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This is the season for the frenzied drive towards Christmas.  But if your season was lacking in frenzy, don’t worry because for us as a wholesaler and for many retailers the best comes after Christmas.  The year about to begin will be our 28th year in business and for at lest the last 20 of those years the best months of the year were January through May.  Why?


 Just think of all the great things that happen during those months and most of them relate to something you offer in your shop—something customers really need and you have.  It begins with New Years Eve and continues to Mardi Gras, prom, bridal, pageants, dance competition, spring church hats, Easter, Mother’s Day, graduation, and accessories for spring fashion.  Almost forgot St. Patrick’s Day, spring festivals and I’m sure there are many more events that are slipping my mind.  . 



rhinestone choker set

 Did you notice how many of these events call for rhinestone jewelry?  Here is a clear winner for the next few months that starts almost immediately with New Years Eve.  Every style of rhinestone jewelry fits in this line-up somewhere from dramatic sets for balls and pageant to delicate sets for prom and bridal.  Rhinestone jewelry delivers the glamour.   

 Preparing for New Years Eve is important right now.  Demand for glamorous accessories, especially jewelry, often goes unnoticed with so much attention given to gift buying.  Even the majors don’t focus on this market.  That is why the destination for glamorous jewelry is small business.  That is where consumers find everything from lavish to elegant reserve.  The rhinestone choker set shown oozes with elegance.  It is not only tasteful, but also sparkly thanks to clear rhinestones set in silver plating. 


rhinestone earrings

 Expand your selection of dazzling necklace sets by also including some crystal jewelry.  What is the difference between crystal and rhinestone?  The stones are actually the same.  The distinction is in the mounting.  Crystals are separate stones that glue in place.  Whereas for rhinestone, a machine produces it in chain with the stones already set.  The chain is spooled and manufacturers buy it and cut it to produce various designs.  The picture of rhinestone earrings shown gives a good example of rhinestone jewelry made from the chain.

 Vintage jewelry books that show rhinestone jewelry before World War II are showing glued in stones that we often refer to as crystal jewelry today.  The reason you don’t see rhinestone jewelry made from the chain in these books is because the invention of the machinery to make it occured during the War. 



 crystal necklace set

Now back to crystal necklaces.  Crystal necklace sets often create lavish designs using dramatic size.  How can some of them be so affordable?  Often the necklace incorporates acrylic stones for the largest stones in the design.  These are synthetics, actually a plastic derivative that has grown leaps and bounds in quality over the last few years.  Sparkle has improved in these stones immensely and the cost is a fraction of large crystal stones.  Crystals and sometimes rhinestone complete the design resulting in fabulous crystal necklace sets like the one shown. 


crystal earrings

 Everything from necklines to personal preferences determines whether a necklace will accessorize an evening gown.  For those that don’t want sets, sparkly earrings are important.  This opens another door of opportunity for fashion shops.  Consumers want a look that fills their own idea of glamour for New Years Eve.  To fill the needs of so many personalities, you need variety—large, small, post, drop, crystal, rhinestone and color.  Build a selection with choices from both crystal and rhinestone earrings because the variety will make you the go-to location for the perfect look. 



formal bracelets

 A casual glance through a fashion magazine tells the story of the importance of bracelets today.  In recent years, bracelets have mushroomed in popularity, sometimes according to Accessories Magazine Annual Report leading all types of fashion jewelry for the year.  That means a display of New Years Eve jewelry can’t be without them.  Shock your clientele with the affordable prices of lavish bracelets today. 


While most fashion jewelry has gone up in price, rhinestone has seen a decline.  Twenty years ago most rhinestone jewelry was manufactured in the US or Korea.  Today manufacturing is mainly in China.  Their quality has improved considerably from what rhinestone from China was initially and prices have seen a steep drop.  More affordable pricing makes rhinestone and crystal jewelry even more appealing.  Expand the selection of these formal bracelets now because they also make excellent Christmas gifts. 




Stocking up glitzy jewelry is not a big risk that depends entirely on sales for New Years Eve.  Remember all the events at the beginning of the blog.  Several of them call for rhinestone and crystal jewelry.  The faster consumers know you have the selection, the better your spring business will be.  This is a big part of what makes spring better than Christmas for us and it can be big for you also.

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