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wholesale Mardi Gras jewelry

The roots of Mardi Gras reach back to the Renaissance, but innovation in the celebration never ends.  New arrivals in Mardi Gras jewelry support the fact. 


With an early Mardi Gras this year, February 12, we are in the heat of the selling season for Carnival jewelry.  First, it’s not easy to find a wide selection.  Second, fresh designs are few and far between.  Well, new arrivals in wholesale Mardi Gras jewelry can solve both of those problems for you.



new Mardi Gras pin

Mardi Gras pins have the greatest demand so let’s look at them first.  Many new arrivals have a classy look that can work for upscale shops as well as souvenir shops.  The pin shown has “It’s Party Time” written out in rhinestone letters with jesters in jewel tone purple, gold, and green dangling below.  This cute jewelry also has the class upscale shops want. 


Mardi Gras mask pin


Now for pins in fresh designs that have price points anyone can sell.  Look at this face pin overplayed with a mask.  The dimensionally raised face has a polished gold plated finish and the mask and star layering over it are matte gold, providing a rich contrast.  Mardi Gras colored crystals complete the pin. 


crystal comedy tragedy pin

Want a lot of sparkle in jewelry that works for Mardi Gras and still sells the rest of the year?   Look at this comedy and tragedy pin that uses two-tone plating.  It starts with polished gold plating and then has silver plating in the area behind the pave’ crystals.  This really enhances the brilliance of the sparkle.  Use theses pins for accent jewelry year round as well as Mardi Gras jewelry or pins in a theatre theme. 



When businesses are searching for wholesale Mardi Gras jewelry, perhaps the hardest thing to find is necklaces.   Now pendants added to chokers or chains are providing classy Mardi Gras jewelry with a tailored look suitable for the workplace. 

 wholesale Mardi Gras jewelry umbella design

This umbrella pendant on a snake chain stirs the Carnival spirit with thoughts of second lining on Mardi Gras Day.  The umbrella is gold plated with alternating panels of purple and green jewel tone epoxy.  Jewel tone epoxy has a semi transparent appearance much like candy apple red.  The plating beneath the epoxy is slightly visible.  A fringe of small crystals drop from the edge of the umbrella and your customer can create their own look by using different chokers or chains.  The pendant also doubles as a pin. 

 jester Mardi Gras jewelry

Have you noticed how Mardi Gras is looking towards Carnival in Venice for new inspirations?  Venetian masks are enjoying enormous popularity.  The inspiration also spills over into wall hangings, dolls, and favors.  Actually, this shouldn’t surprise us since the roots of Mardi Gras go back to Europe, especially to Venice during the Renaissance.    Well, jewelry also is finding inspiration in the Carnival of Venice.  Look at this pendant on a choker.  The unblemished white face is the same look seen in images of Venetian Carnival.  The jester collar is gold jewel tone epoxy and the hat purple and green.  Like the pendant above, your customers can be creative by using different chokers and chains.    

 Mardi Gras ring

While not new, one unique item under the Mardi Gras jewelry category is the crown ring.  Actually, no one makes this item anymore as far as I know.   The crown rings are made in the USA and are 18KT HGE, which means heavy gold electroplating or 50 mils of gold plating.  The ring has clear crystals along the base of the crown and a row of peaks with purple or green crystals embedded on each point.  Once a very popular item in Mardi Gras jewelry, the sales dropped in recent years because they are hardly found anywhere and customers have forgotten about them.  But if your customers buy them, they will own a piece of Mardi Gras history because  the inventory dates back to the late eighties and was once a favorite item for Carnival royalty and ball favors. 



Mardi Gras coat-of-arms earrings

One exciting new arrival in earrings is a Mardi Gras coat-of-arms design with a crown above a shield.  The gold plated earrings have a row of clear crystals running diagonally through the shield with purple jewel tone epoxy on top and green below.  Clear crystals also decorate the base of the crown. 


Many are unaware of all the pageantry that goes with Mardi Gras.  The parades that everyone enjoys are put on by Krewes (private clubs) that usually also have a Mardi Gras ball.   Theses are often very formal and have a court including a king, queen, dukes, maids, and pages. Many of the themes in Mardi Gras jewelry find inspiration in the royalty of these balls.  That’s what makes these earrings special. 

 Mardi Gras jester earrings

Nest comes Mardi Gras earrings that require no explanation—these dancing jester earrings.  Plenty of detail, gold plating, and epoxied jester outfits in purple, gold, and green make a statement that everyone recognizes as Mardi Gras.  This is Carnival jewelry so cute your customers can’t pass it up. 


Comedy Tragedy earrings

For customers that like made in the USA, here’s comedy and tragedy earrings that are new on the site, but actually reach back to the eighties.  Over the years in business, we often purchased findings, had them plated, and had posts fused on.  As more jewelry business went overseas, these small industries went out of business. So we consider our stock in these pieces tht were stamped and plated in the USA a small treasure.  Going through them recently, we discovered a bin of comedy tragedy earrings dimensionally stamped from brass and plated with a high polish finish.  We carded them and they are on the site—quality jewelry at bargain prices.  This is earrings tht make a statement for Mardi Gras as well as for theater. 




For Mardi Gras jewelry that is inexpensive and fun, these new toggle bracelets have to rank high.  A charm in the theme of Mardi Gras hangs from one end and dangles below the toggle connection.  The bracelets stretch for easy fit.  Silver plated spacers separate acrylic faceted beads in purple, green, and gold.  These acrylic beads are semi-transparent and have the look of glass beading.  Have you noticed how the quality of acrylic beads has improved over the last few years?  Today you can’t distinguish better quality beads from glass without scratching them.  But probably the feature that will make this wholesale Mardi Gras jewelry a fast mover for your business is the low wholesale price. 

 Mardi Gras toggle bracelet

Take advantage of Mardi Gras to jump start your year.  When many businesses suffer the woes of post Christmas letdown, the fun of this season gets things rolling again.





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