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The Local Event that Helps Small Business 

When retailers feel down in the slow time after Christmas, looking forward to prom can cheer them up.  Prom jewelry sells every spring as regular as clockwork.  Last year there was a sudden interest in iridescent crystal jewelry.  The trend continues this prom season with iridescent stones set in silver or gold plating.

Some prom girls want necklace sets.  This usually calls for rhinestone sets in modest size.  The one shown recently arrived in iridescent stones and is selling very well for prom jewelry.  Other prom girls opt for bracelet and earrings combinations in more dramatic size.  All of the above are doing well in iridescent stones.

Hair ornaments are also important for prom.  Fascinator continue to appeal to prom girls.  Basic and bright colors are available to match dresses.  Other hair ornaments include rhinestone combs, rhinestone ponytail holders, and crystal headbands.  If your local prom is coming, prepare with the dressy accessories that prom girls like.  Many of the items will continue to sell for bridal, pageant, and other formal occasions.

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