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Something new is happening in wholesale crystal jewelry in 2013.  Accessories Magazine labels the movement Estate Update.  We are talking about dramatic designs in wholesale crystal jewelry.  These statement pieces are quickly populating showcases across the nation.


This is new in 2013.  In 2012, these dramatic looks in crystal necklace sets were not found or were rare.  One catalyst for these dramatic designs is the improved quality of acrylic stones.   Another is the improved quality of Chinese crystals.  Together these stones can produce elaborate crystal necklace sets with wholesale prices below $40–most of them below $30.  Suddenly rivals of The Royal Jewels are affordable for everyone.



Bold rhinestone and crystal bracelet

Crystal bracelets and earrings ushered in dramatic looks.  The bracelet shown is typical.  You might think this is nothing new, and you are right.  However, bracelets and earrings planted the seed for dramatic crystal necklaces.

iridescent necklace set

We can look back to 2012 for crystal necklace sets using large stones in dramatic designs.  These first sets used all acrylic stones.  They were eye catching and still sell.  The set pictured is an example.  The vast improvement in acrylic stone quality made this possible.  It was nearly impossible to distinguish acrylic stones from lead crystal stones. Retailers stocked this wholesale crystal jewelry that quickly grabbed the attention of consumers.  However, the developments in wholesale crystal jewelry that came in 2013 stole their thunder.

wholesale crystal jewelry--garden theme

In the first half of 2013, this wholesale crystal jewelry began to show up.  These crystal sets included multicolor designs.  The necklace sets often used garden themes.  Designs were breath taking and prices so affordable.



wholesale crystal choker set

By August, Accessories Magazine included them in their “What to Buy” section.  The next generation of wholesale crystal necklace sets was showing up for fall.  Designs with all clear stones or iridescent stones stormed the industry.  The iridescent choker set shown was top on the list of popularity.



dramatic wholesale crystal jewelry set in iridescent stones

Wholesale prices continued to shock—not because they were expensive, but because they were so affordable.  The dramatic crystal necklace set shown carries a wholesale price under $20.  Now everyone could have the Red Carpet look for balls and Holiday.



No doubt, dramatic crystal jewelry will command attention the rest of this year and into 2014.  It’s more than eye pleasing.  It’s captivating.  This crystal jewelry grabs attention with luxurious design.  It shocks again with low wholesale prices.  It is new, beautiful, and affordable.  That makes it irresistible.  Innovation is the key to popularity.  New designs will keep it in the jet stream.  When fresh designs no longer shock the sense of beauty, it will lose its luster to a certain degree and settle into the category of crystal jewelry as another option.

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