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The latest shipments of wholesale hats had us busy moving from category to category putting them on line.  It was tons of variety with limited depth.  Take a glance through this blog and you will see what we mean.


WHOLESALE FLEUR-DE-LIS HATSWholesale fleur-de-lis cowboy hat

A sassy fleur-de-lis cowboy hat arrived with a shiny crystal studded fleur-de-lis on the front and acrylic studs all along the edge of the rolled brim.  More stones stud the brown leatherette hatband.  Really eye-catching, right?

fleur-de-lis ball cap

Do your customers want fleur-de-is hats that are more dress-down?  Here’s a new wholesale cap that may suit their tastes. A black ball cap has a large rhinestone fleur-de-lis in the center bordered by frayed fabric.  The tip of the bill has worn fabric on each side.  It costs more to make a hat look worn out than to make it look spanking new.  This is the new market for younger customers.  Remember when we threw hats away that looked this worn?



wholesale hats for homecoming

Wholesale hats for homecoming are filling needs for a market that can’t wait.  Most homecomings are in October with some in early November.  So shops need dress hats now.  Traditionally, women liked homecoming hats with conservative brims like the one shown.  However, the last few years larger brims have gained popularity.  So almost everything available in church hats works for homecoming hats.

wholesale church hats

Arrivals in wholesale ladies church hats include new designs and popular styles that need restocking.   The hat shown with an asymmetrical brim was a top seller last year and is doing very well again this year.  Like most winter dress hats, it is wool felt.  While writing this blog, I checked the hat.  It looks like it needs restocked again.



ladies dressy winter hat

New winter hats include this cute apple cap for women.  Made of wool felt, the dressy cap will be a cute accessory for the upcoming season.



tiger print ball cap

When the new tiger ball cap shown arrived, we set up a new category under sports jewelry named Sports Accessories. We will add more items over the next week or two.  The focus will be school colors and mascots in caps and hats including novelty hats.


Everyone is aware that football is a frenzy during the season.  Nearly every high school across the country has a football team.  Fans want to show their support.  But local retailers have a problem finding merchandise for the limited market.  This category will focus on the most popular colors and mascots so retailers can feed the frenzy in their local communities.

wholesale cowboy hat in shimmering purple


Among new arrivals in wholesale cowboy hats is a shimmering purple cowboy hat that can be worn as is or trimmed for Mardi Gras or school colors.  The ladies shapeable cowboy hat shimmers with every movement.

pink ribbon visors


Would you expect new arrivals in wholesale visors this time of year?  Well remember October is a few days away and that is breast cancer awareness month. The Susan G Komen group was a pioneer in breast cancer awareness, organizing runs and handing out pink visors to participants as early as 1990.  With all the walks and runs across the country, breast cancer awareness visors will be in demand.



wholesale fascinators

On the dressy side, new wholesale fascinators arrive for holiday and any other dressy event.  Fascinators can also be fun for Halloween or bachelorette parties.


See what we mean about wholesale hats in a wild range of categories.  I can’t remember a week when arrivals of wholesale hats had so much variety.  But this can be good because there is something for everyone. It makes it easy to find headwear for your customers.

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