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Is there any word in the English language more emotionally packed than “Mom”?  No wonder Hallmark’s site ranks Mother’s Day as the #3 occasion for card sending behind only Christmas and Valentine’s Day.   Feelings are genuine for this occasion and a lot of thought goes into shopping for Mom. 



Moms that love dress hats are likely to get one as a gift on Mother’s Day.  The occasion ranks second only to Easter for dress hat sales.  Especially Moms that wear hats to church can look forward to this gift from the kids. 


Organza hats top the list for popularity in 2012.  The material is lightweight with a sheen and colors as well as designs are exquisite.  Originally organza was a silk product, but today synthetics make organza hats very affordable. Variety includes wide brims, narrower rolled down brims, solid color, and two-tone hats.   


For traditional dress hat styles, polypropylene with its tight sewn-and-braid construction provides a Milan straw look, recognized by every lady that knows her church hats.  Colors and shapes provide plenty of originality so everyone can be unique on Sunday morning, but with the summer still ahead of us, white is the safe choice that will get lots of wear. 



If Mom is following fashion, fascinators may be the perfect gift.  These hair ornaments exploded in popularity after the royal wedding and supply is still trying to keep up with demand.  Here’s a meaningful gift Mom may not be able to find.  Horsehair designs with feathers, crystals, and sequin appliqués mount on combs, headbands, or bases with clips to attach to the hair. 


Other styles use ribbon ruffles and special designs in fascinators combine sinamay, feathers, and crystals.  More difficult to find, the sinamay fascinators have a wonderful array of colors and designs that range from classy to cute.  Perhaps the sinamay top hats are the cutest of all.  



When it comes to Mother’s Day jewelry, only exquisite will do.  Nothing cheesy here!  Lockets and pendants designed for Mother’s Day by “Best Brand” do not cut corners.  They craft most jewelry with their signature process that starts with stamping from a thin sheet of steel and results in exceptional detail and three-dimensional relief.  Plating, polishing, and sometimes two-toning follows.  The finished jewelry is a collectible piece Mom can treasure. 


Dressy jewelry is another option for Mother’s day gifts.  Crystal, rhinestone, or faux pearl never fail to please.  Mother’s Day is high on the list for taking Mom to dine out and this can be her opportunity to wear the gift of dressy jewelry. 


For elegance, nothing beats faux pearl except the real thing of course. This is a gift that can accessorize for dining out as well as for church or special events.  Have variety in your shop for the many personalities that may want simple elegance or more dramatic designs.  


Along with pearl jewelry include crystal jewelry in your selection.  These include bracelets, earrings and necklace sets.  But it’s the sets that are the most popular for Mother’s Day gifts.  How many different looks artists can create from crystals! 

 crystal jewelry

Some necklace sets use smaller crystals to create garden themes for summer that include butterflies, blossoms, and vining leaves.  Others are bolder with fire polished crystals in different shapes that accessorize an outfit with shimmering color. 


For Moms that like bracelets, there is plenty of sparkle in this category from large flower or butterfly designs to bold bangles or the sophistication of Art Deco looks. 


Stock now for the Mother’s Day rush that often comes at the last minute.  This is the kind of merchandise that always has a need so keep a selection of dressy jewelry grouped together to tell a story.  This makes an impact that your customers will remember and you will be the one they think of when a special occasion comes up. 

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A year ago Accessory Magazine called oversized cocktail rings with stretch bands the sleeper item of the year. What fashion accessory will have that distinction this year?   Fascinators certainly have to be in the running.  These hair accessories took off like wildfire after the royal wedding. 



The history of fascinators is rather unique in fashion accessories.  They come in to fashion and go out in cycles that are separated by spans of several years.  So each time they come into fashion, a new generation of buyers sees them as entirely new even though they have sprung into fashion and then resided several times over the last 250 years. 


Whenever hair styles are piled high, hats don’t work and fascinators come into fashion.  Remember those pictures from history showing massive hair-dos during the 1700s.  Well there’s a famous picture of Marie Antoinette, wife of King Louis XVI, wearing a fascinator in a high hair-do. 


The most recent rise in fascinator popularity is the 1960s.  Along with cocktail hats, these hair ornaments were the style, but most of today’s consumers were not on the scene during that trend, so fascinators seem like an entirely new item to them.    



The novelty of fascinators has a universal appeal to women of all age groups.  Celebrities wearing these hair ornaments certainly has impact on the younger market.  Fascinators are enjoying a rising popularity as prom accessories as well as bridal.  White or ivory fascinators can even replace the tiara and veil of the bride, but more often they are worn at showers preceding the big day or at receptions by the bride.


This year, look for women of all ages wearing fascinators at derbies and gala events.  The Kentucky Derby is the hat show of the year and you expect fascinators to make a strong showing.     


The frenzy for fascinators caught the industry off guard so supply is low and demand high.  This is spawning a cottage industry of artists creating these hair accessories.  Designs incorporate lace, crystals, ribbon, feathers, and other components like sinamay.



Sinamay fascinators are harder to find and are usually pricier.  Philippine sinamay is the best quality and these designs can be exceptional with miniature top hats, sinamay bows with feathers, Ruffles of sinamay with protruding feathers, or large sinamay disks decorated with feathers and ribbon.


The starting point is a base that attaches the hair ornaments to the hair.  This can be a solid fabric base with clips like firm felt, or a smaller metal disk with clips.  Combs and headbands are also used.


Sinamay is much harder to work with when creating designs, so the cottage industry of unique fascinators usually prefers lace, crystals, horsehair, feathers, and ribbons.  Dot netting is often part of the design to add that sophisticated look of lace over the eyes—something that was so common in the sixties, but has nearly become extinct before the recent advent of fascinators. 



So how long will the trend continue?  One factor that can knock out a trend is over-supply and that definitely isn’t happening in a market where most consumers can’t even find fascinators.  Another determining factor is innovation.  Innovation is the driving force that keeps trends moving.  Even with limited supply, innovation is constantly renewing the fascinator market.  All the artists involved in the cottage industry are a big help here.  Finally, the media.  As long as fashion magazines, bridal publications, and celebrity shows continue to promote fascinators, this trend has legs.  So if you’re in the fashion retail business, get on board while demand is high and supply low.     


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Spring is an enjoyable time of the year for the fashion industry because so many events come in the first few months of the year, creating a real stir in business.  Along with prom, Easter hats, pageant, and the arrival of spring apparel and accessories, there is an increase in bridal business.  Yes, bridal is year round, but spring sees even more weddings taking place. 




Statement Jewelry for Weddings

Like fashion jewelry, bridal jewelry evolves with changing designs and emphasis.  The direction of fashion jewelry over the last few seasons isdramatic rhinestone necklace set towards dramatic designs with statement necklaces and bold cuffs and earrings.  Wedding jewelry hasn’t ignored these developments.  Bridal magazines show some statement necklaces in pearl or rhinestone in tasteful designs so they can add a touch of today’s trends without sacrificing elegance. 


Even when accessories do not include a necklace, bolder bracelets can add the drama prevalent in 2012.  Both faux pearl and crystal bracelets are showing up in bridal magazines and both are selling.


But the jewelry that is almost always essential is earrings and today’s bridal jewelry also makes use of bolder size with even rhinestone shoulder dusters included in the mix. 






While designers are showcasing many gowns with minimal jewelry, most forecasters are saying more jewelry, not less.  One of those added pieces of jewelry is brooches—brooches added in every imaginable creative way.  They can add sparkle to shoes, accent a waist sash, or be pinned to the bodice, plus brooches make wonderful bridesmaid gifts.  Brooches with white or ivory faux pearl work well because they do not draw attention away from the wedding gown



Jewelry in Flower and Leaf Themes

crystal jewelry in floral theme

Look for flower blossoms, leaves, and vining designs to be important in bridal jewelry this year.  They are also big in fashion for the summer.  Rhinestone, faux pearl, and crystal jewelry will accommodate these themes this spring with vining designs, blossom motifs, and delicate leaves.    




Crystal Wedding Jewelry

crystal chandelier earrings

Shimmering crystals will be important in a season where trends call for larger size in jewelry.  Remember when forecasters said chandelier earrings have run their course?  Not so fast!  They are back offering sparkling elegance with a vintage flair.  Crystal necklace sets and bracelets are also important because they deliver dramatic size without sacrificing elegance. 





Tiaras are still very important for the wedding day, but fascinators took a sudden rise after the royal wedding.  Britain sets the trends in headwear and they made a serious impact on what is worn in the hair for the special day with a magnificent show of fascinators at the royal wedding.  Fascinators have gone in and out of fashion since the 1700s. Usually the span between them being in style is lengthily so consumers view their reintroduction as an entirely new item.   


Fascinators come on a base that clips in the hair or on headbands.  Components are mainly lace, feathers, crystals, and sequins.   This is one trend in bridal headwear that is catching on in a big way.  Expect fascinators also to be important for prom this year. 




Your fashion forward customers may be attracted to the latest trends in wedding jewelry, but the vast majority of brides-to-be play it safe with traditional looks.  After all, this is the dream day—the day that has every tiny detail carefully planned.  The safe jewelry is traditional designs in faux pearl or rhinestone.  This provides elegance that will withstand the test of time when children and grandchildren are viewing the wedding portfolio decades later. 


Rhinestone sets for bridal are usually delicate designs that maximize the sparkle with clear rhinestones in silver plated settings.  The necklaces are simple, not detracting from the gown.  The set shown uses a symmetrical design that is classic. 



Rhinestones can also combine with faux pearls for elegant jewelry that is definitely bridal.  Combinations like the one shown seem to be timeless, remaining a favorite of brides-to-be year after year. 


Designs that use faux pearl exclusively also deliver a classy look that is very traditional.  After all, what is more elegant than pearls?  White pearl outsells off-white and ivory, but really the gown dictates the color.  Usually off-white and ivory pearl use gold plating for any settings and white uses silver plating. 


Bridal earrings also often use faux pearl.  Classic is the answer here whether domed or oval buttons or classic drops.  Sometimes a gown calls for earrings only.  What can be more elegant than faux pearl or pearl and rhinestone combinations? 


Include some trendy jewelry in your bridal accessories, but concentrate the main part of your selection on traditional bridal jewelry that delivers classic elegance because new trends make minimal impact.  Brides want the safe, traditional look for this important day.      

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