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With the wealth of festivals going on every weekend in Louisiana, merchants see the crowd of potential buyers and are tempted to set up as vendors.  But what should they sell?  Last blog covered wholesale jewelry geared to Louisiana themes.  Today reviews wholesale festival accessories that are equally as popular.


LOUISIANA VISORS—AN IRRESISTIBLE FIT FOR THE THEMEwholesale Louisiana accessories--crawfish visors

Wholesale festival accessories have to include Louisiana visors because they are such a colorful expression of Louisiana themes.  Crawfish events top the list for festivals and crawfish visors shade the eyes while broadcasting the theme.   The one shown comes with navy or white background.  All the visors have a coiled elastic band the comfortably holds the visors in place.

crawfish on newspaper visor

Another crawfish visor has crawfish on newspaper—a genuine Louisiana theme.  Anyone that enjoyed a crawfish boil in the backyard knows about eating crawfish on newspaper, then rolling up the paper and throwing it away when you’re done.

Louisiana seafood theme visor

The Louisiana visor that is special fro the local culture has a montage of local themes including boiling pot, seafood, ingredients, and signboards reading, “Shrimp bisque”, “gumbo”, and “Louisiana crawfish”.   Backgrounds are black or blue.


Other Louisiana visors have peppers, alligators, or a mix of crabs and crawfish.  The Louisiana visors are a wholesale festival accessory that is a real attention-getter.



LouiLouisiana novelty crab hatsiana novelty hats make the kids happy, but also sell to adults that want to entertain others with these crazy hats.  Of course, crawfish hats, crab hats, and alligator hats are going to sell. The crab hat shown let the wearer customize it with bendable legs and claws.

alligator novelty hat

Alligator hats can get outlandish like the one shown.  All the better for festival hats.  Visit the category and you will see another large alligator hat in velvet.


giant pepper novelty hat

For a really outlandish festival hat, include these giant pepper hats.  People from Lafayette should enjoy these, but the person sitting behind them at a game won’t be able to see.

Captain's hat

Getting back to earth, the Captains hat sells to adults and kids at many Louisiana festivals including The Wooden Boat Festival in Madisonville.



Often festivals in Louisiana are on days with the sun beating down.  This makes hats a sought-after product at festivals—especially inexpensive hats. Rush straw hats prove to be a winner.  Two especially, are very popular—the safari and the gambler.  The hat shown is a safari.  The brim is wide enough for good sun protection.  Using rush straw, the hats hold up well against the elements, so if it rains, the hat survives.

rush straw gambler hat

The gambler is also constructed with rush straw.  It is different from most gamblers you have seen because it has a 4-inch brim.  The brim size not only adds personality to the hat, but also provides more sun protection.

ladies summer wide brim hat

Ladies like wide brim hats because they offer sun protection with style.  There are many to choose from, but the one shown is a new wide brim this year that is doing very well.  It has a 6-inch brim, good body, and a selection of popular colors.

men's fedora

Fedoras sell well at festivals.  The customer for fedoras is not worrying about sun protection—they only want to look good.  The men’s fedora pictured is a new style that is selling well for festival vendors.

straw cowboy hat

Cowboy hats are also good at Louisiana festivals, especially straw cowboy hats. The raffia straw cattleman shown has been in the line for more than 10 years and is still a top seller.  These hats ooze with personality and have shapeable brims for a customized look.  Raffia also holds up well in the elements.


Vendors that invest in wholesale festival accessories have a number of other events that provide marketing opportunities—street fairs, flea markets, swap meets, and farmers markets to name a few.  Louisiana festivals are a summer bonanza that offers vendors a selling opportunity that is also a good time.

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