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What fashion jewelry trends should we look for fall and holiday 2015?  Let’s take the lead from an expert, Accessories Magazine.  They study the fashion runways and thousands of pictures of new styles to come up with an accurate prediction of what to look for each season.  In August, they pointed out two trends for fall fashion jewelry and one for holiday.



RAW STONE TRENDsliced agate necklace

The first fashion jewelry trend Accessories Magazine pinpoints is “raw stones”.  They describe it as “the beauty of their natural element, uncut, unaltered raw stones are incorporated in an organic form”.  An example is the sliced agate necklace shown.

If your first response is the sliced agate is cut, well so are all the examples pictured with the forecast.  Actually one necklace pictured is a sliced agate very similar to this one.  The heart of the trend is jewelry that shows the natural beauty of semi precious stones without using standard shaped beads.  The turquoise nugget bracelet shown offers another example of this raw stone trend for fall.



A second fall fashion jewelry trend is called “white opalescent”.  Accessories Magazine describes this trend as, “pearlescent finishes with touches of aurora borealis glow on jewelry to create a winter wonderland.”  Are you confused?  A couple of examples will help clear up the concept.

opalite necklace for fashion jewelry trends 2015

For day wear, this opalite necklace captures the opalescence described.  Opalite has that milky white color and iridescence associated with opal.  It is usually found in gemstone categories.  However opalite is actually glass specially treated to deliver the look.

For dressy events, a mix of pearl and iridescent crystals can pick up the opalescence.  The image of a pearl and iridescent crystal necklace set gives an example.



NOUVEAU NOIR—THE NEW BLACKjet crystal necklace set

Anything tasteful and glamorous seems to work for holiday jewelry, but Accessories Magazine points out a trend surfacing—Nouveau Noir (the new black).  The jet crystal necklace set pictured has the glamorous look using large black crystals nestled in sculptured metal with a vine motif.


Providing a little information along with some items that follow these 2015 fall fashion jewelry trends will gain the appreciation of your clientele for keeping them up to date.

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