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Spring is here and the latest fashion we saw on the runways a few moths ago is now in the stores.  But before we cover fashion jewelry that is trending, let’s look at what is in high demand right now—glitzy and formal jewelry. 



Prom is getting close and prom girls will be searching for the perfect dress and accessories to go with it.  Retailers are gearing up with inventory toRhinestone Y necklace please the shoppers.  Always important at prom time is rhinestone necklace sets.  Trendy look like Y necklaces suit this age group, especially when they have an affordable price tag.  This set shown uses clear rhinestones in silver plated settings for maximum sparkle and retailers can offer it at prices the prom girls can afford. 





rhinestone necklace set with color

Sometimes matching accessories to the dress color is important to the shopper.  To do this, rhinestone jewelry uses color highlights in clear rhinestone sets.  This provides far more life than sets consisting of all colored stones.   New styles include bib designs terminating with colored highlights or collar-like sets with a fringe of color. 



rhinestone choker

Actually, designs in rhinestone jewelry have a timeless quality.  Some styles first created a number of years ago remain as favorites for consumers today.  Rhinestone chokers with one to four rows of rhinestones are as popular today as they were more than a decade ago when they entered the market.  These styles are especially popular with groups like choral groups or dance routines, but hey also work for prom.   



rhinestone collar

Fashion trends today are moving towards jewelry that is more dramatic and the trend is spilling over into formal jewelry.  Wide collars provide statement jewelry with abundant sparkle while retaining tasteful design that complements the overall look. 





crystal bracelet with flower

The garden theme, especially flower blossoms, is growing in fashion jewelry and also influencing formal jewelry.   The crystal bracelets shown create the theme in uptrending dramatic size.  Here is statement jewelry that will appeal to the prom girl that isn’t shy. 



flower rhinestone necklace set

Rhinestone necklaces also incorporate blossoms in designs.  The set shown has gold plated settings, which are hard to find with gold prices over $1,700 an ounce.  Actually there are a number of new rhinestone sets in gold plating this season, which often accessorizes a gown far better than silver. 





rhinestone bracelet

Teenage girls love bracelets so sparkly rhinestone or crystal bracelets are perfect for prom, adding some bling to help make an unforgettable evening.  The rhinestone bracelet shown is a proven hit with prom girls.  The design appears to intertwine two wide rows of rhinestone creating a ¾ inch width loaded with sparkling rhinestones. 



rhinestone heart bracelet

For the girls that prefer bangles, hearts are perfect for prom night.  This heart bangle bracelet uses a spring-loaded hinge to close around the wrist with an open heart next to a rhinestone-filled heart centering at the top.





Some dresses don’t accommodate necklaces so earrings provide the sparkle in accessories.  Today’s prom girls love dramatic size in glitzy earrings.  Rhinestone earrings in shoulder duster length provide endless shimmer with plenty of movement in a silky smooth flow of small stones.  This is prom jewelry that is absolutely eye-catching.  Have these earring styles on hand to mesmerize your customers. 



crystal earrings

For a bolder look inspired by vintage chose crystal earrings.  Dangling fringes of crystal stones radiate sparkle, providing the look prom girls have seen in the fashion magazines.  Clear crystals in silver plated settings are the favorite, but crystal earrings can easily provide color also. 



chandelier earrings

Want even more drama?  Add crystal chandelier earrings.   Chandeliers are all about motion that grabs attention with abundant sparkle.   They have the sophistication of vintage design and prove to have timeless appeal.  Everyone that thought chandelier earrings were only a fad has to rethink it after ten years of remaining  on consumers’ favorite list. 


Prom is like Black Friday.  It helps retailers pay the bills and get healthy.  Plus it is something retailers can count on every year.  Next blog will look at bridal jewelry–another phase of formal jewelry that also peaks in the spring.

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 Some of the special days of celebration like Mardi Gras and Halloween are booming explosions of revelry while others like St. Patrick’s Day move under the radar. What makes the difference?  Is it masking?  Well, masks certainly remove inhibitions and let restrained feelings surface, but St. Patrick’s Day has another advantage on the meter of civility—it started as a religious feast day.


The History Channels websiteprovides a wealth of information about the historical background of St. Patrick’s Day. The feast day is March 17 because that is believed to be the date Patrick died in the year 461.  After being captured in England at age 16, he was sold as a slave in Ireland.  He escaped and returned to convert the Island to Christianity.  Legend says the shamrock was the visual tool he used to explain the Trinity. 



The big event for the feast day is parades.  Surprisingly the St. Patrick’s Day parade didn’t begin in Ireland, but in New York City where Irish troops in the British Army celebrated by marching through the City on March 17, 1762. 


Nearly one hundred years later The Potato Famine drove many poor Irish to seek a new life in America.  At first they were shunned and had a hard time finding employment.  They formed Irish Aid Societies to help each other and the Aid Societies held parades on St. Patrick’s Day.  The public ridiculed them until the Irish-Americans discovered the power a political block of votes can deliver.  The “Green Machine” took on a new importance that politicians catered to. 


Modern times see St. Patrick’s Day celebrated throughout the country, actually throughout a great part of the world—even in Japan.   



Today everyone wants to be Irish on St. Patrick’s Day and gift shops get a boost in business by helping them do just that.  The fun starts early with anyone going to work as well as anyone out shopping or socializing.  Women need St. Patrick’s Day jewelry.  After all, no one wants to get pinched for not having their green.  And the quality of St. Patrick’s Day jewelry has certainly come up over the last few years. 


A leader in quality seasonal jewelry is “Best Brand”.  This company has unique ways of expressing the season and the quality of the jewelry that delivers the theme is superb.  For the most part, the company does metalwork and stamping is the way it delivers marvelous detail.  The pendant shown is an example.  Stamping a thin sheet of steel creates raised dimensional relief with exceptional detail.  A plate is cut to seal the back, creating quality fashion jewelry with the same process used for sterling silver.  Next the pendant is silver plated, polished, and the shamrocks are epoxied green.  The finished piece can be worn as a pendant or a pin.  This is quality jewelry that women can be proud to wear on St. Patrick’s Day. 



What about the guys?  They’re not left out.  St. Patrick’s Day accessories offer a variety of neckties in the theme.  Imagine your customers showing up for work in a tie that blares ST. Patrick’s Day spirit.  After all, everyone is Irish on March 17. 




Then there are the parades.  Of course onlookers need to show their in the spirit.  What better way than decked out in St. Patrick’s Day beads!  The size of this nationwide celebration creates a big enough market that manufacturers can put plenty of attention into the Mardi Gras style beads made with St. Patrick’s Day themes. 


Everything from leprechauns and shamrocks to green beer mugs and corn beef & cabbage are themes in these specialty beads made to celebrate the occasion.  The nicer beads are all hand strung and of course have a predominantly green color. 


Irish pubs are also part of the celebration and St. Patrick’s Day beads are a favorite for them.  But normally they do not have the nice specialty beds you can offer your customers.  So if some of your customers are going to stop for a green beer after the parade, they may want to standout by buying quality St. Patrick’s Day beads that you can provide them. 



But beads alone aren’t enough.  No, the celebration also calls for novelty hats in St. Patrick’s Day themes.  This can be felt leprechaun hats or velvet mad-hatters in green complete with a green beard.  Deck out your customers with both beads and novelty hats and they can enjoy the parade without getting pinched for not wearing their green. 




Alright, now your customers are going to be looking for green feather boas.  That’s a sure sign they are part of the celebration.  Feather boas rank along with beads and novelty hats as the most popular party items for St. Patrick’s Day.  The standard length of boas is 6 feet and the fullness is measured by weight.  55 to 60 grams are reasonably full feather boas that are still affordable. 


The green boas shown are in that weight range and are actually a bargain because all the regulations going into imported feathers is causing prices on future shipments to go up. 




Novelty sunglasses are the final item on the list.  These are for the intense reveler that really wants to have fun.  Put these in your shop and you will notice people can’t pass them up without trying them on.  A favorite style is green beer bottles.  This is a hilarious way for your customers to enjoy St. Patrick’s Day. 


Stock now because the celebration will soon be here.  Place merchandise in one location to tell a story.  If you are on the parade route, see if the municipality will let you set up in front of your store.  Even if you’re not, word of mouth will go a long way to help advertise your shop. 

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When daffodils begin to sprout and azaleas begin to bloom, spring is close.  Another sign is the arrival of wholesale dress hats for spring.  Actually, this is far more exciting to fashion retailers than the flowers blooming because new spring hats in their shops create a buying frenzy that rings the cash register.   This year won’t disappoint with a fabulous lineup of new styles in spring dress hats. 



Number one in popularity is organza hats.  This is our third year of carrying organza in dress hats and the first two years they were the first to sell out, so when budgeting for millinery include organzas first.  They may be new to many retailers so the question arise—what exactly is organza? 


Originally organza was silk product.  The weave used silk yarn with a high luster, producing fabric with a sheen that was almost iridescent.  Today it is produced with nylon at a more affordable price while still retaining the high luster.  Hats in organza normally have wired brims to help hold the shape. 


Organza headwear offered a new medium for dress hats that immediately attracted women shopping for dress hats.  This season organza hats borrow new shapes already proving successful in polypropylene dress hats—shapes with squared crowns that angle down as well as the forever popular widebrim that turns down.  Retailers should consider organza hats first when stocking because they sell out quick. Then they can depth to their selection with polypropylenes and sinamays on their following purchases. 



Polypropylene dress hats are the traditional look for church hats.  The material has narrow braided strips that are sewn together in a continuous fashion to create the hat shape.  Straws use the same procedure and are referred to as sewn-and-braid. 


Most renowned for this process were hats from Milan Italy called Milan straws.  Actually, the word for milliner derives from Milan.  The wonderful feature about polypropylenes is not only a host of shapes, but endless colors. 


This season new shapes include high crowns with short downturned brims.  The top of the crown is squared and angles down to one side.  It has a telescope crease like men’s fedoras and lavish trim completes the look.  Polypropylenes are a must in a dress hat line geared towards church ladies. 


In addition to trimmed hats, milliners can also buy untrimmed polypropylene hats to craft their own creations.  The number of styles available to milliners has really expanded in the last few years so now they can be very original in pleasing all the different personalities in their customer base.


Perhaps the most elegant of the untrimmed hats offered is the widebrim hat with alternating rows of polypropylene and horsehair in the brim.  This is the utmost classy hat for outdoor weddings, teas, and luncheons.    



To make the milliner’s job easier, many pre-sewn hat trims are available to mix and match with hat shapes for endless combinations.  Most are satin decorations that also include the band.  The band and decoration hot glue to the hat for custom headwear that goes together very easily. 



Sinamay dress hats have a sophistication that shows up at royal weddings and classic events like the Kentucky Derby.  This headwear is a favorite as church hats as well. 


What is sinamay?  The fabric that makes the hat is an open weave using fiber that was originally obtained from a species of banana trees found in the Philippines.  How did it become a medium for milliners?  HATalk gives a possible answer that they say is unsubstantiated.  A woman passing a flower display everyday noticed the sinamay ribbon tying flowers together.  She obtained some and had good luck with blocking the material, possibly opening the way to sinamay hats.  Regardless, the introduction of sinamay hats seems to date around the late 1980s. 


Today sinamays rank with the most elegant summer hats—a favorite even of Queen Elizabeth.  Innovation this year includes widebrims with a gentle wave to the brim, providing design that is somewhat unconventional.    


In addition, the high crown shape that is growing in popularity in all dress hats regardless of material, can be found in sinamay also.  This style is straight-sided with a flat crown that angles to one side and has a short rolled down brim—a hit in sinamay as it is in all materials for dress hats.   



Satin braids are the Cadillac of dressy hats.  They have a silky appearance with ribbed texture.  Satin cord-like material is continuously sewed to create the hat styles.   While the finished product is gorgeous, but they are not the fastest selling dress hats because they are also the most expensive.  




Easter is the biggest day of the year for dress hats.  Actually, Easter hats and church hats are synonymous because, for the most part, church is where these dressy hats are worn on Easter morning. 


It’s an obvious fact for anyone in the dress hat business that church hats are the number one demand for dressy headwear.  These are the hats that have continued the market for dressy millinery after the 1960s when hats were no longer a required item when dressing up. 


The second largest day for ladies dress hats is Mother’s Day.  After that summer dress hats are hard to find so if you have some inventory to get through the summer, you may have no competition.



Spring is the best time of the year for dress hats because Easter and Mother’s Day are accompanied by a number of other major events that call for dressy headwear.  High on the list is derbies, especially The Kentucky Derby.  Outdoor weddings and private weddings with few attendees call for dress hats.  Hats are very appropriate for teas and luncheons—sometimes they are required.  Many formal balls and fundraisers call for dressy headwear.  Black hats are often worn for funerals, white hats for weddings, and red hats by those ladies that believe you are never too old to enjoy life.  We are in the peak season for dress has so make room in your shop and take advantage of the buying frenzy.       

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