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Anyone familiar with Mardi Gras in New Orleans knows that the special throw for Zulu is hand-decorated coconuts.  Outside of that, most throws were beads, cups, trinkets, and doubloons.  Well, all of that changed with the start of the Krewe of Muses in 2000.



Krewe of Muses shoes

Muses returned to hand decorated throws with shoes they decorated themselves.  The image shows an example of shoes for the Muses parade.  Paint, glitter, feathers, stones, appliqués, faces, and decorative pieces combined with creativity produce some remarkable designs that revelers will almost die for.



Paint and glitterMardi Gras magnets fro decoration are easy to find, but what about the rest of the components?  Perhaps the hardest components to find are the decorative pieces that really add pizzazz to the shoes.  An easy addition to the shoes that makes a statement is Mardi Gras face magnets.  Twenty available styles provide different looks.


Mardi Gras feather pins

Feather pins are another way to make fabulous shoe designs fast and easy.  A favorite is the pin shown, which comes in Mardi Gras colors. Add this pin to the shoes and you are half finished with decorating.



Krewe of Nyx decorated evening bag

Muses is s women’s Krewe that soon filled to capacity, so a new Krewe called Nyx started in 2011.  The overflow rapidly brought membership in this Krewe to capacity.  Their signature throw is decorated evening bags.  Their colors are hot pink and black, so this is a popular combination in their hand-decorated bags.  Decorating bags for the Krewe of Nix can be fast and affordable using decorations above and bags from the evening bag selection.

Mardi Gras theme in Krewe of Nyx bag

To keep cost reasonable, crafters can choose bags marked down to $6.75 and add decorations shown for a total cost of under $10.  Several different evening bags in the mark down election offer a variety of styles and colors.



Krewe of Athena decorated hat

Last year a new women’s Krewe started up–The Krewe of Athena.  They introduced hand-decorated fedoras as another signature throw.  This has grown into a major Krewe.  So where can crafters find enough fedoras for the throws they need?  Accessory Wholesale has a recent shipment of nearly 1,000 fedoras starting at $4.75 wholesale.


The variety of styles and colors allows for plenty of creative designs.   Most of the components including the gold appliqués and jester face can also be found at awnol.com.

Women’s Krewes are reinventing creative throws for the first time since the Zulu coconut.

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