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Summer is here and outdoor activities are cranking up.  All kinds of interesting merchandise iswholesale hematite jewelry populating booths at swap meets, flea markets, festivals, church picnics, and other outdoor events.  You can be sure that you will see booths of hematite jewelry in the mix.  What is hematite all about and why are there booths totally dedicated to it?


Hematite jewelry has a steel gray luster that glistens, making it attractive to all age groups.  It also has themes that appeal to shopper’s hearts with pendants in dolphins, horses, crosses, hearts, and every imaginable theme that people are interested in.  But more than anything else, many people see hematite as a mineral that can relieve pain. I have wholesale customers that are selling hematite jewelry because they personally experienced relief from pain.


You won’t find this in medical journals, but also, you won’t convince anyone that experienced relief that this is a myth.  Remember the copper bracelets of a decade ago?  Many attributed relief from the pain of arthritis to wearing these bracelets.  My Mom was one of these people and was convinced that copper bracelets brought relief.


In both cases, the jewelry is mineral based.  Hematite is an iron oxide.  This is a common mineral used in making steel.


Hematite jewelry includes necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and anklets.  Wholesale price for hematite jewelry is very reasonable—usually under $2.00. When you consider all the work that goes into making hematite jewelry including hematite beds that need to be strung and pendants that are  carved another question comes to mind—is it real?


Manufactured hematite is ground and cast, which is far less labor intense than carving.  Is the material the same?  According to Diana Norman Designs, it is very close to mined hematite.  Hematite’s formula is Fe3O4 and processed hematite is Fe2O3.  Both have the characteristic luster and cold feel.


hematite cross necklaceThose involved in lapidary work use different test to identify semi precious tones and minerals.  One test is a streak test where the stone is scratched of ceramic to see the color of the streak left.  Mined hematite leaves a red streak while manufactured leaves a gray streak.  Nevertheless, with properties nearly the same, the hematite seen in booths at swap meets and flea markets has the same qualities as the mined hematite.  And this is the hematite jewelry like the cross necklace shown that those that believe it remedies pain are wearing.


Entrepreneurs looking for products that can produce sales in the summer need to considerhematite earrings hematite.  Most hematite necklaces wholesale for $1.50, bracelets for $1.25 as well as earrings.  A small investment can make an adequate display and low competition enables vendors to maintain a decent markup.


arrowhead hematite necklaceHematite jewelry has wide appeal to consumers.  Guys like bolder beaded necklaces as well s themes like horse heads, eagles, arrowheads, and crosses.  Gals like hearts, dolphins, angels, Y designs, and also crosses.  Some themes like peace signs draw young consumers, while the entire line draws seniors that want pain relief.   Looking for a summertime business?  This is an inexpensive option that has demand.

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