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When retailers prepare their fashion jewelry displays, they want attention- grabbing items that are in today’s trends or breath-taking beauty in classic designs.  Seldom do you see hematite in these displays.  Hardly ever is it in the showcases of the upscale department stores and you never see it strutting the fashion runways or in the fashion magazine.  No, hematite jewelry is a quiet seller that just keeps selling under the radar. 

What is the attraction to hematite?  First, what a bargain hematite is with that steel grey color shining with a high luster!  Most hematite jewelry wholesales below $2.00 and still it has artistic design and the cold feel you get in genuine gemstone jewelry

At this price, can it be real?  Wikipedia says “hematite is the mineral form of iron oxide (Fe2  O3)”.  Color can be black to steel grey, brown to reddish brown, or red.  Because it can be red, the Greeks named hematite after their word for blood.  This is the genuine hematite mining produces and, while not expensive, would still cost far more if beads and pendants were carved from the mineral. 

So then what is the hematite used in inexpensive jewelry?  It is a form of iron oxide very close to hematite mined in its natural state.  Beads and pendants consist of the grindings and dust of hematite fused together.  The easiest way to distinguish the two is what gemologists call a streak test.  Scratch the item on ceramic and the streak left by hematite in its natural state will be red while hematite fused together will be grey.  Other than that, qualities are very similar.  Inexpensive hematite jewelry has the same colder than room temperature feel as hematite mined in its original state.  Also both are iron oxide so both will attract a magnet, although the opposite is not true—hematite in its original form cannot be magnetized. 


The advantage of fused hematite is labor saved by casting instead of carving.  And this brings us to the second reason hematite sell so well under the radar.  An amazing assortment of bead shapes together with endless pendants allows designers to create an enormous quantity of fabulous looks.  The pendants can be geometrics, hearts, crosses, or endless themes like dolphins, penguins, angels, or anchors.  With all these themes, something is going to pull the heartstrings of a shopper.   And that is just one more reason that hematite jewelry sells. 

One more strong selling point is a popular belief that hematite has a healing quality.  This is not medically proven just as copper bracelets were never medically proven to relief arthritis pain.  Still many have a positive experience wearing hematite jewelry for pain relief.  When you see a booth dedicated to hematite in a mall or flea market, many of the customers are shopping for jewelry that relieves pain. 

Now think about how inexpensive hematite jewelry is.  How easy it would be to put a nice display of hematite together in your shop.  Even a hundred dollars worth of hematite could make a statement.  So give some thought to setting up an area for hematite—group it together so it tells a story—and get a nice markup because most customers will be surprised by how good it looks and how affordable it is.

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