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Christmas parties, New Years Eve, Mardi Gras balls—we are at the time of year when dazzling jewelry reigns.wholesale crystal necklace set  And this year has seen the introduction of spectacular wholesale rhinestone jewelry as well as crystal jewelry.  This jewelry will sparkle up showcases across the country.



With a year that is flying by at lightning speed, can you remember prom?   Prom girls this year focused on iridescent rhinestone. Necklace sets slowed some while dramatic earrings and bracelets gained ground.  The demand for wholesale rhinestone jewelry in iridescent stones blindsided many wholesalers.  They scrambled to find the items retailers needed.

wholesale rhinestone jewelry

Was this a fad or a trend?  Fads burn out quick while trends can extend for a decade.  Our own feeling is that prom girls in 2014 will again be looking for iridescent rhinestone bracelets and earrings in dramatic size.



Soon after prom season, new wholesale crystal jewelry hit the market.  Dramatic necklace sets shocked consumers with breath-taking beauty.  Never before has crystal jewelry been so dramatic at such affordable prices.  It was a new development for 2013 that brought excitement to fashion jewelry.


Early sets had garden themes and multicolor stones.  Many had dimensionally shaped butterflies with pave’ wholesale crystal necklace set garden themecrystals layered on the necklace.  Other crystal necklace sets displayed multicolored stones in peacock designs.


Breathtaking soon dwindles to commonplace without innovation.  But innovation wascrystal choker set there.  Wholesale crystal jewelry continued to astonish consumers.  Accessories Magazine pinpointed the trend.  They named it Estate Update.  New gorgeous crystal necklace and choker sets were in the market for Christmas parties and New Years Eve.



Expect this fabulous crystal jewelry to continue into 2014 with many retailers already getting sales for Mardi Gras balls.  Both choker sets and necklace sets will continue to excite your clientele as innovations keep the tend alive.



Getting back on track, we find wholesale rhinestone jewelry also delivering dramatic looks in necklace sets for New Years Eve.

wholesale rhinestone jewelry lavish set

What distinguishes rhinestone jewelry from crystal jewelry?  The stones are the same.  But crystals are hand set  while rhinestone comes out of machines with the stones already set.  The chain is spooled and designers cut and solder it to create rhinestone jewelry.  Oddly enough, we consider rhinestone jewelry very traditional today and crystal jewelry innovative.  The truth of the matter is everything before World War II called rhinestone was had set stones.  The invention of the machine to make rhinestone chain occurred during the War.


rhinestone prom jewelryWholesale rhinestone jewelry has the dramatic looks also, but with a look we consider more traditional as shown above.  Rhinestone jewelry is even more important for prom and bridal because of the delicate necklace sets.  One of its strengths is versatility.


A lot of water has passed under the bridge since last New Years Eve.  This season you have dramatic options in wholesale crystal and rhinestone jewelry to offer your customers that weren’t there a year ago.

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