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1. Computer: Graduations are the beginning of a new chapter in a graduate’s life. Gift your graduate a fresh new computer to help them start their next journey with a clean slate.
2. Interview Clothing Gift Certificate: Your graduate will be searching for a job post-graduation, hopefully attending ample interviews. Give them clothing store gift certificates to help them buy interview attire.
3. Jewelry: A piece of jewelry can last a lifetime. Show your graduate how proud you are of their achievements with a beautiful piece of jewelry.

Are you looking for beautiful jewelry to gift your graduate? Accessory Wholesale Inc. offers a wide selection of jewelry options, sure to help you find the perfect gift

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Mardi Gras jewelry is a seasonal thing, right?  Not if you are royalty in a Krewe and need favors.  As Mardi Gras draws near, things get hectic and the items that make nice favors often sell out.  The chance to be king, queen, or other members of the court is often once in a lifetime.  Therefore, they don’t want to hand out just any favor; they want something special. And they have to shop early


A popular favor every year is Mardi Gras jewelry.  The mask pin shown has sparkly pave’ crystals Mardi Gras jewelry mask theme covering the cateye mask.  Flowing metal sculptured ribbon surrounds the mask using purple and green jewel tone epoxy to add the Mardi Gras colors.   Mardi Gras crown pinMasks are a favorite Mardi Gras jewelry theme used for favors, but other popular themes are crowns, jesters, and comedy tragedy.  The crown pin shown really stands out with dimensionally raised shape, crystal highlights, and eye-catching jewel tone epoxy.   Some like Mardi Gras jewelry that is unique.  This jewelry is usually limitedMardi Gras jewlery with second liner to one or two deigns in the theme.   Some of the pins on our site that fit into this category are carousel horses, jack-in-the-box, and second liners like the one shown.   What are second liners?  These are people celebrating with a spontaneous dance usually carrying an umbrella.  The name comes from people falling in behind a Mardi Gras parade and dancing as they follow.


Mardi Gras rhinestone pins that spell out the title of members of the court are in demand everyMardi Gras rhinestone queen pin year.  Almost exclusively, court members of the Krewes use this jewelry.  The pins spell out titles in rhinestone letters like king, queen, maid, duke, duchess, captain, prince, and princess.   These rhinestone title pins are extremely popular and as Fat Tuesday draws near, inventory is very scarce.  For that reason, royalty generally shops for these pins early. If you have Krewe members shopping with you, it is a good idea to have these Mardi Gras rhinestone pins in your inventory now to get this business.


Other members of Krewes attending Balls also need favors.  Mardi Gras face magnets are popular andjester head magnets in Mardi Gras colors very affordable.  Actually they fill two needs for gift shops—souvenirs and favors.  Krewe members use these favors to give others seated at their table and for call-out favors when asking a lady to dance.  There are more than 20 designs to pick from, but the jester head magnet in Mardi Gras colors is most popular. In the heat of the summer, most gift shops are not thinking about Mardi Gras.  This can be to your advantage when royalty is shopping for favors and you are the only option.

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