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Where has the year gone?  New Year’s Eve just passed, marking the end of 2011.  Most people don’t miss this opportunity for a celebration, whether a romantic evening out or the fun of a masquerade party.  And masquerade parties have been accelerating in popularity thanks to all the innovations in masks over the last few years. 


Think about it.  Probably less than 5 years ago most people had no clue what a Venetian mask was.  Now they are the rave, popping up in movies and reality shows.  The driving force of any trend, including the rising popularity of masks, is innovation.  Innovations in the art of Venetian mask are coming so quickly, it is breath-taking.  



New on the mask scene are maple leaf Venetian masks—eye masks surrounded with dimensionally shaped maple leaves, creating a stunning work of art.  Most Venetian masks find roots in the Italian comedy introduced during the Renaissance in Venice, but the origin of these gorgeous masks doesn’t fit any of the Commedia ‘dell Arte characters. So inspiration is a mystery, but that doesn’t take away from stunning attractiveness of the masks that have several color choices.  They come individually boxed with clear plastic tops so retailers can easily display the Venetian style masks. 




Venetian styloe mask with filigreeFiligree cutouts are another new innovation in Venetian style masks.  One exciting design has a filigree butterfly that appears to flutter above an eye mask.  Two-tone color provides variety with one color, usually metallic, shading to another color while scrollwork adds artistic beauty.  Best of all, the wholesale price of these gorgeous masks lets shopkeepers pass on a bargain to their customers.  


Full face masks, especially jesters with attached jester hats and collars, just keep getting more spectacular every season.  The masks are loaded with personality, using dimensionally shaped faces and brocade fabric on the shapeable hat and collar.  A low wholesale price will help you with sell-through on these stunning full-face jester masks. 


Mardi Gras is February 21 this year so we don’t want to ignore full-face Mardi Gras jester masks.   What a striking statement these masks make as wall hangings or masks to wear.  Sculptured features provide dimensionally raised design in paper mache’ that is the renowned medium for Venetian mask art.  A ribbon loop I the center lets the jester face hang as a wall mask and ribbons on each side tie to hold the face in place as a full-face mask to wear.  This is not the cheapest Mardi Gras mask, but certainly one of the most stunning. 



domino mask with veil

Is there any mask more widely known than the domino mask?  This is the familiar Lone Ranger mask and the one seen on burglars in cartoons.  Inexpensive and understated, these masks are a favorite for men and now have a new design with a beaded veil that will provide a style for women. 


Cat faces and butterflies offer more masquerade masks for ladies in a variety of colors.  From black cats to leopards, these face masks with nylon whiskers provide masquerade wear at low cost that gives you an option for your customers throwing parties that need a large quantity at affordable prices.

 butterfly masquerade mask

The butterfly masks also catch attention with five different color combinations.  Lots of sparkle and eye-catching pop with these masks that are oh so affordable. 




Feather mask

A sequin mask wit a spray of feathers to one side is the feather mask that ends up in the top seller list every year.  This look is just so good, nothing seems able to replace it so the style remerges as the number one selling feather mask year after year.  It is available on a stick or with elastic bands to wear.  Color choices let the masks match outfits for events like Sweet Sixteens or Quinceaneras—one more big boost for these stunning masks. 


Well, New Year’s Eve is only the beginning of the line up of fun events coming over the next few months.  The Greatest Free Show on Earth—Mardi Gras–is fast approaching and masks are certainly big for this event.  So stock some masks in your shop now and surprise yourself with all the interest they draw and how well this item sells.

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