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Small Business Saturday is a concentrated effort to get shoppers to frequent small businesses when shopping.  This probably has limited success.  The real advantage for small business is their position as the only game in town for many categories that consumers want.  Since fashion jewelry and accessories is the focus of this blog, that will be the area we will cover.  Here are three categories of merchandise that are somewhere between hard and impossible to find in the halls of the majors.



Christmas parties and New Years Eve will create a frantic search for dresses and accessories that will stand out. dramatic crystal choker from small business  Dresses will be everywhere in the big box stores.  But what about the crystals and rhinestone jewelry to accessorize them? In this category, the majors are weak.  Look at the showcases of leading department stores an you will see the selection is limited.


The place to find a wide selection of rhinestone and crystal jewelry that will be the perfect match for an outfit is small business—specialty shops that have a generous selection of sparkling jewelry for head-tuning looks.

lavish crystal jewelry

From lavish crystal necklace sets that made their entrance into the formal jewelry market in 2013 to understated sets that appeal to more conservative shoppers, specialty stores in small business have the selection.


If shoppers prefer to accessorize with glamorous earrings rather than a necklace set, these same shops have plenty of options.  And they also have a selection of bracelets to complete the look.



nostalgic Christmas pin available at small business

There’s another aspect of Holiday jewelry—the Christmas jewelry that is part of those warm childhood memories that still bring joy.  Classy Christmas jewelry is becoming an endangered species.  Creating quality fashion jewelry is an art.  From design to excellence in craftsmanship requires time and diligence.   Many manufacturers feel the effort isn’t worthwhile for a short season.  But small entrepreneurs are relentless in their search for exceptional items to please their customers.


One of the leaders in manufacturing quality fashion jewelry is “Best.  Their Christmas line goes through all the processes of expensive sterling silver.  Like many other exclusive lines, the only place to find this Christmas jewelry is small business locations.

Christmas pendant

“Best” has a signature process of stamping detailed designs form a thin sheet of metal.  The jewelry has raised relief and a precisely cut plate seals the back just like sterling.  Next comes plating, polishing, and sometimes color with epoxy.  Most pieces are pendants that can also be worn as pins.  When your customers buy this Christmas jewelry to give as gift, they are giving the next generation of quality collectibles.



Accessories in themes carry a message caring and sincerity.  The giver took time to search for a gift that is really meaningful to the receiver.


Scarves in Themes

theme scarves

Scarves are an example.  Oblong polyester scarves are a classy accessory with the look and feel of silk.  Their popularity is timeless.  While other scarves trend up and down, consumers never tire of these oblongs.  They come in an infinite number of prints, but one strong feature about these scarves in themes.


Searching the site turns up major categories of these scarves in religious themes, music themes, and nearly every seasonal theme.  Other themes include floral, pets, fleur-de-lis, occupations, and animals from horses to elephants.

Poinsettia Christmas scarf

Since this is Christmas, scarves for the season are certainly very popular.  The poinsettia scarf shown really connects with consumers.





Ties in Themes

fleur-de-lis ties

What about gifts for men?  The traditional gift has always been ties. Every year Dad gets a tie.  This year it can be special with theme ties. Choose from ties for occupations, sports, sea life, gaming, as well as seasonal ties.  There are entire categories dedicated to American flag ties and Christian ties.  Fleur-de-lis ties are a favorite men’s gift in Louisiana.


How many times have you heard—it’s hard to shop for men?  Now you can find something meaningful in themes for men.  Only small business offers all these themes in ties.



Church hats

Anyone searching for a specialty gift has to think of small business.  In many cases, it is the only place to find these items.  One good example is church hats.  A favorite gift for moms that wear a hat to church on Sunday is church hats.  We have been in the wholesale jewelry and accessory business for 28 years and it was true even before that.


Where in the world can a person go to buy Mom a nice winter church hat for Christmas?  Who is going to have a selection?  You have to find a specialty shop handling these hats.  And that is going to be a small business location.  They have the shapes, colors, and styles that gives the shopper options.


This is one example.  Small business is the source for nearly every niche and specialty item. When the Holidays are over, consumers still need small business.  Who has the selection of prom jewelry, pageant and dance accessories, Mardi Gras items, and a big selection of Easter hats?   Small business not only supplies consumers’ needs, it also provides more than half the jobs in America. It is great to have these industrious entrepreneurs with their enduring creativity.  They are the hardy breed that battles every obstacle striving to survive and succeed.

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