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 Designs are more stunning than ever in ladies dress hats this fall.  Add gorgeous color to millinery design and all the ingredients are here for retailers to have a successful fall season in headwear.  Two major markets for fall ladies dress hats are homecoming and church hats.  Sales in these markets are as regular as clockwork every year and the new selection of headwear is certain to appeal to your customer base with fresh design for the fall season. 


New arrivals include a fabulous high crown felt with a 2 3/8 inch brim that angles down.  Unique blocking creates a crown with a ridge that rises to nearly a 5 inch height and then slopes down to 4 inches on the side with decoration.  Wide satin forms a bow gathered in the center with a sparkling metal decoration studded with clear crystals.  A poof of airy marabou feathers creates a blossom-like design above the bow in these stunning dress hats that will please your customers that find shorter brims flattering.  These more compact styles are popular for homecoming every year. 


Angled crowns and unconventional blocking were important in the spring and reemerge in the fall.  A wide brim that reinvents shape this fall has a high crown with C indention on the high side, but smoothes out as it moves to the lower side.  Offset decorations are also big this fall, with only a few arrivals so far having traditionally centered decoration. 


One new fall style approaches more traditional design with a crown that has a slight angle and decoration that is only slightly offset.   That felt dress hat has 4 inch brim that rolls down for a very traditional appearance and a large fabric flower centered in a dramatic satin bow.  This millinery masterpiece will attract customers to your selection of headwear whether they want homecoming hats or church hats.  While homecoming hats in the past were traditional kettle shapes with small upturned brims or cloche designs, the big brim is front and center today for homecoming and this hat will fill the bill. 


Still some of your customers may be enamored with the elegance of the sixties and fresh designs in headwear can give you the hats to let them enjoy sixties sophistication.  Is there any more famous headwear than the pillbox so often worn by Jackie Kennedy in that era?  Today’s new arrivals in fall dress hats offer a design that revisits the glamour of the sixties.

Pillboxes have plenty of versatility that allows the wearer to create different looks.  Jackie Kennedy usually wore the hat back on the head, but pillbox hats have an elastic band that let the hat be worn forward on the head and held in place with the elastic.  It can also tilt to one side or set level on the head.  This newest creation in pillboxes has the traditional shape that dips in the front, has a C indention, and comes decorated on one side with loops of horsehair and diamond netting surrounding a felt design.  


Ladies searching for church hats want stunning designs with elegance suitable for Sunday services.  A new design incorporates lace with felt to create gorgeous design without sacrificing elegance.  The hat shown on the site is mustard with black lace trim.  A squared crown and 4 inch rolled down brim create traditional shape, but originality takes over there with black lace covering the brim letting the felt color show through.  The band is pleated satin and lace also covers the top layer of the pleats.  Decoration is a fall flower blossom centered in large satin leaves that are also covered with the lace.  The millinery creation is stunning, but is not headwear for the shy.  Retailers should add this headwear to their millinery selection as a showpiece that will turn heads. 


Ladies buying church hats don’t want to see someone else wearing the identical hat.  To help you avoid that problem with your millinery selection this fall we have a wide selection of dress hats that will be arriving every week.  The fall hats will have a variety in colors, but not great depth, so you can constantly update your millinery with new designs that are unique.   Customers shopping for church hats will appreciate this and they will reward you with loyalty. 

Even in a sluggish economy, church hats continue to sell.  This gives retailers a reliable stream of sales that pays the bills.  The highest sales volume is early in the season.  It is never too late to add dress hats to your inventory, but the best time is now.

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