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Wholesale dress hats for women reach new heights in excellence this year.  Colors, shapes, and materials all contribute to a superb year—actually, the most exceptional year in our 30 years of handling wholesale dress hats. First, the range of colors available this year is breathtaking.



The addition of satin dress hats this year adds a host of new colors.  These rich colors are onlywholesale dress hats in celery color limited to the range of colors in satin fabric. The palette includes lively colors, basics, and subdued hues.


Satin hats add colors like celery, lilac, hot pink, butter, and grape as well as rich tones of brown and navy.  The basics of black and white are also included with the characteristic sheen of satin. These rich colors raise the bar on this spring’s selection.




Wholesale dress hats for women this spring enjoy plenty of choices with a wide selection of organza ladies dress hatsmaterials.  We have already mentioned satin hats with their eye-catching sheen.  Organza hats are similar, but the sheen of organza has a luster.


Originally, organza was a silk product with the familiar luster of silk.  Today synthetics capture the look.  Both satin and organza do not have the body to maintain the hat shape.  Wired brims and crowns provide the stability for these hat bodies.

satin braid womens dress hats

Satin braid also has a satin sheen.  Continually sewn cord-like satin creates these hats. The shape usually has small brims and high crowns.  Made from satin, the colors again are rich.

sinamay wholesale dress hats

Sinamay provides a different look with a slightly open weave and matte color.  The Philippines are the main source for sinamay.  It is woven from the natural fiber of the abaca plant in the banana family.  The weave is slightly open and the material easily accepts dye.  After stiffening, milliners shape sinamay into hats with wide brims being especially elegant.  However, small brims are also eye-catching like the one shown.

polyprpylene dress hats fro ladies

Polypropylene is the traditional material for ladies dress hats. Veteran milliners remember when polypropylene was the mainstay of wholesale dress hats.  Polypropylene hats use the sewn-and-braid process used to make Milan straws.  The synthetic material is first braided and then continually sewn to create the hat body.  They use very narrow bands of braided material delivers a quality look with a surprising reasonable price.  These hats date back to the 1950s and perhaps earlier.



super widebrim organza dress hat

The height of elegance in dress hats is wide brims.  These flattering designs have 5 and 6 inch brims.  This year, 7 inch brims add an even more dramatic statement in headwear.  Widebrims come with a very clean look with little decoration as well as more extravagant looks that include ruffled edges.  This year we see ripple brims that have a wavy shape—perhaps too daring for your conservative customers.


Many of these conservative customers are not comfortable with the flamboyant statement ofSAtin hat with rolled down brim wide brims.  They are more comfortable with small brims.  These hats provide endless possibilities.  Brims can roll down, turn up, or be up on one side and down on the other like a cavalier shape.  Brims can also be asymmetrical—narrow on one side and protruding on the other.



Wholesale dress hats offer plenty of possibilities for this spring.  And the need for dress hats is at its peak in spring.  In New Orleans alone, major dress hat events include a fundraiser for the New Orleans Opera Association called Mad Hatters and the Parade of Hats at The Fair Grounds for The Louisiana Derby.


Easter and Mother’s Day are still ahead of us.  The Kentucky Derby is May 3 and a number of other derbies take place around the country.  Fundraisers calling for dress hats are also very popular.  Teas, luncheons, and outdoor weddings all call for dress hats.


wholesale white dress hatsDemand is huge for church hats every spring.  Many summer church events require white dress hats.  Most wholesale suppliers are out of summer hats when these are needed.  We try to be deep in white dress hats to fill these needs.

Yes, there is a lucrative market for dress hats and this season the selection of wholesale dress hats is exquisite.  It is hat retailers dream.

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When wholesale church hats arrive at shopping destinations for spring, they create springtime excitement.  Like buds on a magnolia tree and tulipsprouts poking through the ground, this signals winter is over.  This year we need an exceptional lineup of wholesale church hats to shake a stubborn winter that will not go away.  Fortunately, this year we have it. Let’s review them starting with hat colors this season.



wholesale church hats in pink

Every spring, we can expect wholesale church hats to include the Easter colors.  This year threecolors on Pantone’s color palette for spring include shades close to baby blue, lavender, and mint green.

biege sinamay church hat



Neutrals also return every season as colors in wholesale church hats—black, ivory, beige, and gray.   Again, beige and gray are on this season’s palette giving them additional emphasis.


Emerging colors for this season provide the fashionable side to wholesale church hats.  This Wholesale chcurch hat in fashiopn colorseason Pantone’s palette includes freesia (an electric yellow), cayenne (a brick-like red), radiant orchid (a dark magenta), and dazzling blue (a light royal blue).  These colors create stylish dress hats with appeal to fashion conscious women.


wholesale church hats in  black and white

Graphic black and white enjoys its second summer season as a highlight in fashion trends.  Even when not in the trends, this combination has a timeless appeal.




White is an absolute need in church hats every year.  Many church functions including conventions and workshops have a day that women are required to wear white hats.  Most of these occur in the summer.


Hat wholesalers realize the best days for church hats are Easter and Mothers Day.  They strive to be out of inventory by Mothers Day.  This creates a problem for acquiring white church hats in summer months.  To meet these needs, we set up a special category for dress hats in white. We strive to have depth to fill summertime needs.



sinamay church aht wiht wavy wide brim

Materials for this season’s church hats have not changed.  Most popular are sinamay, organza, satin braid, and the traditional look of polypropylene.  Some shapes are inventive like the sinamay widebrim shown.  The 5 ½ inch brim has a wavy double layer of sinamay separated by a layer of chiffon.

wholesale church hat with super widebrim

Also, organza hats provide a super wide brim.  How do this hat keep its shape with the silk like material that lacks firm body?  A wired brim maintains the hat’s shape.  Stunning—don’t you agree.


Stocking wholesale church hats fro spring now is important.  Winter has been unrelenting.  Stubborn cold weather continues.  Consumers are impatient for spring.  When weather breaks, demand will be brisk.  So prepare your customers now for the exuberance of spring with a cheerful display of spring church hats.

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