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 One thing ladies don’t want to see is someone else wearing a hat exactly like the one they’re wearing.  Well, now you can solve that problem thanks to a recent purchase we made of nice fall dress hats from a factory that produces dressy hats for department stores.  The purchase was overruns, which means we got a lot of variety in styles and colors, but not much depth.  It also means you get a better wholesale price so you can please your customer base with variety and price. 

 The hats are felts and range from traditional shapes to extravagant designs that might be over the edge for your more conservative customers.  Many of the hats follow the trend of the last several months with blocking that provides unique shapes in crowns and brims.  But the biggest advantage to this shipment is you can outfit your customers needing church hats or homecoming hats without duplication. 

 Some styles include the classy look in dress hats we associate with homecoming—the kettle hat with rounded crown and small turned up brim.  These hats have that traditional look that is in demand every fall for homecoming.  Decoration is also traditional with satin rosettes and bands.  For homecoming, the style is timeless. 

 Hats can be original and yet conservative like the high crown felt shown, with angled crown and satin covering.  Decoration is conventional with rosettes nestled in leaves, but the overall shape is something new in millinery.  This is headwear that bridges the customers that are more inventive with those that are traditional. 

 One shape that has the elegance that always grabs customers’ attention is a squared crown with brim that extends out and then rolls down.  This style has returned time and again over the last ten years in different materials and with different trims and it always proves popular.  Whether ladies dress hats or semi-casual, this shape has appeal.   

 The new arrivals give a different twist to this squared crown design.  Starting with the shape above of a brim extending out and then rolling down, these hats have the brim blocked on one side to rise next to the crown and then dart downward in a hairpin shape before returning to a gentle angle down.  The other side keeps its original shape–something innovative with a shape that has proven a winner. 

 Some millinery creations in the group will be over the edge for many of your customers.  But a millinery selection has to appeal to a variety of personalities as well as satisfy customers who have done their homework and choose hats to flatter their face shape.  First, most headwear in the new selection have appeal for your conservative customers that are shopping for church or homecoming hats.  But some designs reach out only to your daring clientele.    

 Now for your customers that researched the right hat style to match face shapes.   The goal is balance.  A wide brim balances a long face and a high crown with smaller brim compliments a round face.  Oval faces can easily wear a hat, but adding some angles helps and today’s trend in unconventional blocking fills that need.  Balance the angles of a square face with hats that have a smooth profile.  Need help in determining face shapes?   Style Makeovers breaks provides descriptions and pictures of each face shape.  . 

 Another shipment of overruns is due to arrive soon, so check often because there is plenty variety, but little depth so keep ahead of the curve by selecting your millinery first.

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