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Vibrant color is making a statement on Pantone fashion palettes.  Not just this summer, but for three seasons in row.  Yes, even in the winter season.  So many of your customers might be asking, where is the bright color in fashion jewelry.

More than a decade ago China eclipsed American jewelry manufacturing with decent design and bargain prices.  But suddenly they seem to have run out of ideas.  They churn out a steady diet of plated jewelry at a time when bright color dominates trends.  They get caught up in an idea and every manufacturer in China follows it.  Think about it.  How many sideway cross bracelets and necklaces do we need?


Well here’s a breath of fresh air.  The Murano style glass jewelry that we almost forgot about is back.  And it is back withMurano style glass jewelry the rich color that trends are calling for.  In case you have forgot, Murano glass is an art hailing from Murano Italy, an Island off of Venice.  If you have seen jewelry with transparent glass beads revealing clouds of suspended color or metallic particles, this is Murano glass.




But there is more.  Lampwork beads that have melted glass in other colors and various shapes adhering to the bead—thislampwork bead necklace set is part of Murano glass also.  This art was popularized by Murano in the 1300s.  The lampwork bead necklace shown uses this kind of  bead.





Murano style jewelry with milefiore beadsYes, there is more—millefiore, a thousand flowers.  These beads have canes of glass melted together and then sliced revealing endless tiny flower patterns. If you wanted millefiore beads in the 1400s, there was only one place to get them.  Yes, Murano Italy.






So much art and beauty!  How can we forget Murano glass?  The bottom line is we can’t.  When the tragedy of 9/11 left the country in shock and trends turned to high quality and serious components in accessories, Murano style glass jewelry was there.


Now, when creativity is lost and color is woefully missing from the jewelry industry, Murano style glass jewelry resurfaces.  It brings rich color back to the market with its exceptional quality and artistry.  This is fashion jewelry any woman would be proud to wear or give as gift.



So when we study Pantone’s fashion palette for summer, we see 10 colors with a fair share of brights.  Murano style glass jewelry can deliver every color.  So if you are accessorizing last years outfit with this year’s look, Murano style glass jewelry adds the accessories that deliver this season’s colors.


Pantone’s lime color called tender shoots finds a striking match with the necklace setMurano style jewelry in lime color shown.  The tinted glass goes nicely with the color and the faceted disk beds have a swirl of suspended color that adds interest.




purple Murano style necklace setThe Dalmatian print Murano style necklace set comes in four colors including a set that captures hues in the purple family—colors ranging from purple to lavender.  The color here is an excellent representation of the lavender on the palette called African Violet.




Linen, an off-white with a very slight pinkish tint, is the neutral on the palette that will get the most use.  The Muranowhite Murano style necklace set style necklace that captures it is has oval faceted beds with suspended clouds of off-white color.


When browsing the Murano style glass jewelry, many items have as many as 3 or 4 color options.  These options include nearly every color on the palette.  And when all else fails, multicolor sets step up to deliver the hue.



Jewelry in colors is lost if accessorizing the same shade.  So we need to coordinate.  The palette provides plenty of options for that.  Look through Pantone’s report and you will see some designers pair the yellow called lemon zest with the lavender called African Violet.  Following this lead, the Murano style jewelry set in lavender shown above will make a stunning accessory with yellow.


If you pull up a color wheel on the internet, you will see this color combination exactly opposite each other.  Using the wheel, may surprise you with some of the opposites that can coordinate.


Almost anything will coordinate with the neutral off-white they call linen.  So using neutrals is easy.


But using two colors is trickier.  Many of the designers use hues of the same color like grayed jade and emerald.  In jewelry, you can coordinate apparel with a darker or lighter shade of the clothing color, for example, the royal blue necklace set goes well with apparel in the lighter dusk blue.


Looking at the color wheel again, colors on each side of the target color provide coordinates.  Color specialists call these analogous colors and they provide endless choices.


But to start, it takes jewelry with color and thanks to Murano style jewelry the color is back.

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