice inspiration. 

Headwear accessories include bobby pins with enameled flowers, lace and crocheted headbands or caps, and headwear with sequins, especially iridescent sequins.  Winter white in nearly any hat can accompany the look. 

This fashion story is easy to accessorize because the jewelry that delivers the sparkle for the trend also provides holiday jewelry that will soon be in demand.  Actually, fashion jewelry in crystals, rhinestone, and faux pearls should have a permanent location in shops because of the endless line up of events that call for dressy accessories. 

The following blog includes the fashion story for December delivery as well as holiday trends

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 If we look back to the 1980s, we see faux pearl bridal jewelry as the dominant wedding day jewelry for the walk down the aisle.  Since then rhinestone has seen quite a drop in price and as it became more affordable, it increased in popularity for brides.  While this happened, faux pearl jewelry became scarcer.  Well, some manufacturers recognized the void in the market and reintroduced traditional looks in faux pearl jewelry, which is quickly catching on again.  



 The traditional faux pearl jewelry is plastic pearl pearlized with a quality coating that provides nearly the same luster as the real thing.  The most familiar bridal sets in faux pearl are a single strand of pearls with a drop in the center, matched with earrings that usually copy the drop.  Length is usually adjustable and numerous choices in design are available with the drop changing the look. Is there any more popular design than a pendant of faux pearl surrounded by small crystals? 



 Hand-knotted pearls carry bridal jewelry to an even more realistic look.  Each faux pearl is separated by a knot the same way genuine pearls are strung.  Usually these are single strands of pearl that provide simple elegance indistinguishable from the real thing. 




 Glass pearls offer a quality option with weight that clearly separates the bridal jewelry from plastic pearl.  Glass pearl provides the same luster and is often provides pearl jewelry ideal for the mother of the bride.  Glass pearl necklace sets also make wonderful church accessories or necklace sets for special events like teas or dining out. 


 ABS pearl was practically an unknown that is gaining popularity today.  Still, consumers may see pearl advertised as ABS, but have no idea what it is.  The letters stand for acrylonitrile butadiene styrene, which is sometimes called ABS polymer.  It is a thermoplastic with impact resistance and a flawless shiny finish.  ABS is capable of injection molding, which enables the production of beads that many say are very close to the finish of real pearls. We are receiving ABS pearl soon to be available to our customer base. 



 Freshwater pearl is genuine pearl that usually has irregular shapes and various colors.  They are often farmed using freshwater mussels with each mussel producing 24 to 32 freshwater pearls at a time.  That makes freshwater pearls far more abundant for jewelry making than cultivated pearls.  Bridal jewelry in freshwater pearl adds perceivable value to the accessories for the wedding day, but cost is also higher, which can be a burden with all the expense a modern day wedding calls for. 



 Most of the time, bridal jewelry brings to mind the necklace and earring sets worn on the wedding day.  But sometimes the bridal gown does not accommodate a necklace so earrings provide the jewelry for the special day.  Brides that choose faux pearl earrings usually prefer modest size and a realistic look for the wedding day jewelry.  Classic post earrings or modest drop earrings provide elegance in moderate to understated size.  Earrings with domed faux pearl in crystal-laden frames are the utmost in classic design and please today’s brides with a timeless look. 



 Finally, bridal bracelets are all the more important in the 21st century when bracelets are dominating the runways and show up in every fashion magazine.  In bridal jewelry bracelets need the utmost of elegance and what delivers it better than pearl. 

Every type of pearl we have covered contributes to this category.  Faux pearl in designs that include rhinestone are very popular and these can be single strand or five strands wide. 

Glass pearl, freshwater pearl, and ABS pearl can all provide glamorous bracelets for the special day.  Bracelets are also wonderful bridesmaid gifts so this part of your formal accessories can generate multiple sales. 

Prepare for a resurgence of faux pearl bridal jewelry by mixing the design in your wedding accessories.  Thumb through a bridal magazine and you will see the renaissance of faux pearl bridal jewelry.

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Normally everyone thinks about casual jewelry and accessories as we reach Memorial Day and summer vacation season begins.  Well, something else happens that is very formal—June weddings.  And today as wedding costs are escalating through the roof, not every wedding couple can afford it.  This is your opportunity to help out while generating some sales. 

Accessories most important to the bride are tiaras, wedding day jewelry, formal gloves, and evening bags.  You can provide all these accessories at affordable prices.  The first step is to group bridal accessories together in your shop to tell a story. 


Wedding day jewelry is most important, so let’s start there.  Flipping through a bridal magazine let’s us see the latest in bridal jewelry trends.  The June issue of Brides begins with four pages showing long earrings with no necklace.  Going further reveals the influence of trends in fashion jewelry on wedding day jewelry—multiple bracelets, statement necklaces, and multiple strand necklaces.  Great stuff for the fashion conscious, but not the wedding day jewelry most brides choose. 

No, the jewelry brides prefer is elegant, classy, and usually delicate.  Rhinestone has an edge over faux pearl in bridal jewelry and sets with a combination of both are very popular.  Clear rhinestones in silver plated settings are the winner for the walk down the aisle.  Delicate sets with simplicity offer an elegance that never goes out of style so the review of wedding pictures twenty years from now reveals jewelry that is still appropriate looking. 

Every bit as popular as rhinestone necklace sets is combinations of faux pearl and rhinestone.  These sets are also simple and delicate.  Again clear rhinestones in silver plated settings with white faux pearl are the most popular choice.  Sets with simple cascades or a fringe of pearls offer the utmost in elegance. 

Faux pearls alone also make wonderful wedding day jewelry, especially with chokers.  This look can be more dramatic without sacrificing elegance.  Something about pearls always spells out elegance.  Very tailored looks with rows of faux pearl close to the neck give the dramatic look in a very graceful way.  For ivory dresses off-white pearls in gold plated settings offer an alternative. 



When the dress does not accommodate a necklace, earrings making the jewelry statement for the special day and bridal earrings when worn without a necklace usually are long and often dramatic.  Cascades, linear drops, and hoops provide bridal earrings that make a statement. 


In addition to rhinestone, brides can choose crystal earrings that make a statement as they deliver sparkle.  The difference is rhinestone comes out a machine as chain with stones already set.   Designers cut the chain and arrange designs that often have a flow of movement.  Crystal earrings use individual stones that are handset.  Both are fabulous as bridal earrings. 



Most brides opt for the traditional look of one bracelet that is most often rhinestone in silver plated settings or faux pearl.  Multiple bracelets are very trendy and popular in fashion, but when it comes to the wedding day, brides usually avoid edgy looks and go for traditional elegance.  Rhinestone bracelets come in several widths determined by the number of rows of rhinestone.  They not only accessorize the wrist of the bride, but also make wonderful bridesmaid gifts. 


Speaking of bridesmaids, let’s not leave them out when choosing jewelry.  Often color is important here—color to match bridesmaid dresses.  Rhinestone jewelry often picks up color with highlight stones to match gowns.  Crystal jewelry offers even more color options in both necklace sets and earrings.  Best of all, bridesmaid’s jewelry is almost always multiple sales.

Color highlights are also available in rhinestone bracelets.  Bridesmaid jewelry may be the most neglected area of wedding accessories so appreciation really goes out for the retailers that serve their clientele in this area.  Following soon is Part II that will cover tiaras, formal gloves, and evening bags.

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ELEGANT FOLDS:  That’s one of the main styles created by designers and seen in the latest runway shows for bridal wear.  The dresses look like fabulously lavish paper, folded into exquisite pleats and ruffles and even minimalistic wraps with pieces overlapping each other in architectural precision. 

While neutrals and even bright hues were not absent from the showings, the main color here was white, the perfect snow princess look for these extraordinary, graphic presentations. Most of the dresses were full length, but some were short, sometimes almost-mini, breaking a little above the knee. 

This was a very new look for bridal, very sharp and soft simultaneously, very crisp and tailored.  Working with the dresses were equally refined, often linear accessories. After all, what is more important to the overall bridal look than a fabulous necklace, a stunning bracelet, and a very special pair of light-catching, flashing earrings?
Consider: white satin sandal shoes, very high, in today’s reaching-for-heaven mode.  Perfect earrings:  long silver slivers, shiny and smooth.  Or, medium-sized white pearl balls, classic and delicate-looking.  Bracelets also work particularly well with this look.  Best choices:  wide cuffs, modern, sleek. 


Another design that was very dramatic and sure-to-be-adored by brides was the lavish and ebullient flower blossom look. Echoing the floral trend washing over the entire women’s wear field right now,  these blossoms were seen everywhere:  on the shoulders of dresses, at the waist, on the heel of shoes, at the wrist, you name it!  The dress skirts were often huge and ruffled, their materials sometimes imprinted with white-on-white flower blossoms, too.  Again, white was the big, traditional color.

This very romantic, most often regal look took formality seriously!  Many of the dresses were strapless, or one-shouldered.  Flowers adorned the hair as well, most of them big, soft, floppy floral blossoms, easily arranged and rearranged to go with the most popular hair styles.

Accessorizing the floral brides were delicate gold chain bracelets and cubic zirconia-embedded silver cuffs. White origami hair sticks brought a gentle floral touch to the hair.  Silver and white- gold necklaces in very traditional designs brought rich gemstone glitter to the neck.

   –Carried by the brides:  White satin bridal clutches often embellished with clear crystals or beautifully covered with floral blossoms in white or peach. 




                                            Big is Beautiful

SPECIAL ATTENTION is being given this year to the renewed appreciation of women who wear larger sizes.  As the popular body look begins to change, emphasizing curves and bringing back the glory days of Hollywood with its voluptuous beauties, these dresses stand out as the perfect new choices.  

Strapless styles are made for ladies with full bosoms!  See these dresses in simple, fitted styles, with skirts draping in fine precision folds. A-line designs call for some but not too much embellishment, perhaps beaded lace insets that enhance without bringing attention to the tummy.  The desired look is beautifully curved, tailored, hourglass. But…no lumps and bumps, please!

A wide variety of accessories work with this look.  Consider medium-to-large chokers in sparkling rhinestone, set in traditional designs and worn with matching earrings.  This is the ideal place for mother’s bracelet, or one that looks like it.  Think white crystal, wrist fitted.  And for hair accessories, this lovely lass deserves nothing short of the best.  A queenly tiara, not too small, outdoes all other contenders.

More creations for the womanly figure include V-necked gowns, which narrow the look of the hips and tend to balance the figure; and over-one-shoulder asymmetrical gowns guaranteed to slim the body and give the torso a sleek appearance.  Diagonal draping furthers the slimming effect.

Real-looking CZ earrings are a rich choice for either of these styles, along with double crystal bracelets.  Necklaces generally don’t work well with the diagonal top dress, so save the accessory impact for a high-styled bridal bag, preferably with gold or silver chain.  Add to all of this:  long, above the elbow white satin bridal gloves.  Oh!  Here comes a magnificent bride!




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