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With less than two weeks to go before two big retail events, there is little time to capitalize on this huge market.  We are talking about Mardi Gras and Valentines Day.  A Tulane University study estimated the direct economic impact to New Orleans alone at better than 144 million in 2009.  Big as it is, the figures are dwarfed by The National Retail Federation’s estimates for Valentines Day this year—17.6 billion.  Yes billion with a B. 


Valentines pin


Mardi Gras this year is February 12 and Valentines Day is always February 14.  There is still time to stock for these two big events that can help your locations figures for February.  But there is no time to waste if you are going to have this merchandise in your shop for the events. 
We usually ship the same day Monday through Friday, which has merchandise to a location in one to five working days, depending on the distance from New Orleans.   Expedited shipping service is also an option. 





Venetian style Mardi Gras mask

What are this season’s best items for Mardi Gras?  Masks are certainly high on the list. Venetian style masks are best.  Any color in this category will sell for Mardi Gras and even afterwards for prom, masquerade balls, quinceaneras, and sweet sixteens.  But if you really want to make a Mardi Gras statement, add some masks in purple, gold, and green.  These are the Mardi Gras colors.  The mask on a stick shown blares Mardi Gras with the color combination. 


Mardi Gras feather mask

Sometimes retailers new in the mask business are concerned about the wholesale price and so want to start with lower priced masks.  One gorgeous style that has a low wholesale price and provides plenty of mask for the money is the feather mask shown.  The feather mask is available on a stick or with elastic bands to be worn s a face mask.  FM80 offers the same mask in solid colors on a stick and FM83 is solid colors with elastic bands. 

 Mardi Grs masquerade masks

For the least expensive masks, go to the masquerade mask shown.  Prices on the site are for one mask, but if you are buying a dozen there will be 4 purple, 4 gold, and 4 green in the package. 



wholesale Mardi Gras jewelry

Mardi Gras jewelry this year got a fresh look thanks to a number of new designs.  This helped retailers improve their sales.  One favorite is the Carnival in Venice look of the jester on a choker shown.  Very classy!  Search Carnival in Venice on the web and you will see this look on the streets of Venice.  This is only the beginning.  Many new designs following this theme are in the works for next year. 


Mardi Gras face pin 

For crafty looking Mardi Gras pins that are inexpensive think about these face pins with loops of lace—nice size pins that capture the spirit of Carnival.  Pins are the jewelry that sells best for Mardi Gras so shop this category first. 



Mardi Gras ladies shirts

New arrivals today are sparkly ladies tops with designs of glimmering nail heads crating attractive Mardi Gras designs.  Theses sparkling shirts are sure to capture your customers’ attention with eye-catching apparel that is entirely new to them.  The shirts have four designs to choose from.  Even though it is late, these shirts have the pizzazz to motivate your customer to buy. 



large crystal Valentines necklace set

The most exciting new item in Valentines is large, glamorous crystal necklace sets centering on a heart in red crystals.  These sets are dynamite.  More styles are available under crystal necklaces on the site, but it is Valentines we want to focus on right now.  This is impact jewelry that will be focal point of your Valentines display.  Other items under the category can expand your selection.  Many have very affordable prices, making them a nice add-on gift to go with flowers or candy.  Also, some women will prefer dainty to a dramatic look so round out your selection with earrings, pins, and necklaces that will appeal to a variety of personalities. 


We are cutting this blog short because there is no time to waste if you are going to capitalize on these major events this year.  Soon to follow is a look at prom jewelry that will be the next big event. 

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