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Wholesale rhinestone jewelry gets no time to rest—prom, June brides, now homecoming, and soon holiday.  Of course pageant and balls fall in between.  But the urgent need now is for homecoming jewelry.


Everyone knows the frenzy of prom girls shopping of jewelry. How many realize that the same high schools plus colleges and universities need homecoming jewelry?  Shops draw inventory for both from the same well—wholesale rhinestone jewelry and crystal jewelry.

Don’t think you are too late.   Most homecomings are in October and early November.  So check high schools and colleges in your area to see if you have time.

Homecoming encompasses many tastes.  Some consumers like the vintage look.  They often opt for largecrystal earrings fro homcoming earrings and bracelets without a necklace.  Others prefer traditional rhinestone sets.  Still others want rhinestone jewelry that makes a statement—large sets or shoulder dusters with multiple row rhinestone bracelets.

Good news!  Everything doesn’t have to sell for homecoming.  Holiday follows Homecoming and shortly after holiday is prom.  So formal jewelry that does not sell for homecoming will not collect dust.



This line-up of events lets us be experimental.  Let’s begin with the hottest thing in crystal and rhinestone jewelry for 2013—iridescent stones.  Iridescent rhinestone and crystal jewelry was more than a trend this year.  IT WAS A FRENZY!

iridescent wholesale rhinestone jewelry

So iridescent rhinestone necklace sets needs to be in the selection.  Let’s begin with simplicity.  The simple iridescent rhinestone choker set shown uses memory wire to gently close around the neck.  Silver settings and iridescent rhinestones deliver just enough sparkle in a tastefully simple design.

contemporary rhinestone necklace set

For the modern girl, think about the contemporary design shown.  Iridescent and clear rhinestones combine in a mod necklace set that delivers dazzle, but is not overdone. Again, the settings are silver.  Silver settings are the most popular in rhinestone jewelry and they maximize the brilliance.



iridescent rhinestone braceletIridescent bracelets can accompany a necklace set or go with large earrings without a necklace.  There are plenty of choices, but the rhinestone bracelet shown is a leading seller.  The symmetrical design closes with a fold-over clasp.



vintage inspired crystal earrings

When customers prefer no necklace or a dress doesn’t accommodate it, earrings usually do the accessorizing.  In this case, the customer generally wants larger earrings.  The vintage style crystal earrings shown suits personalities that like the elegance of bygone days.



Art Deco inspired crystal bracelet

Match the earrings with a bracelet that also has vintage inspiration.  Art Deco gives a 30s look.  The bracelet shown looks like a wide bangle, but it actually stretches.



rhinestone shoulder dusters

Rhinestone earrings give a more contemporary look.  The shoulder dusters pictured come in gold plating.  Leading designers show a strong preference for gold plating in their fall lines.




rhinestone stretch braceletA nice match for these earrings is multi-row stretch rhinestone bracelets.  They come in gold or silver plating plus different widths.  These rhinestone bracelets have a surprising low wholesale price.  These are the kind of items that can improve your profit picture and help pay the bills.



homecoming hats


Far more retailers are aware of homecoming jewelry than this next little secret.  Really make a statement by adding some wholesale homecoming hats.  These hats are an absolute need for homecoming.  They are also hard to find.  Son if they have to come to you for homecoming hats, you can also sell participants homecoming jewelry.


Today small business has plenty of challenges.  Small entrepreneurs are providing most of the businesses in America and half the jobs.  Surviving requires we take advantage of opportunities and carefully plan our inventory investment.  Homecoming is a market that has opportunity.  Unlike prom, many retailers overlook it.  That means more opportunity for you.  Also the investment in wholesale rhinestone jewelry fills many needs on the horizon—holiday, prom, Mardi Gras balls, bridal, and any other formal occasion that comes up.

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