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Summer doldrums took an unusually big bite out of sales in the fashion industry this year.  All that came to an end as Labor Day approached, season’s changed, and a frenzy of new excitement gave retailers fresh optimism.

One big part of the changing attitude is the love of something new.  And the biggest contributor is fall fashion trends.  A look at trends in fashion jewelry shows the newness that entices consumers to spend.


Fall jewelry turns to gold as the dominant plating with a conviction that just may make it stick.  NOW THIS IS NEW!  The dominant plating for the last decade or more is silver plating.  Many recent seasons started with push to return to gold, but never got off the ground.  To have some idea of the dominance of gold plating this season, visit the slide show of designer fashion jewelry on Style.com.   The site shows over 2,000 pieces of fall jewelry by different designers with strong domination of gold plating.  This time wholesalers didn’t miss it with there lines also showing a strong presence of gold plated jewelry.


Chain plays a major part in fall fashion trends; especially bold link chain and long swinging chains.  Single row and multiple row chains are important with many long single row chain necklaces terminating with pendants.



Gold plated jewelry for fall is anything but boring.   Many designers are delivering a classic look like the Byzantine inspirations of Dolce & Gabbana or the crystal brooches of Emanuel Ungaro.

dramatic crystal choker

Something entirely new in crystal jewelry this year, especially this fall, is dramatic crystal necklace sets combing gold plating as well as silver plating  in designs that incorporate large stones like the royal jewels we only get to see at televised royal weddings and coronations or in coffee table books.  Other breath-taking designs use garden themes with sculptured flowers or added layers of crystal studded butterflies.

lavish crystal jewelry set

Accessories Magazine shows the trend with bracelets, earrings, and necklaces using large clear stones, naming it Estate Update.  Gucci’s interpretation called diamante has a necklace of large faceted jet marquis stones worn close to the neck.  This entirely new look in crystal jewelry is gorgeous and dramatic without sacrificing tastefulness.



Take the title off of Pantone’s fashion color report for fall 2013 and you may not realize this is a fall color palette.  Vibrant colors have dominated the last four seasons including the winter 2012-2013 season.   The palette for this fall is brighter than expected for fall and winter seasons, but still more subdued than last fall with more secondary colors on the fashion color chart for 2013-2014.

Fall fashion jewelry in bright colors

Still hues of lime, orange, and fuchsia make the palette and fashion jewelry transmits these colors to accessories for fall apparel.  Perhaps there is some zeitgeist in recent palettes.  Bright colors are compensating for challenging economic times by raising spirits with vibrant colors.


Some colors surface after the publishing of the palette.  Trend Finder in Accessories Magazine forecasts developments weekly for the coming season.  During the summer they saw cobalt blue, red, and red and black combinations developing for fall.



Shell Jewelry fro Fall

Shell jewelry—what an interesting development for fall.  Who would expect shell in a line of fall costume jewelry?  The way it is used lets shell jewelry cross the line into fall and winter.  Capiz shell shades from its natural white color to vibrant hues and then clear resin seals the shell deep inside icy clear shapes that radiate the color with the natural iridescence of the shell.  Hard to imagine?  Check out the picture or find the look in the showcases of many leading department stores.

Fall dyed shell necklace set

Other shell necklaces are dyed to capture rich fall colors while retaining their natural iridescence.  The set shown has dyed chips creating a width of about one inch and a trendy 22 inch length.



Filigree brooch

Notice the movement in fall trends back towards classic looks.  Filigree is certainly one way to capture refined feminism.  Plated gold and set with stones, it is very regal.  Plated silver and set with pearls, it is the epitome of elegance.  Either way it is part of the fall trends in fashion jewelry.

trapeze earrings

If we almost forgot trapeze earrings and chandeliers, they are back using filigree to capture attention. The trapeze earrings shown use antiqued bronze plating to deliver a vintage aura.  Fresh looks include large filigree earrings with cutouts in classic symmetrical designs or floral motifs. There is no risk in stocking filigree jewelry for your shop.  It is timeless.



high fashion necklace set

Statement necklaces shed their primitive look this fall, using more pearl, crystals, and polished metals.  The more primitive looks of past seasons are put to rest.  Perhaps you have seen the set shown strutting the runways in oversize faux pearls in white, ivory, or dyed colors.  It is usually worn choker length—definitely high fashion.


Even shell jewelry mentioned above gets into the act of classy statement necklace sets.  The set shown has rows of pear shaped drops suing the shell in clear resin process.  The color provides the gray neutral in Pantone’s palette they call turbulence.  Yes, shell jewelry for fall and winter.




What about turquoise jewelry?  It is not mentioned in the trends and the color is not on the palette.  Nevertheless, turquoise jewelry is on the websites and in the showcases of nearly every major retailer.  Check out the websites of Dillard’s and Macys and you will see turquoise jewelry.  There’s a lesson here—salability trumps trends. Professionals in the retail world want merchandise that moves.  This is what makes payroll and covers the overhead.  Turquoise jewelry has a timeless attraction with customers and it is too important to leave out of the picture.


So trends are helpful and they attract attention by adding newness to a selection of fashion jewelry, but our main consideration in filling the showcases has to be jewelry that consumers find irresistible regardless of how trendy they are.  Visit the showcases of leading department stores and you will see this concept in action.  Everything in them is appealing.

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