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wholesael bridal and prom bracelets

Winter is stubborn about going away this year, but the show must go on for bridal and prom—and that’s good news for fashion businesses because these markets provide relief from post-Christmas lulls.  The retail fashion industry counts on bridal and prom to boost sales every spring.  Fortunately much of the wholesale bridal and prom jewelry that fills their showcases, appeals to both markets.



The mushrooming size of prom spending caught national attention last year when the average spending broke the thousand dollar mark—a 34% increase in a single year.  Most of this spending was with small business and mostly local businesses.  The article in USA Today breaks it down by average spent on each item.


The number of students attending prom coast to coast is not easy to find, but there are about 4 million 12th grade students in the US and slightly less than half are girls.  In addition, some schools have junior proms.  Add these up and it’s easy to see the impact this can have on small business.


As helpful as this is for small business, bridal business dwarfs it.  Census figures for 2009 show over 2 million weddings and the Wedding Industry Statistics released by The Knot reports average cost at 27 thousand not counting the honeymoon.  This is the kind of business that is important for the survival of small businesses.  We need to be ready to fill their needs with the bridal and prom jewelry and accessories to suit their tastes.



rhinestone necklace set

When brides choose rhinestone necklace sets for wedding day jewelry, the choice is usually delicate designs.  Most prefer simplicity—jewelry that is understated.  Nothing too dramatic because the choice will be recorded in the wedding album for all future generations. Glancing through a bridal magazine, you see very little of this look, but still this is what the bridal shops are buying over and over.  This is what is selling.


When we talk about bridal and prom jewelry overlapping, this look that brides-to-be want is exactly the look prom girls also want when they choose necklace sets to accessorize the dress. They love simplicity—Y necklaces, delicate V necklaces, small cascades, and single or double line chokers.  Our customers catering to the prom market concentrate on these wholesale rhinestone sets the most. These delicate sets with clear rhinestones in silver plated settings are timeless.  Every season, they remain number one.



wide crystal bracelet

Bridal magazines are showing another look that is popular—dramatic earrings and bracelets without a necklace.  When prom girls want to accessorize without a necklace, the preference suddenly changes from delicate to dramatic—bold earrings and wide bracelets.  Especially popular this year for prom is bracelet earring combinations in iridescent rhinestones or crystals.



crystal earrings

Both rhinestone jewelry and crystal jewelry have the bold earrings and bracelets with iridescent stones.   Rhinestone has a finer uniform style using rhinestone chain.  Crystal has glued in or prong set stones that utilize a variety of sizes and shapes.


This choice in accessories is not only popular as prom jewelry, but is also gracing the pages of bridal magazines.  As bridal jewelry, clear rhinestones and crystals are still preferred over iridescent, but dramatic combination is selling when brides-to-be choose to accessorize without a necklace.



Nothing matches pearl for elegance. While exceptional for bridal jewelry, faux pearl is seldom used for prom jewelry.  So far, the crystal and rhinestone jewelry covered overlap for prom and bridal.  Faux pearl jewelry is not limited to bridal even though it seldom accessorizes prom.  This pearl jewelry fills needs accessorizing a nice suit or dress for church, luncheons, and teas.


But as bridal jewelry, it ranks near rhinestone in popularity as either sets or earring/bracelet combinations.  Pearl has different colors with white and ivory most popular because they match the white and ivory gowns.  Plating for white pearl is usually silver and off-white or ivory usually have gold plating.


Bridal and prom jewelry are needed items, rather than jewelry that can postpone until later.  They serve more than one market so all your eggs are not in one basket.  Finally, they are timeless so these classic designs will not be out of fashion a few months from now.  Next blog will continue with prom and bridal accessories.

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