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What are the colors for this summer?  Every season Pantone issues a color report based on the leading colors from the fashion shows leading up to the season.  Caribbean colors immediately come to mind with a quick glance at the color palette.  Colors like vibrant orange, yellow, and bright fuchsia catch the eye.   Colors with a softer edge like subdued purple, soft aqua, and a light sage join the palette with two neutrals in the grey and beige family. 



Is this summer’s palette trying to lift spirits and energize the public that seems to be in an economic traffic jam that moves with starts and stops?  Leatrice Eiseman, a Pantone director, seems to hint at this, stating “Consumers look to spring for renewed energy, optimism and the promise of a brighter day”.  Ms. Eiseman continues pointing out the relationship between colors and feelings, “…color can help them alter a mood, while providing the vitality and enthusiasm that enables them to experiment with new looks and color combinations.”


The importance of fashion is it is fresh, it renews the spirit. And color is a big part of the change.  But not every women can send a wardrobe to the Salvation Army and buy a new one each season to keep up with styles, so accessories can be an inexpensive way update the color schemes using last season’s apparel. 



cowgirl hat in bright colors

One surprise this summer is cowgirl hats that jumped onto the fashion color bandwagon before most other accessories.  Who would think of cowgirl hats at the cutting edge of fashion?  Well, don’t underestimate them.  Cowgirl hats for this spring have color choices that include nearly every bright on the summer palette—vibrant yellow, tangerine, bright fuchsia, and aqua.  The hat shown adds bright fuchsia to an outfit in a cute way. 


Year after year, cowboy hats lead the unit count for hat sales with Accessory Wholesale and they appeal to every part of the country except the Northeast.  With the fashion statement cowgirl hats are making with colors, even the Northeast in onboard. 



glass jewelry in cherry quartz color

This rich orange color is adding a ton of energy to the summer color palette.  One classy way to pick up the color for an outfit is with the quality of glass jewelry.  The set shown uses the bold design so much in style today to update an outfit with one of this summer’s dominant colors.  Glass jewelry can deliver vibrant color with a medium that has perceivable quality. 



Now to emphasize the orange statement, add another accessory in the color.   What about a clutch to bring home the juicy orange color story. 


This bold color stands alone on the palette, but most colors like solar yellow above can be paired with other leading colors for summer. 



Pantone names this light shade of grape bellflower after the blossoms of the plant that originated in the Far East.  One sophisticated way to add color to summer apparel is using semi precious jewelry.  Gemstone is timeless, so it’s never out of style and amethyst picks up the color of bellflower perfectly.  The amethyst necklace set shown delivers the hue in a classy way. 


Bellflower pairs well with solar yellow, so to achieve this combination add a clutch in vibrant yellow.  This is summer 2012 at a fraction of the price of a new wardrobe. 



This soothing color could just as easily be called rose quartz and rose quartz jewelry can add the hue to an outfit.  One style of gemstone jewelry that keeps reappearing in leading department store showcases is gemstone chip collars.  These are available in rose quartz so you get the color with a trendy design that oozes quality. 



But shell jewelry can also deliver the color and what is more summery than shell?  The set shown has dyed shell disks and pink faux pearls on a necklace of pink cord.  You get the fashion color in summery shell with a classy design. 





Where can we find accessories in this color?  Why not go to gemstone jewelry.  After all, the color is named after the semi precious stone, sodalite, so where better to find a way to pick up this color in an outfit than gemstone jewelry.  Of course, sodalite will deliver the color, but for added interest you may want a unique jasper that gives the same hues with a stone that is far less common.  Check out the set shown. 



Quality glass jewelry also creates the sodalite look with chunky designs in today’s style.  Why are gemstone and glass jewelry so important in creating color matches for the summer palette?  Because manufacturers are being very cautious in these challenging times.  They like to stay with the safe bets of plated metals.  This can be good news for you because you have a source for all the colors in gemstone jewelry and many of them in glass. 


The hard part is making combinations.  The palette this summer easily pairs sodalite with a fuchsia color called cabaret.  The soft rose quartz color covered above combines well with a light sage called margarita.   And bellflower and solar yellow both covered above go well together.  Where can you possibly find these combinations?  The answer is you can create them and nearly any other combination you need. 



There are components on our web site that let you make appealing color combinations that creates space between you and your competition.  Why? Because these components are nearly impossible to find.  First, we are going to utilize an idea that hit the fashion scene in 1984.  Actually, it was the most powerful fashion item that I have ever seen in more than 30 years in this industry.  The item was twist beads. 


The component needed is a twist bed clasp shown in the image.  With this, two 36 inch strands of gemstone or shell can be twisted together as a choker and connected so color combinations are endless.  The picture shows aventurine and rose quartz combined for that lilac and light sage combination mentioned above.  Combining sodalite or lapis (GM110) with mother of pearl dyed red gives a combination close to sodalite and cabaret. 


A second way of creating custom color combinations in fashion jewelry utilizes loose beads with 4mm openings.  The large openings lets the beads fit on a number of chokers, chains, or cords.  Fiber optic beads are most commonly used and they have endless colors plus the interesting cateye effect that moves as the beads move.  Using rounds or donuts in 16 or 18 millimeter beads gives the bold look so popular in today’s trends.  Silver filigrees can be added as spacers between the larger colored beads for a real nice effect.

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