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wholesale Venetian style masks

Wholesale Venetian style mask make an interesting study in the rise and fall of markets.  A decade ago, hardly anyone knew what they were.  Today they are a household word.  The media was certainly a major player in their growth of popularity.  However, like all other consumer items, innovation is a requirement for remaining popular.  Wholesale Venetian style masks certainly saw innovation in 2013.



laser cut masks

Early in the year, laser cut metal masks emerged as an element included in wholesale Venetian style masks.  These masks had intricately cut metal patterns revealing lacy filigree designs.  Rhinestones highlights soon added some sparkle to the filigree designs.   In addition, color selections expanded and plating in gold and silver added shiny finishes.

laser cut butterfly mask

Designs became more extravagant like the mask shown with a filigree butterfly rising on one side.  Like all the Venetian style masks, these laser cut designs shaped to the face and tied on with ribbons.


Venetian masks with laser cut buterfly

Soon composites of laser cut masks combined with traditional Venetian style masks to create designs that were even more striking.  All the while, prices elevated, but consumers’ were enthralled with these stunning looks in masquerade.  Price did not slow the pace of sales in these exceptional looking masks.



rhinestone Venetian style masks

Styles rolled out one after another with each new development drawing more oohs and aahs.  Once the aesthetic senses absorbed laser cut masks, they received a new shock with rhinestone masks.  These sparkling masterpieces were irresistible, yes, even at a higher price.  Sparkling clear rhinestones in silver plated settings maximized the brilliance.



cheap Venetian style masks

Styles did not only expand on the upside, decent looking masks also became available at surprising low costs on the lower end of the scale. Retailers could now sell a basic Venetian style eye masks that started the popular movement for $5.   Granted, these weren’t the Cadillac of the line, still they were adequate masks for someone throwing a party on a budget.


Wholesale Venetian style masks are not only surviving, but also thriving with innovation.  Innovation is the lifeline for any trend.  Think about Venetian style masks as part of your product line because their popularity has yet to peak.  We can expect these masks to be around for quite awhile.

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