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Festivals and Outdoor Events

The other story in hats is casual hats–fashion hats for vacations; straw hats and cowboy hats for festivals and outdoor events; fedoras and caps for a cool summer look.

Widebrims are big story in fashion hats every spring and summer. Changes are minor and the hats have different color choices, but the wide brim summer hat for women is never out of style for long-everything from 4 to 7 inch brims.

Cowboy hats are just as timeless. There are so many looks in western hats-authentic western hats for rodeos and country music halls; rugged straw cowboy hats that have character; cowboy hats for outdoor work and events; cowgirl hats in fashion colors. Styles are just as diverse from cattleman crease to pinch front or gambler shapes. From beaches to festivals, there is a market for cowboy hats.

Then there are the hats for personality-hats that create an image. Especially younger customers like these hats-stingy brim fedoras, apple caps, ivy caps, and specialty ball caps. As we move into summer, it is casual hats that will be the important category in headwear. But right now there is a balance between dress hats and casual. Both are important.

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