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wholesale Venetian style masks

Wholesale Venetian style mask make an interesting study in the rise and fall of markets.  A decade ago, hardly anyone knew what they were.  Today they are a household word.  The media was certainly a major player in their growth of popularity.  However, like all other consumer items, innovation is a requirement for remaining popular.  Wholesale Venetian style masks certainly saw innovation in 2013.



laser cut masks

Early in the year, laser cut metal masks emerged as an element included in wholesale Venetian style masks.  These masks had intricately cut metal patterns revealing lacy filigree designs.  Rhinestones highlights soon added some sparkle to the filigree designs.   In addition, color selections expanded and plating in gold and silver added shiny finishes.

laser cut butterfly mask

Designs became more extravagant like the mask shown with a filigree butterfly rising on one side.  Like all the Venetian style masks, these laser cut designs shaped to the face and tied on with ribbons.


Venetian masks with laser cut buterfly

Soon composites of laser cut masks combined with traditional Venetian style masks to create designs that were even more striking.  All the while, prices elevated, but consumers’ were enthralled with these stunning looks in masquerade.  Price did not slow the pace of sales in these exceptional looking masks.



rhinestone Venetian style masks

Styles rolled out one after another with each new development drawing more oohs and aahs.  Once the aesthetic senses absorbed laser cut masks, they received a new shock with rhinestone masks.  These sparkling masterpieces were irresistible, yes, even at a higher price.  Sparkling clear rhinestones in silver plated settings maximized the brilliance.



cheap Venetian style masks

Styles did not only expand on the upside, decent looking masks also became available at surprising low costs on the lower end of the scale. Retailers could now sell a basic Venetian style eye masks that started the popular movement for $5.   Granted, these weren’t the Cadillac of the line, still they were adequate masks for someone throwing a party on a budget.


Wholesale Venetian style masks are not only surviving, but also thriving with innovation.  Innovation is the lifeline for any trend.  Think about Venetian style masks as part of your product line because their popularity has yet to peak.  We can expect these masks to be around for quite awhile.

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Wholesale Halloween jewelry is fun stuff often done in resins and plastics.  This jewelry is great forinexpensive Halloween jewelry gift shops, drug stores, and party stores.  However, boutiques and upscale stores have customers that want jewelry with higher quality.  They want Halloween jewelry, but they want a classy look.



High quality Halloween jewelry is out there.  Is high priced sterling silver the only answer?  No, you can get the look in fashion jewelry with quality that equals or exceeds sterling.

wholesale Halloween jewelry

“Best” jewelry has established a reputation as quality leader in fashion jewelry.  They create a seasonal jewelry line that fills the needs of upscale shops.  The finished product is indistinguishable from exquisite sterling silver.  Their signature process is dimensionally raised stampings from a single sheet of thin steel.  Their ability in metalworking delivers detail that is beyond imagination.  The scarecrow pendant shown is typical of their work.

Halloween pumpkin pendant

Next, they seal the back with a plate stamped with a precision fit.    This is a procedure used in sterling silver.  It creates a hollow pendant that is comfortably lightweight.  Sterling uses the process to reduce the amount of silver going into the jewelry piece. However, the component costs of fashion jewelry are not a factor.  Therefore, the labor intense process is adding high quality that is rare in fashion jewelry.  The site includes some exceptional jewelry by “Best” under wholesale Halloween Jewelry.  The pendant shown has design and depth that makes this Halloween jewelry an eye-catcher.


Notice the incredible shapes and amazing detail their stamping process delivers.  Silver plating and high polishing gives each piece a mirror-like shine.  This wholesale Halloween jewelry could easily be mistaken for sterling silver.  However, the price makes it much easier to sell.  This is jewelry that upscale boutiques can be proud to show customers.



Halloween pendant with color

What if you want some fun color for the season?  The pendant displayed shows how nicely this jewelry can adapt to color.   After going through all the processes above, the jewelry is hand epoxied to get the bright Halloween colors.  Isn’t this stunning jewelry that should catch the eye of your customers?  Yes, the price is higher than resins and plastics, but the quality and classy look are so apparent.


Halloween is less than a month away.  The predictions for this year’s Halloween sales are still healthy even though they show some decline this season according to the National Retail Federation.  Irresistible merchandise is the key to keeping figures up.  Think about this wholesale Halloween jewelry as part of that irresistible selection.

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wholesale Venetian style masksWholesale masks have undergone massive developments in the last decade.  Ten year ago hardly anyone knew what Venetian masks were.  Since then they have become the subject of movies, realty shows, and celebrity pictures.



The Venetian masks that were so obscure ten years ago were never obscure in Venice.  Mask making is an art there.  Actually it so important an art that mask makers had their own guild in the Renaissance years.


Venetian style masks are designs inspired by the original art of Venice.  These wholesale masks carry a lower price tag.  They are works of art also, but often lack the originality that comes from the masters in Venice.



wholesale masks on a stick

Today more people are aware of these wholesale masks.  Here are a few styles you will probably recognize. First, the mask on a stick that is among the most popular Venetian style masks.  The one shown is white and silver—the top seller for Venetian weddings.  The mask also comes white and gold, which goes better when the bride has an ivory dress.  Also colors are popular for sweet sixteens and quinceaneras.


Venetian style mask maple leaf design

Venetian masks can be very elegant like the maple leaf mask shown.  These wholesale masks are surprisingly affordable considering the elaborate design and individual boxing.




Diavalo mask

The Diavalo masks works for Halloween.  Diavalo is Italian for devil.  A popular medium for masks in Venice is paper mache.  These masks use acrylic to capture a paper mache look and feel.




wholesale masks in Venetian style

The black ladies Venetian style mask with a spray of feathers on one side provides a more elegant Halloween mask.   The black color creates a mystique.



laser cut fleur-de-lis Venetian style mask

So what is the Venetian style masks that are galvanizing consumers’ interest this year?  The answer is laser cut metal masks.  These masks with elaborate cut designs deliver a masterful filigree eye mask for women.   Many are available in gold or sliver plating as well as colors.  The fleur-de-lis laser cut mask shown is gold plating.



laser cut butterfly mask

Some laser cut masks get more elaborate.  The butterfly mask pictured reaches new heights with a laser cut butterfly rising up on one side.  The mask is white and popular for weddings.


Halloween is less than a month away and consumers going to parties are more selective than ever about masks and costumes.  Stock wholesale masks early.  Then your customers can shop beautiful Venetian style masks that they will be proud to wear.

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