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Is fashion jewelry any good any more?  That’s been the discussion in our recent blogs.  Well, fashion jewelry actually goes beyond what we normally think of when talk about the term.  Jewelry with perceived intrinsic value also falls into the fashion jewelry category.  We’re talking about gemstone and shell jewelry.  These categories are doing very well, but we somehow exclude them when we think of fashion jewelry.  Why?



Is it because their components are from nature and we give them a higher status in our jewelry perception?  Regardless, they are doing well and are important this season because the fall palette has a surprise of bright colors.  With manufacturers of costume jewelry playing safe by steering away from color, shell jewelry and gemstone step in to deliver the vibrant hues that update wardrobes for fall 2012.



Look at the Pantone palette for the season.  There is a bright fuchsia called pink flambe’, a lime green called bright chartreuse, a burnt orange called tangerine tango, and a mustard called honey gold.  Actually only three of the ten colors are ones you would expect on a fall palette. 


If costume jewelry manufacturers are steering away from color, where on earth are we going to find these unexpected brights for fall?  You guessed it, in shell and gemstone jewelry. 



Multicolor shell necklace set

Shell and gemstone jewelry are under the fashion jewelry umbrella and they are delivering the color we need for fall.  Compare the Pantone color chart to the multicolor shell necklace shown.  This necklace looks like it was made for this palette.  Many of the vibrant colors are included in the necklace set and, yes, we are talking about fall.  It is hard to find costume jewelry in today’s market that can deliver the fall palette as well as this shell jewelry does. 


Shell bracelets also carry the colors for fall.  The trochus shell bracelet in the picture matches the rose smoke on the Pantone palette.  Other color choices can coordinate with orange tango or pink flambe’. 



gemstone agate bracelet

For a burst of color that expands to cover the entire palette, we need to look at gemstone jewelry.  Here we will find a semi precious stone to go with every color on the palette.  Ultramarine green—try the agate bracelet shown. 



That lavender color called rhapsody—match it with amethyst jewelry.  A nice touch is the amethyst bracelet with clean lines in a semi precious stone once reserved for royalty.




Semi precious necklace set

French roast—a deep brown color with a blend of gray.  Capture it almost perfectly with this necklace set that has a jasper pendant and interesting smaller ovals in rutilated quartz.  .  This is one of the few colors you would expect on a fall palette. 

The pale pink of rose smoke—rose quartz is perfect.  The necklace with polished rose quartz fingers shown does a superb job. 


cherry quartz necklace

The burnt orange hue of tangerine tango—match with this cherry quartz necklace that hints at the color with polished chips. 



fiber optic necklace

If you think there is nothing to match the lime green of bright chartreuse, think again.  Fiber optic, sometimes called cateye, often gets thrown in with gemstone jewelry.  Actually, it is a glass product with the moving eye found in tiger’s eye.  The gemologists call this effect chatoyance.  Fiber optic has a range of colors including the lime color we want to match the color on the palette. 


 semi precious necklace set in snowflake obsidian

 Titanium is a hue of gray that seems at home on a fall palette.  The semi precious necklace set shown delivers the color with a very hard semi precious stone called snowflake obsidian.  Some of your customers will recognize this gemstone that gets its name from gray snowflake-like patterns on a black background.  The polished chip necklace delivers the color with a lot of interesting inclusions.


lapis necklace

Pick up the color called Olympian blue that is a little lighter than cobalt with this lapis necklace made of polished chips. 




gemstone bracelet

Orange aventurine is an excellent match for the honey gold look that is another unexpected color on a fall palette.  This gemstone captures the hue that is a shade darker than mustard and would seem more in place on a spring color palette. 



dyed crystal quartz bracelets

Pink flambe’, a vibrant fuchsia color, is a real surprise in these fall fashion colors.  It definitely looks like a misplaced color from a summer palette.  Capturing this hue in gemstone requires some human help.  One clever process involves crystal quartz.  The glassy clear quartz is too hard to accept dye, but a process of heating the quartz to a high degree and then dousing it in cold water creates endless tiny fractures that absorb the dye and give the quartz color.  The bracelets shown go through the process and deliver a color that brings pink flambe’ to a wardrobe. 



A second process heats sliced geodes in different solutions to get different colors.  An iron nitrate solution creates red and altering the process can deliver different hues in the family including fuchsia.



We can call it shell jewelry and we can call it gemstone jewelry, but it still finds a place in the fashion jewelry category.  It never goes away because these natural components transcend time and also transcend seasons.  If you have any doubts, occasionally browse the showcases of upscale department stores and you will see they always fit into the mix.

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