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Small business owners are an amazing category of people.  Often they face insurmountable odds and still come out on top.  Why do we start out this blog with this thought?  Because we are in the drive towards Christmas and small business entrepreneurs are facing a host of challenges–competition from big box companies, uncertainty about future business, and questionable government policies. Still these entrepreneurs are undaunted.  They truly are survivors.   

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Already, they have survived the Great Recession.  They ignore obstacles and use creativity to drive forward.  If you are part of this group, be proud.  This industrious class of people creates half the jobs in America.  They deserve the support of consumers.  This is where shoppers find the unique and unusual gifts and accessories.  Small business can react to changes in the market almost instantly so that is where the latest in fashion is also.  They cater to the individual and provide many products in demand that are too specialized to concern the majors.  


As a wholesaler, we get a feel for the inventory small business is stocking for the Christmas season.  Check out these unique items where small business provides the variety and specialized service unavailable at the majors. 


Church Hats

Fall church hat

Church hats are a favorite gift for many Moms that wear at hat to services on Sunday.  They want something special that no one else will be wearing and they want it tailored to their taste.  Small business is the only place to trust for this.  Usually for Christmas, it is winter dress hats, but sometimes spring hats Christmas gifts since that is the next season.  Felts are always popular for winter.  Satin braid is also a popular choice and these dress hats transcend seasons so are always in style. 




Fascinators have a two hundred year history of going in and out of fashion.  Well, the royal wedding certainly put fascinators back on the “in” list.  The popularity mushroomed after the wedding and is currently in demand by half the population while the other half is still discovering them.  But where are you going to find them in the major retailers.  Consumers locate this item in small business.


Rhinestone Jewelry

rhinestone jewelry

The first thing after Christmas is New Years.  What can be a more useful gift than elegant rhinestone jewelry?  Whether consumers are shopping for themselves or for gifts, this jewelry only has wide selections to choose from in small business establishments. 




Men’s Ties

men's ties

Sure, every department store and men’s shop sells neckties, but what about specialized ties that show thoughtfulness when given as a gift?  That’s the kind of tie that the receiver will treasure even if it is never worn.  What are we talking about?  Ties that go straight to the interests of the person that receives them–ties with a message about the person’s favorite sport, occupation, or any other interest.  The gift says, “I know what is dear to you”.  These men’s accessories are usually only found in small business establishments. 




Fashion Scarves


Fashion scarves are a classy way to accessorize.  They add life to an outfit with color and patterns.  These scarves can have themes or simply accessorize with patterns.  Who specializes in these fashion accessories?  Mainly small business.  They not only have variety, but they also can give individual help and choosing the right patterns and colors as well as show a person how to wear the scarves.  Best of all this classy gift is very affordable. 



Hat/scarf Sets

hat scarf sets

Yes, these ready-made gifts appeared in department stores, but today they are harder to find.  Meanwhile hat/scarf sets have evolved to even more attractive designs.  Set include knit tams with pompoms and other designs that incorporate a poof of fur and flat back crystals.  Innovation keeps a trend alive and these ready-made gifts have evolved to a new dimension that will grab customers’ attention. 




Fleur-de-lis Accessories

fleur-de-lis handbag

In areas where the fleur-de-lis in meaningful, jewelry and accessories with the royal emblem make wonderful gifts.  Louisiana is one of those areas and anything with a fleur-de-lis seems to sell there.  Everything from jewelry to accessories stirs interest, but one accessory that makes an especially nice Christmas gift is handbags.  Of course, the place to find these accessories is in the local small businesses tht cater to local trade. 



Fashion Jewelry

oversize cocktail ring

We could dedicate pages to fashion jewelry, but we are going to concentrate one item—the oversized cocktail ring with stretch band.  This is item took the market by storm, yet is hard to find in the malls or department stores.  Accessories Magazine called these rings the sleeper item of the year.  The only place to find a nice selection is small business.  Even celebrities have this inexpensive fashion jewelry sparkling on their fingers.     


The list of unique gifts small business offers is far more extensive, but this selection will at least stir the imagination and shop keepers and consumers alike thinking outside the box.

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