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Demand for Women’s Dress Hats Continues

The lineup of events for women’s dress hats doesn’t let up after Easter. Kentucky Derby and Mother’s Day are around the corner. Mother’s Day is the second biggest day for dress hats after Easter. In addition, church conventions are starting up-an event that usually calls for women to wear a white dress hat on a certain day.

This has been a special year for women’s dress hats with manufacturers producing more colors and styles in more materials than in previous years. The addition of satin hats this spring offered wonderful styles in new colors. Sinamays, organzas, satin braid, and propylene hats joined in to give retailers a selection that was certain to take the breath of their customers.

Shop now for these dress hats while there is still adequate selection. More white polypropylene hats will come in for church events, but we have received all we can get this year of the rest of the hats listed. At least for now, we have a nice selection of colors and styles.

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